50+ Best Turtles All The Way Down Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Turtles All the Way Down is a young adult novel written by American author John Green. He published this novel on October 10, 2017, by Dutton Books. It is his fifth solo novel, and his seventh overall. Profoundly inspirational Turtles All The Way Down quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Turtles All The Way Down Quotes

The way he talked about thoughts was the way I experienced them – not as a choice but as a destiny. Not a catalog of my consciousness, but a refutation of it. — Aza Holmes

I don’t mind worriers. Worrying is the correct worldview. Life is worrisome. — Aza Holmes

Maybe you’ve been in love. I mean real love, the kind my grandmother used to describe by quoting Paul’s First letter to the Corinthians, the love that is kind and patient, that does not envy or boast, that beareth all things and believeth all things and endureth all things. — Aza Holmes

The whole problem with boys is that ninety-nine percent of them are, like, okay. If you could dress and hygiene them properly, and make them stand up straight and listen to you and not be dumbasses, they’d be totally acceptable. — Turtles All the Way Down

True terror isn’t being scared; it’s not having a choice in the matter. — Aza Holmes

I find mental disorders to be vastly overrated. — Aza Holmes

Davis and I never talked much, or even looked at each other, but it didn’t matter, because we were looking at the same sky together, which is maybe more intimate than eye contact anyway. Anybody can look at you. It’s quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you see. — Turtles All the Way Down

The problem with happy endings is that they’re either not really happy, or not really endings, you know? In real life, some things get better and some things get worse. And then eventually you die. — Aza Holmes

I took his hand, and part of me wanted to tell him I loved him, but I wasn’t sure if I really did. Our hearts were broken in the same places. That’s something like love, but maybe not quite the thing itself. — Turtles All the Way Down

You pick your endings and your beginnings. You get to pick the frame, you know? Maybe you don’t choose what’s in the picture, but you decide on the frame. — Daisy Ramirez

Sometimes makeup feels kind of like armor. — Aza Holmes

I was still at the beginning. I could still be anybody. — Turtles All the Way Down

You are as real as anyone, and your doubts make you more real, not less. — Turtles All the Way Down

From where the stars are watching, there is almost no difference between varieties of alive, between me and the newly mown grass I’m lying on right now. We are both astonishments, the closest thing in the known universe to a miracle. — Davis Pickett

You’re both the fire and the water that extinguishes it. You’re the narrator, the protagonist, and the sidekick. You’re the storyteller and the story told. You are somebody’s something, but you are also your you. — Aza Holmes

…in writing it down, you realize, love is not a tragedy or a failure, but a gift. — Turtles All the Way Down

Nobody gets anybody else, not really. We’re all stuck inside ourselves. — Turtles All the Way Down

Nobody ever says anything is too bad to be true. — Aza Holmes

I don’t like to throw the L-word around; it’s too good and rare a feeling to cheapen with overuse. — Aza Holmes

The thing about a spiral is, if you follow it inward, it never actually ends. It just keeps tightening, infinitely. — Turtles All the Way Down

And the thing is, when you lose someone, you realize you’ll eventually lose everyone. — Turtles All the Way Down

We’re such language-based creatures that to some extent we cannot know what we cannot name. And so we assume it isn’t real. We refer to it with catch-all terms, like crazy or chronic pain, terms that both ostracize and minimize. The term chronic pain captures nothing of the grinding, ceaseless, inescapable hurt. And the term crazy arrives at us with none of the terror and worry you live with. Nor do either of those terms connote the courage people in such pains exemplify, which is why I’d ask you to frame your mental health around a word other than crazy. — Dr. Singh

We are about to live the American Dream, which is, of course, to benefit from someone else’s misfortune. — Turtles All the Way Down

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been pretty keen on the male forearm. — Aza Holmes

Maybe I’m just a lie that I’m whispering to myself. — Aza Holmes

I felt like I might end up anywhere, and imagining all the futures I might have, all the Azas I might become, was a glorious and welcome vacation from living with the me I currently was. — Aza Holmes

Most adults are just hollowed out. You watch them try to fill themselves up with booze or money or God or fame or whatever they worship, and it all rots them from the inside until nothing is left but the money or booze or God they thought would save them. — Turtles All the Way Down

You can live a good life without ever knowing real love, of the Corinthians variety, but I was fortunate to have found it with Harold. — Aza Holmes

Just be honest with Dr. Singh, okay? There’s no need to suffer. Which I’d argue is just a fundamental misunderstanding of the human predicament, but okay. — Ms. Holmes and Ava Holmes

….even though I laughed with them, it felt like I was watching the whole thing from somewhere else, like I was watching a movie about my life instead of living it. — Turtles All the Way Down

It’s so weird, to know you’re crazy and not be able to do anything about it, you know? It’s not like you believe yourself to be normal. You know there is a problem. But you can’t figure a way through to fixing it. Because you can’t be sure, you know? — Turtles All the Way Down

I missed everybody. To be alive is to be missing. — Turtles All the Way Down

People always talk like there’s a bright line between imagination and memory, but there isn’t, at least not for me. I remember what I’ve imagined and imagine what I remember. — Turtles All the Way Down

Worrying is the correct worldview. Life is worrisome. — Turtles All the Way Down

A distressed damsel has no companions. — Daisy Ramirez

I was beginning to learn that your life is a story told about you, not one that you tell. — Aza Holmes

I wanted to tell her that I was getting better, because that was supposed to be the narrative of illness: It was a hurdle you jumped over, or a battle you won. Illness is a story told in the past tense. — Aza Holmes

I guess at some point, you realize whoever takes care of you is just a person, and that they have no superpowers and can’t actually protect you from getting hurt. — Davis Pickett

I felt certain something was going to kill me, and of course I was right: Something is going to kill you, someday, and you can’t know if this is the day. — Turtles All the Way Down

You don’t get to be in anything else — in friendship or in anger or in hope. All you can be is in love. And I wanted to tell him that even though I’d never been in love, I knew what it was like to be in a feeling, to be not just surrounded by it but also permeated by it… — Turtles All the Way Down

When you lose someone, you realize you’ll eventually lose everyone. — Davis Pickett

Let’s continue this awkward silence in person. — Davis Pickett

Dr. Singh once told me that if you have a perfectly tuned guitar and a perfectly tuned violin in the same room, and you pluck the D string of the guitar, then all the way across the room, the D string on the violin will also vibrate. I could always feel my mother’s vibrating strings. — Turtles All the Way Down

I was thinking about how part of your self can be in a place while at the same time the most important parts are in a different place, a place that can’t be accessed via your senses. — Turtles All the Way Down

We settled into a silence, and I felt the sky’s bigness above me, the unimaginable vastness of it all — looking at Polaris and realizing the light I was seeing was years old, and then looking at Jupiter, less than a light-hour away from us. In the moonless darkness, we were just witnesses to light, and I felt a sliver of what must have driven Davis to astronomy. There was a kind of relief in having your own smallness laid bare before you, and I realized something Davis must have known: Spirals grow infinitely small the farther you follow them inward, but they also grow infinitely large the farther you follow them out. — Turtles All the Way Down

I was a story riddled with plot holes. — Aza Holmes

So often English glorifies the human – we are whos, other animals are thats – but English puts us beneath the stars, at least. — Davis Pickett

Every loss is unprecedented. You can’t ever know someone else’s hurt, not really – just like touching someone else’s body isn’t the same as having someone else’s body. — Aza Holmes

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t. — Turtles All the Way Down

I apologize for the double negative, but it’s a real double negative of a situation, a bind from which negating the negation is truly the only escape. — Turtles All the Way Down

One of the challenges with pain -physical or psychic- is that we can really only approach it through metaphor. It can’t be represented the way a table or a body can. In some ways, pain is the opposite of language. — Dr. Singh