What do you see? #Compassion

What do you see? #Compassion

First I must ask..does it kill to be good ? Do you feel that you need to receive something back for doing a good deed?

Hold that thought,We’ll come back to these questions in time.

But for now, lets use our imagination.. Take a walk with me, lets go down the street, what do you see? It just stopped raining and the drain from the roof has a leak, Beside you theres a plant that look to be in need.

So what can you do? Lets move this plant under the drain so it can spring back to life in the next few days. Come on. Lets keep walking, what do you see? There’s an old lady with her child on the side of the street who appears to be homeless.

You approach them and you see they’re both holding up cups for money, and the sign under them says “For school” so what would you do?

You look in your wallet and see that all you have left is 22, would you give them 2 or would you give them that 20? Its completely up to you. I know what I would do..

Lets keep moving, are you getting hungry ? So am I! lets stop by here and grab some lunch, I’m going to get some chicken and maybe some rice, while we’re eating a puppy walks up. So beautiful with its brown and white spots, you can tell it hasnt eatin in some-time.

She’s just sitting there looking at you. Those big brown eyes are begging you for just a taste, what would you do? Tell her to go away? Kick her untill she gets out of your face? Or would you spare your last chicken just to see that puppy’s hunger go away..the choice is yours.

Now that were done lets move on, we’re crossing the street, now what do you see? An elderly lady struggling to move a chair on the back of her truck. She hasn’t noticed you. (Yet) so what would you do? Keep on walking ? Not paying it no mind? Or stop by to lend a hand, knowing it will only take a brief moment of your time to be kind..again the choice is yours!

We did some great things today, and you may ask before doing them what would i get of out it? it wouldnt be riches, it wouldnt be fame, you wont appear on tv, it may not be anything material at all.. but what you will receive, is something far greater, an emotional reward.

How would you feel knowing, the plant you sat under the drain now has a full set of leaves and nuts to feed the birds? How would you feel knowing that giving your last, has put a struggling child through school?

How would you feel seeing that puppy again and noticing that its belly is full? And that elderly lady you decided to help, now doesn’t have you to ask you for it because others are choosing to give it too? Being kind is contagious when others see what your doing they will do it also!

If you want to change the world, then that change starts with yourself! It shouldnt be so hard to help, it won’t kill you to be good or do good things for others, And never expect something back for helping Someone or some-thing in need. Know your building good karma, and what you give out you will receive 10fold that’s law!

?Above all, show compassion because you never know what someone is going through, you’ve got to think..that could of been you..? Blessings? #King

Image Credit: https://www.google.com/search?q=helping+hands&client

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