Why You Have Untapped Potential & How To Bring Out What’s Inside

Body and mind are not separate. They are two in one. How we carry ourselves is a reflection of our outside and insides. A reflection of how we think of ourselves.

This is why style and posture is important. Your style and posture is what everyone else sees. Appearances matter.

How you dress and how you move reveals to everyone how you think of yourself.

But before you are able to dress and move like a stud. You must think like one.

It all starts with having the right mindset. If you have a positive mindset, you will have the confidence to dress better. When you dress better, you feel better. When you feel good, you will move like a boss. And people will respect you because of it.

Your untapped potential is trapped underneath.

There are plenty of posts to level-up your +Mindset. Use these resources to help put yourself in a positive state of mind.

However, remember that the right mindset is not enough.

People are always judging you. Every time a person sees you, you make an impression on them. If you’re not dressed well, then mindset hardly makes a difference.

If you look like a bum, but you have a positive mindset. All people are going to see is a positive bum.

People only see what’s right in front of them. They don’t see the life, work, or experience that led up to what you’re presenting to them at that very moment.

When you level-up your +Style, you leave people with an impression. If you’re outward appearance is good, people will treat you accordingly. Look like you care about yourself, and people will treat you better.

If you dress well and you have a good headspace, people will assume that you have your shit together.

Then there is your body. Your +Physique improves your appearance and mindset all at once.

Your body is part of your style. Because you’re forced to wear it everyday. Everyone has a starting point – work to improve it.

If you have a good body, you can look good in almost anything. When you earn a good body, you will have the self-respect and confidence to feel good about yourself.

Why does all of this matter?

Because you should always aim to be better than average!

There is so much untapped potential in the world. We should all aim to be the best at what we can be.

Even celebrities aren’t perfect. They are only better than average.

Megan Fox is a famous actress – while people who review her movies love to [mock] all over her acting, she’s better than average in her appearance.

Kevin Hart is a famous comedian – although he has below average stature, he is better than average in his productivity and seems to always have work.

Taylor Swift is a famous singer – everyone makes fun of her lack of being able to keep a relationship. But her ability to sing better than average carries her success.

These people aren’t perfect. But they focus on their strengths. It’s those strengths that have brought them success.

You can trash talk any celebrity that you don’t like. But what have you done with your advantages?

Are you trying to improve every single day? Are you trying to level-up your life and live the life you want to live?

Because that’s what these people did. They kept working their craft and hustling their way up in the world.

What Can You Do?

You can start by reading the posts on this site. Level-up everything you want to level up.

A good place to start is your body and mind. Your outward appearance, and the stud who lies underneath it.

Work on you:         +Mindset               +Style          +Physique

You may not be a success now, but you want to look and feel like one until you do.

Become better than average –  Become Greatness

Here are some must-reads to get you started:

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