Work And Walk. 

21st century promises a jet age of possibilities but never reveals her claws. Thank you Technology but we know better. 

Am drifting a bit today to talk about health, the simplest contributions you and I can offer to enjoy the beauty of life starting from your home to your workplace and everywhere you go. 

By this time last year, I was weighing more than 100kg of course as a result of depression and lack of purpose. I could complain and go on about the world’s economy while eating loaves and loaves of bread. Is interesting to know that a combination of coke and bread is a terrible meal to take. 

I tried jogging which helped but not when compared to walking, which gave tremendous results and at the same time enjoyed meeting new people and seeing the same environment I live in, in a totally different way. Which was inspiring. 

From a normal routine evening walks, it became the right thing  to walk any short distance rather than taking a cab. Gradually my trousers became too big for me but most importantly I was less sick and always ready to explore new things. 

Do your heart well by taking a few walks even while working by using the staircase instead of lifts. It can replace your regular caffeine consumption to stay active. 

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