Waiting Table

No, I am not talking about any waiting table at a restaurant on a crowded weekend!

Do you remember as a student we had a messy table with piles of books, papers, stationary, a lamp and a coffee mug at times? A periodic table, time table, snooker table and how many such tables?
Later, as a grown up we had a clean table with desktop or laptop and few necessary stuff then a filthy table again, sometimes, at office.

What is Waiting Table?

Well, the waiting table I am talking about here is something we refer it as waiting tasks or To Do list or say it dreams?! A list jotted down on a paper somewhere or in a personal diary or may be just in thoughts. Some of us, being little proactive at times, hang or stick those papers on a wall or on a door and the title reads “My Goals” or “To-Dos” or “Wish List”. Majority of us are waiting for “some day” or “that day” when we want to do or achieve something. The most witnessed question at times is “What is your New Year Resolution?”Either you plan to fail or failed to plan

Most of the individuals talk about and sometimes try to follow a “New Year Resolution” every year but how many of them actually do it? Many a time we even have a GOOD list of excuses ridiculously exceeding from that of our wish list! As a human nature we try to convince ourselves. We make a fool of ourselves. We easily find escapes too.


Either you plan to fail or failed to plan!

So let’s break this mode and create a new road. Do not wait for a new year again, start from today itself. Its high time to clear the long awaited waiting table. To start with any simple goal you must envision it first and define it precisely.

There is a process in some software development organizations known as Agile methodology. Google says “it seeks alternative to traditional project management. It proposes iterative work cycles called Sprints. Another most popular process to Agility is scrum. Scrum emphasizes empirical feedback and self management. Thus Agility with scrum conflicts with usual habits of team and project management.” The purpose of understanding Agile methodology here is we need to follow the same in personal life too.

As per this awesome method, we need to create milestones (sprints) to achieve any goal. Do not just define ambiguous goals such as “I want to be a millionaire” or “I want to be healthy and fit“. This doesn’t make any sense unless you have the strategy and steps to achieve it. Goals must be smarter and achievable otherwise it just leads to unnecessary frustrations and disappointments. It is the similar process as we follow daily during working hours where we have a set of assignments or tasks list on sticky notes or emails for the day. We thrive to complete these at any cost as we have to. Then why not our personal goals or hobbies are considered important?

To sum up,

  • Sit alone in your room or wherever you like most.
  • Coordinate first with yourself.
  • Align your wish list. Prioritize. Start with any one.
  • Define a set of actions required to achieve it. The actions should be iterative as we learned in Agile. You yourself need to review yourself every weekend or by end of the month. Give feedback for yourself and act accordingly. At the end of every iteration (monthly or weekly), you should be able to achieve any one set of actions you set for your particular goal. Then define another milestone for next month and so on.
  • Be firm and strict with yourself till you end up achieving it completely.
  • If you fail somewhere, review your failures rationally and DO NOT repeat the history.
  • Repeat the process.

Once you achieve something for yourself, even little, you will feel glad and confident. Any big venture can be divided into small set of tasks and hence attained eventually. Remember every small drop of water can form a pond!

Get Set Go then!

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