Doing the same thing every time can be boring but that’s even better than staying in one place for a lifetime. 

Incase you’ve not noticed, progress is synonymous to change. A new attitude and of course refreshing yourself everyday and leaving behind every shred of negativity, staying far away from every thing that can contaminate your mind, soul and body. 

When we refuse to forgive someone,  we don’t want to be in the same room with such a person and we don’t just like anything they do even when it seems to be good by others. 

Gradually, we move into the stage of not trusting anyone or giving people chance into our lives. Some people even go to the extend of changing route just to avoid sharing the same road with the person – is a lot of work! 

The underlined factor becomes “going in circles”. Trying to keep people at bay and possibly closing your free spirit to associate. 

You become too rigid that people even don’t want to stay close to you because of the pessimistic attitude you bring to every conservation. 

Such aroma stinks so much that just by entering a room, everyone becomes serious and unfortunately if you are the boss of a company, no one wants to offend you – whether intentionally or not. 

When we see forgiveness as beneficial to ourselves before the persons that caused us grief – we became exponential to succeeding where others have failed, because you are aware of your priorities which is your happiness. 


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