Where You Trying to Go? Jimboy’s?

I abruptly awoke. Sweaty and out of breath. I dreamt of my death, I died alone and senile on a yacht. It was still dark out so I proceeded to go back to sleep.


The sun harshly knocked on my eyelids. I peeked over at my clock. The digital display was blinking. I checked my phone. It was 1:30. Confused and late to school, I stood up from bed and drank water before heading to my mother’s room. I found her bed empty. Next I headed to my grandmother’s room only to find her bed empty as well. I gave my mother a call, but she did not answer. I wasn’t too alarmed about any of these peculiarities until my love called me to inform me that his parents, cows, and dog were missing. I told him to wait there as I started my car to meet him.

An evident silence welcomed me as I stepped out of my abode. The loud chirping birds were nowhere to be heard and our neighbor was not yelling about the left-wing. I had not seen a single person since the day before. Once I got out of our neighborhood, I really started to wonder. The main street of my small town was vacant. Not a single car in motion, not a single paletero selling ice cream. I dared myself to get on the freeway. It was empty (yeet), I drove quickly to my love’s.

There he was, sitting on his doorstep. I explained to him about how uninhabited, Earth seemed to be. Our families never called back, Twitter.com wouldn’t refresh any quirky tweets, YouTube.com did not have any new uploaded vlogs, and the President wasn’t mentioned on any news media. A day went by. The next day, we packed up our belongings and headed down to south. We left cash on the counter of a gas station as there were no clerks to check us out.

We began to grow a sense of absolute solitude. We possibly might’ve been, the last ones on Earth. We were driving down State Route 1 and stopped at a beach. We sat there as the sun began to settle down. This was completely nebulous. How did we end up being the only lovers left alive? Some sort of epiphany entered my consciousness. Perhaps it might be fun. He must’ve had the same idea as we looked at each other and smiled. We headed back to the car to begin our new life with a sort of eagerness for this newfangled lifestyle.

We left behind our conjecture of what happened to the inhabitants of this planet and headed to a Jimboy’s. I had never been inside one nor tried their food. There was a secret garden forming in the lobby. There were bonsai trees in their wooden boxes, uneven patches of swamp-like grass, weeds and flower beds next to each other, and a miniscule pond with lily pads, awaiting for amphibian life.

We walked all over. We passed borders and sailed seas. We kept a vegetarian lifestyle I never thought I’d carry on with before life left without us. It was just us. Hand in hand. Walking. We explored different cultures and sand temperatures. We were enjoying ourselves until the isolation became palpable. decades went by and I was never able to birth a child, so we tried to find things to do to pass the time. We began unnecessary arguments to cuddle tighter at nights. Melancholy spread all over our bodies. I began to wonder why this occurred. Perhaps this was purgatory? Are we paying for our sins right now? We could also be in a Big Brother spinoff, or maybe, just maybe, everyone has planned a surprise party. I yearned and feared for the correct answer. I knew that there was no way, I’d truly know why I was being forced to live in isolation. I didn’t complain too much as I looked at my love as he was swimming in the ocean’s waves.

I woke up, a senile woman, next to a senile man. We shared a wisdom we promised to keep to ourselves till death. It was a wisdom that could only be achieved by a soul that was truly intact with the conscious and Nature herself.

We were on a yacht. We had no clue as to what ocean we crossed as we figured that nothing mattered besides the two of us. I held his hand as we watched the sunset. He was beautiful. I stopped trying to find everyone and their silly little surprise party. He said they didn’t matter because we’re here, and they’re there. I caressed his sweet face and laughed. I wished to repeat it all over again. I wished for this to be a dream that would turn to reality as soon as I woke up. I began growing weary and soon closed my eyes.

I felt sunlight knocking on my eyelids.


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