Trying to be grounded again

For some reasons, good or bad I was so very confused,worried,frustrated  which I was knowing by vibes in me that I was uprooted or say I was no more grounded. But there was something going inside me as it still continues going ….awakening am I. We all are awakened it is just that we have forgotten because somehow we are not connected with our inner self. Something is happening to me and I am still on verge of knowing it ,some passions I forgot have started getting in me and I feel I see my purpose very clear.But this is one mystery still and as we are all made up of five elements sometimes if there is any one or two elements are now impure or out of balance there starts suffering and I was suffering .So all I knew was to go out to Mother Nature as it too is made of these five elements.

I will try to tell you how I started to get grounded again as it was necessary for my inner growth and the journey not yet 100% rooted but have been improving each day for sure. I went into the nature and went there opening my arms so that I could once again hug . When I was a child I use to walk bare feet and I never liked shoes because I felt my feet hurt due to them so I once again started walking bare foot .We need to know if we walk bare feet on the green grass or on the beaches or on the sand we can even overcome anxiety and depression and also the nature in return gives us knowledge of who we are.

I do meditate but due to some love lost relationship I isolated myself and stopped doing it and thus I started meditating again. Meditation is a simple process which makes us again get absorb in the present, we are once again here and now.Once we move into our body we become sensitive and we get energized again .

I use to run a lot when I was kid and do lots of exercises and yoga at times but as I was growing bigger in age I somehow started neglecting my own self and with some things not going as I dreamt I was hurt .So I started doing things what I did when I was kid and thus started doing exercises and yoga I always knew is good to connect to inner self. Once we start doing exercises it helps in  improving the blood circulation which increases the flow of oxygen and we feel and get grounded again.Yoga puts us into direct contact with ground and ourselves and we are recharged again.

I always have been a vegan as I am Hindu by birth religion and now I started eating more fruits which contain lots of electrons and these electrons help us to fight the radicals created in us which makes us suffer. Drinking fresh water is good for health and if we put some lime in then we will start feeling more energized.

I once again started breathing deep just as a small child,breathe in deep till I could feel it till my navel and then exhale out.We need to get into a bit of purer environment so I started going to woods nearby and parks full of flowers and trees.Every cell is energized with pure air been inhaled deeply.

I somehow was always in hurry and thinking too much and now I knew that we are always there and we have no where to go . Grounding is finding harmony and we need to see where we are going and what we miss while we are in such hurry . I knew if I take too much stress I will be disconnected again so I now stop been in hurry . I needed to accept myself as I am and started loving myself more and when we love ourselves it hepls to make us ground again.

I am trying to expand my comfort zone and first time tried using the media you tube so in case you find time I will love to get your support by seeing what I started talking. …..




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  1. Beautiful. I hope you are making the best of your journey.

    I find it interesting how some days nothing special is happening and I’m just doing simple day to day things and I’m feeling so in tune with myself and the world in general. Happy!

    Other days it can be a struggle to get out of bed. Days like that really hurt.

    I guess it helped considerably if we all tried harder to create a model that works for us and goes with our goals and aspirations. It’s like a muscle we all need to train. I do struggle sticking to it though.


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