Water or Pickle Juice – All In

Health organizations have been reminding us for years now that we need to drink more water. Water makes up a large portion of who we are, and it is important in the maintenance of the bodies we have been given. Water for some is easily obtained, while others have to travel far to draw water if it is even available. Jesus uses the analogy of water because we need water to survive. Just like we need water, we need the power Jesus offers to have a healthy all in relationship with him.

“But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

John 4:14 NLT

What are you drinking? Are you drinking the water this world provides that never satisfies? Filling our hearts with empty pleasure that satisfies for a moment yet eventually fades away? Maybe the water you are consuming is full of sugars and pollution that works to confuse your spirit and keep you away from your relationship with Jesus.

Jesus offers you water that will satisfy. We just need to ask him for it. He is the water we need to satisfy the desires of our hearts. This water brings us joy, peace, love and compassion. When you asked Jesus into your life as saviour, to forgive your sins, he gave you this water. It is available to you, he isn’t holding it back with a list of things you must do to access it, no he freely gives it to you. This water is the Holy Spirit, working with us to become the men and woman that God is calling us to be. A relationship where we can truly go all in and walk with him.

Why then do we keep going back and drinking dirty water? Why do our young people who were once part of a seemingly vibrant youth ministry in your church walk away from the faith? There can be many reasons, but I ask you to consider this, do they see the ‘mature Christians’ in the church as refresh, alive and engaging like they are all in and are drinking from the water Jesus provided? Or do they look like they have been drinking pickle juice? Sour, bitter and make no effort to connect and mentor the younger generation. This group of individuals is what is keeping people from entering churches. We need to infuse those who have become brined with Gods love and work with them to go all in with their faith, making it fresh and relevant to them no matter what age or generation they belong to. It is critical that we remind those in our churches that water is only good if we take the time to access it.

Jesus, you told the woman at the well about the water you give. Thank you for providing this life flowing water to us. Let us drink deep so that we can share it with others. Let your love overflow our hearts to reach others. They matter to you Jesus, so they should matter to us. Help us to bind together with other believers and work together to share your love with our families, workplaces, schools and communities. Give us the strength to be able to confront believers whose lives have become stale and work with them to return to the well of living water you provide. Let’s start sharing this water with the world, it isn’t meant to be hoarded. Jesus your name be glorified in all the earth. Let us go all in. Amen


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