‘Wake Up Call’ for humanity

  • Let provoke thought, challenge ignorance and promote positive global change.

  •  When you wear our casual wear out in public, you’re potentially exposing it to hundreds or even thousands of people at any given moment. We’re using that opportunity to raise awareness and inspire conversation.

  •  Change can be so difficult, and yet so brilliantly rewarding


unique psychology-based programme

  • ‘Enclothed cognition’, the idea that what we wear can change our minds

  • Studies have shown that clothes really can change how we think and feel.

  • Research has confirmed that Our clothes reflect our mood – and can change it

  • We believe in bringing glorious positive change into people’s lives. At work. At home. Everywhere

What we wear has cognitive, social and emotional consequences for us and for people around us

  Create a resistance movement against the underlying forces in mainstream culture that insidiously push people towards unhealthy lifestyles, processed food, mediocrity, planet-destroying and unethical practices, consumerism and mindless telly.  Life can be so much better than that 

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