100+ Best Witch Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Famous Witch Quotes

John sort of defied the whole witch thing and not having a soul. He goes after salvation, and he speaks that through love. — Brian Peccia

I think the aim – and certainly the aim of what I’ve tried to do since leaving – is not political and certainly not a witch hunt at individuals. It’s to try to direct our attention at what I believe is a fundamental fault analysis that we must now examine. — David Kay

Delightful as teenage witch-in-training Sabrina. — Melissa Joan Hart

Every time I get a tattoo, my parents say they’ll disown me. I have to get them airbrushed for Charmed. Witches don’t have tattoos, I guess. — Alyssa Milano

And there the wicked witch stayed for a long long time.’ Did she ever come out?’ Not yet. — Gregory Maguire

I worked for MI6 in the Sixties, during the great witch-hunts, when the shared paranoia of the Cold War gripped the services. — John le Carre

At present, I myself do not know of any local witches or warlocks, but there are several people who seem to have an uncanny power over food. — M. F. K. Fisher

Sleeping with a witch would probably be pretty interesting. I hear that, and I understand that. — Ian Somerhalder

That is the essence of a witch-hunt, that any questioning of the evidence or the procedures in itself constitutes proof of complicity. — Bergen Evans

Joe McCarthy and his Senate hearings were like witch-hunts. — Desi Arnaz

In my opinion, what ‘The Evil Dead’ is to horror, ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ is to action-fantasy, with these horror elements and a steampunk-y twist. — Derek Mears

I’m a Red-baiter; I’m a witch-hunter if the witches are Communists. — Adolphe Menjou

I’m going to call Roswell (N.M.) and warn them that Ronnie Earle is on the witch hunt for the Martians they have there. — Carl Forti

Future generations of economists will look at the trickle-down theory in much the same way we now look at witch burning, slavery, and the Sinclair C5. — John Niven

I play Billie, a new witch the girls take in. They help her to learn the ropes. She has no idea what she’s doing, — Kaley Cuoco

I had learning problems when I was in elementary school, and didn’t really start to read well until high school. I never read any of the middle grade classics that were popular when I was young – ‘Harriet the Spy’, ‘Charlotte’s Web’, ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. — Lauren Tarshis

Men feared witches and burned women. — Louis D. Brandeis

Witch-hunts are always spooked by women’s horrifying sexuality awakened by the superstud Devil. — Arthur Miller

For too long Tom DeLay has been the subject of a partisan witch hunt by Ronnie Earle and the media that has ultimately led to a distorted public image of assumed guilt. — Mike Conaway

This whole contest is just totally inappropriate because of the themes of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe . It is simply a retelling of the story of Christ. — Barry Lynn

Unfortunately, the witch hunt continues, … (This) article is nothing short of tabloid journalism. — Lance Armstrong

By no means is this going to be a witch hunt against HARTline, … I want that known from the beginning. — Brian Blair

Ive always thought Prince Charming in Cinderella was the most boring role; Id rather be the Wicked Witch. — Jude Law

English vampires may not be as well behaved around witches as the American ones are. — Deborah Harkness

Ordinary fortune-tellers tell you what you want to happen; witches tell you what’s going to happen whether you want it to or not. Strangely enough, witches tend to be more accurate but less popular. — Terry Pratchett

If you can believe in God you can believe in a witch, it is the same package. If you can believe in one kind of nonsense, you can believe in all kinds of nonsense. — Rajneesh

If American literature has a few heroes, Miller is one of them. He refused to name names at the McCarthy hearings, and his play ‘The Crucible’ analysed the hearings in the context of a previous American mass psychosis, the Salem witch trials. — Jane Smiley

Since the time of the witch burnings, the grandmothers and the healers and the midwives have been systematically targeted. And burned at the stake for hundreds of years, decimating whole communities. — Alice Walker

It’s just opening up a can of worms. It’s going to be a witch hunt. I’m not saying to brush it under the rug, but where does it end? It scares me for the good of baseball. — Dave Machemer

The number of witches had everywhere become enormous. — John Jewel

A witch is a person who hath conference with the Devil to consult with him or to do some act. — Edward Coke

To bring my image back up in that light seemed to sort of take me back into that whole frame of time where I was the Blair Witch guy. I was the kid that they didn’t know whether or not he was acting. — Michael Williams

Extraordinary imagination, especially in a witch world. Also friendship. — J. K. Rowling

Anybody with any hint of asbestos exposure is getting taken down. It’s a witch hunt. — David Begleiter

Shakespeare also introduces the supernatural into some of his tragedies; he introduces ghosts, and witches who have supernatural knowledge. — Andrew Coyle Bradley

I’m always the bad guy. I tell the staff and the leaders of the team, ‘It’d be nice if some of you would take a little of that on.’ I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West all the time, but I’m not afraid of being unpopular. I worry about trying to do the right thing. — S. Walker

The real debate around this witch hunt isnt between us and the Vatican, its between the Vatican and the truth, — Joe Solmonese

I’m a professional non-fiction reader, that’s what I do. But in my 20s we had our own vampire and witch moment, courtesy of Anne Rice, whose books I read and loved. — Deborah Harkness

Of course, we all have to be taxed, but once you start to earn more than £150,000, and start paying 45 per cent tax, you are penalised. It is like a witch hunt. — Anthea Turner

I keep waiting for someone to cast me as the angel or the witch or the immortal of some kind because so much of the reading I do for my own pleasure is fantasy, horror, or sci-fi. — Lorraine Toussaint

Dead Witch Walking is basically a modern-day witch living in Cincinnati. — Kim Harrison

I’m a witch. It’s what we do. When it’s nobody else’s business, it’s my business. — Terry Pratchett

No witch has ever claimed to own the Elder Wand. Make of that what you will. — J. K. Rowling

I assume they will vote — with some Democratic votes, but mostly not — to conduct this inquiry, … as long as the Republicans are intent on a partisan witch hunt there is going to be no consensus. — Jerrold Nadler

There’s nothing good on the television; let’s burn a witch. It must have been terribly exciting to live in those times. — John Cleese

Got your text,” he said when I climbed out. “How much did it hurt?” “Not at all,” I said. “Apparently, I can’t get a tattoo because I’m a witch.” “I could have told them-” He stopped. “Oh, you said witch.” “Ha-ha. — Kelley Armstrong

What do you mean?” Leslie’s voice was cool, as if she questioned witches who were flat on their backs being threatened by werewolves every day. — Patricia Briggs

It’s funny how everyone hates witch hunts… until they see a witch. — Jon Stewart

Most witches don’t believe in gods. They know that the gods exist, of course. They even deal with them occasionally. But they don’t believe in them. They know them too well. It would be like believing in the postman. — Terry Pratchett

I was a witch with my children, truly, about television. I used to say you can watch a half hour of television a day. — Teresa Kerry

I believe in all the qualities of being a liberal. I keep going back to all the great social events in our country’s history, starting with the Salem witch trials, where the conservative view was that they’re witches and should be burned at the stake, and the liberal view was there’s no such thing as witches. — George Clooney

She was only a year old, but elves grew up fast. Not like witches, who Jenks swore were not able to be on their own until they were thirty. Ahem. — Kim Harrison

I’ve always been an angel. Sometimes I transform into a witch only because the filmmaking demands it. — Lina Wertmuller

I will not play just an evil part. In fact, I got offered $7 million several years ago to play the part that Faye Dunaway played in ‘Supergirl.’ I was kind of insulted. I was impressed with the money, but I said, ‘Why are you asking me to play an evil witch? Do I come across as an evil witch to you?’ — Dolly Parton

I am not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’m you. — Christine O’Donnell

I worry more about the man’s health than I do about him hitting home runs or whatever this witch hunt we’re on. — Roger Clemens

The DOT knew what they were getting into. These were his designs. Mr. McFadden did nothing wrong. This is more of a witch hunt. — Marty Miller

Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch. — Catherynne M. Valente

Somebody with Debbie Reynolds’ features doesn’t get cast as the Wicked Witch. — Alan Rickman

When I began ‘Wicked’, I really thought of it entirely as a one-off, as the English say. There was no intention that there should ever be a follow up, because the subtitle was ‘The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West’. She was dead and gone, as the book says, at the end. — Gregory Maguire

It would ha’ been a good deal easier, if ye’d only been a witch. — Diana Gabaldon

They’re taking decent steps. They’re going to get rid of steroids little by little. The answer is not having Bud Selig do his own private witch hunt. — Jose Canseco

There’s a quadruple witch today and there’s a lot of cross currents, so I’m not sure we should read too much into what happens today. — Andy Brooks

But in the Middle Ages people were convinced there were witches. They looked for them and they certainly found them. — Hans Blix

For as long as I could remember, the person in E23 pasted the same Halloween decoration, a witch with a giant wart on her crone’s nose, but whenever kids rang, the tenant wouldn’t answer. At first, kids figured they’d just missed the guy: bad timing. But it seemed impossible that all of us missed him every year. — Victor LaValle

Nothin’ wrong with witchfinding. I’d like to be a witchfinder. It’s just, well, you’ve got to take it in turns. Today we’ll go out witchfinding, an’ tomorrow we could hide, an’ it’d be the witches’ turn to find US. — Neil Gaiman

Judge Wright’s dismissal of the suit against President Clinton should now be the final word on what has become an unprecedented partisan witch hunt of one of the most popular and successful presidents of the 20th century. — John Conyers

They don’t like the Ken Starr witch hunt. … They think (Clinton) has been doing a good job, … The Clinton-haters will never be satisfied. — Eliot Engel

Christine O’Donnell released a commercial in which she says, ‘I’m not a witch.’ That’s pretty good, though not as effective as her opponent’s slogan, ‘I’m not Christine O’Donnell.’ — Jimmy Fallon

I looked up at Ellen and her not-glowing pentagram. Harm none is the rule, Ellen: bad witch, no cookie. — Laurell K. Hamilton

I am not a witch doctor, and in fact, you cannot have a witch doctor. You are either a witch or a doctor. — Yahya Jammeh

We wish to avoid the image of conducting some sort of witch hunt here, but we have reason to follow up a certain number of cases. — Arne Ljungqvist

So the good prince was a murderer and the evil queen wasn’t a witch after all. — Patrick Ness

It’s not witch-crafty or anything! I suggest it to all moms! — January Jones

But as a property owner of Orlando, I wouldn’t rent to someone who is gay any more than I would rent to a person who is a practicing witch. — Alan Chambers

I think The Blair Witch Project is an exceptionally well-conceived and well-made film. — Roger Corman

I didn’t like books where people played on a sports team and won a bunch of games, or went to summer camp and had a wonderful time. I really liked a book where a witch might cut a child’s head off or a pack of angry dogs might burst through a door and terrorize a family. — Daniel Handler

It’s a witch hunt, it’s not in our traditions. We respect the capacities to have professional officials working for their country when the Government changes. — Stephane Dion

The plain truth is that the period I study is the 16th century, and they were absolutely obsessed with witches and spiritual beings. — Deborah Harkness

is not going to be a witch hunt; it’s a fact-finding mission. — Brian Blair

I don’t hold with shamans, witch doctors, or psychiatrists. Shakespeare, Tolstoy, or even Dickens, understood more about the human condition than ever occurred to any of you. You overrated bunch of charlatans deal with the grammar of human problems, and the writers I’ve mentioned with the essence. — Mordecai Richler

We are not on a witch hunt or out to get Mr X, Y or Z. We are out to establish the truth of these allegations. — Ian Neilson

There have been movies like ‘Paranormal Activity’ or ‘Blair Witch Project’ in Hollywood that showed you could do movies with little or no money. It doesn’t prevent them from creating larger than life spectacles as well. — Thomas Bangalter

We were looking to cast this young witch who is about her age. She was on the list of available actors. We loved her work on ‘8 Simple Rules.’ She was interested. It was that simple. She’s young and spunky and sassy, and she will give the show another voice. — David Janollari

And this is Nymphadora- Don’t call me Nymphadora, Remus, said the young witch with a shudder. It’s Tonks. -Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by her surname only, finished Lupin. So would you if your fool of a mother had called you ‘Nymphadora,’ muttered Tonks. — J. K. Rowling

Come on, Rachel! Jenks shrilled. You’re a badass, not a bad witch! — Kim Harrison

The Witch of Blackbird Pond examines society’s intolerance about those who differ, using a witch hunt as the main action of the play. This book stands out as a children’s literature classic and we’re proud to be able to present it. This material is powerful to young adults the way Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is for adults. — Jeff Church

You had to come back to learn how to lose yourself, to be pilot and stray-witch, Hansel and Gretel in one. — Seamus Heaney

When I was in the running for the role of Elphaba, I knew it was important to research and study as much background information as I could, so I got my head stuck into ‘Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West’ by Gregory Maguire, and I believe I lost many days, weeks, and months reading it – I was captivated! — Rachel Tucker

Governor Haynes had a witch executed, and he’s hanging there. — Brad Davis

The archetype of the witch is very powerful, and each woman has that witch inside her in a powerful good sense, not in terms of black magic, — Judith Orloff

‘The Blair Witch Project’ is great for motion sickness. The first time you see it, it is extremely creepy. The first time I saw it, I saw it on a bootleg tape on a tour bus before it had even come out. It was one of the first movies I’d seen like that. I didn’t even realize it was a damn movie! — Corey Taylor

When the witch is done away with at the end, all the gingerbread kids turn back into children, so they really are the finale, the good triumphing over evil. — Linda Dobbs

My favorite movie out of the old movies was ‘Escape to Witch Mountain.’ We were working with horses and bears, and when you have a great friend like Ike and a great director… it was a great experience. — Kim Richards

What scares me is (the re-testing procedure) would create a full-blown witch hunt. This would give them another year to sabotage the system again, and that’s not a good thought. I love my sport. I love racing. I feel I have accomplished enough. — Lance Armstrong

A certain bohemian, good-witch sort of charm — Michael Cunningham

I really loved Witches of Eastwick, the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson and Cher. — Madchen Amick

Even though I’m a critic of Tom DeLay, I think this is pretty much a witch hunt. — Tom Tancredo

I don’t know that I have a fascination with witches per se – well, maybe I just have a fascination with everything that’s weird. — Rob Zombie

If they really want to make some changes, then it’s treatment that we’re looking at. Not witch hunting on the industry. — Billy Baldwin