Where Have All The Good Movies Gone? Netflix Bought Them

Where Have All The Good Movies Gone? Netflix Bought Them

By Anthony Sicilia
This article is dedicated to my two-year-old niece Angie.


To discuss films and good forms of entertainment can be a challenge simply because no one movie is alike and furthermore there are also different movies created for different genres.

To save myself from creating a director’s debate from breaking out amongst moviegoers I’m simply going to be talking today about the impact films have on the generation of today that wears diapers, sleeps with a cuddly owl or two and drinks from a sippy cup.

Any movie can make an impact on any one person, all it takes is wonderful script writing, good acting and of course a setting that makes sense to the viewing audiences.

However, what if I told you, that kind of stuff doesn’t matter to a two-year-old little girl. All that counts is the end result. How can I tell that she enjoyed an episode from her favorite television shows? like The Lion Guard and Dr. Mcstuffins, I listen for her giggles and watch for her smile…


So if anybody was to ask where have all the good movies gone? I would respond to them in like manner “Netflix bought them.” If that response is too vague, please allow me to expand on the answer.
“The reason why most new moms and dads choose the Netflix option is, they would have more have more money in the bank to buy baby related items such as diapers, teething rings, and of course the most important item on any first time parent’s grocery list, animal crackers…..”Baby-Shopping-List

There is also another reason first-time parents choose Netflix versus conventional methods of television ie (cable or satellite) for their little adventure seekers and crawly creatures.

Attention spans, most young babies don’t have long attention spans. Parents of this generation raising kids have to be quicker on their feet. The reason why is that when their children are in the throes of watching their favorite shows. It gives Dad some time he needs to put to padlocks the kitchen cupboards, and baby proof the stairs. before his toddler seeks another thrilling adventure by their favourite and most effective mode of transportation. “The baby crawl.”   Most babies attention spans aren’t long enough to sit them down to watch an entire episode of a tv show. When baby Angie isn’t watching cartoons, she is on the move…babygate

Lastly, the reason Netflix is the far better option for mom’s and dad’s of the 2000’s era is that at the end of close of each day families can sit down together and watch programming not only suitable for their eyes and ears but it’s also appropriate for baby Angie as well…..1483055188-family-watching-tv

Families that bond together stays together…. Thanks, Netflix…  ?




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