The Villains can have a happy ending too, y’know.

Insert crowd gasps!

Yes, I did say that. Self-proclaimed villains- maybe bullies, that jerk co-worker, or that one absurd celebrity does indeed deserve a happy ending. And before, you type out a rather creative response to this article- I have rationale behind this!

We all encounter people with less than ideal attitudes, in fact, you could have nicknamed them “Satan’s Spawn” (or a variety of other slurs but let’s keep this PG y’all!). These people are the kinds that make our stress levels go out the roof and our hearts boil hotter than the surface of the Sun. But, sometimes as annoying as these people get- at the end of the day they are people with feelings, a family, and flaws that make us all unique.

As a reformed mean girl, I know a thing or two about being the so-called “villain”. My sour attitude and outlook towards everyone was due to my own insecurities. In my experience, this is usually the case with people who have extremely difficult attitudes. The attitude is really just a defense or “shield” due to deeper lying issues- something may have caused them deep hurt at one time in their life and due to that their trust in people is limited.  Trust is admittedly so, a very hard trait to find in people nowadays, and if someone has been hurt time and time again it can leave quite a scar. The deeper the scar the longer it takes to heal.

Or maybe the issue is not an inside force that guides them to act in certain ways towards other people, maybe it’s an outside issue that puts a quite a bit of pressure on them. For example, I felt extremely uncomfortable to work with one certain co-worker that most of the time we spent together working on a project was spent in silence. Come to find out, my co-worker was having both relationship troubles and money troubles. This stress caused him to become very withdrawn and point out the negative in every situation. I’m glad to say my former co-worker is a human teddy bear and one of the smartest people I have ever known.

Then there is what I call awareness. Some people are not aware that what they maybe saying or doing to others can leave a bad impression. Yes, most of us are adults or teenagers who have the ability to understand between right and wrong. But, all of us are different- what I may think is okay to say in my mind may rub the person the wrong way when that was not my intention. In my sophomore year of university, I had a hard time understanding my roommate- she would just bluntly say stuff to me or my friends (well former friends) in a way which seemed like it was a criticism or an attack on us. In reality, it wasn’t. It’s just how fabulously outspoken she is. When I talked to her about it, she was genuinely sorry that it came off that way, she meant no harm-it’s just how she is.

These are just three general things that may cause a behavior. This may or may not apply to your situation. This is just a basis that there is a reason why a certain person may act harshly towards you or others. In addition, I understand there are some individuals and groups who do unthinkable acts that are not cause for forgiveness, but I believe those individuals or groups who inflict violent harm on others are not anywhere on the same level as a classmate who exhibits a bad attitude. There is a difference.

With that being said, behind every “villain” is a human. A human with a story. Take time to read that story, and show them kindness even in the moments where they may not return it to you. That just goes to show how awesome of a person you are.

Happy endings, everyone deserves them (including you and I)! Cinderella got her glass slipper back and married her prince, Superman saved the day, and Molly Ringwald got with the guy who remembered her 16th birthday.

Maybe that “villain” in your life deserves one too.