You have insufficient funds in your account. Yes yes but more importantly, where are the cheese puffs?

You know you are dead inside when your life seems like its falling down around your ears and all you can think is, I wonder where I hid the cheese puffs.. True story, it’s happened to me!

I’ve had moments like this. Where I just sit there staring at texts from the bank saying debit bounced or insufficient funds. And when it happens enough you just kinda sit there and you know you are so far extended in debt with the bank already that you can’t get more credit. So you just think to yourself well fuckit I feel like cheese puffs for lunch. They want money they must just chill. I can’t shit money so theyjust have to wait. And in the beginning when it first happens you get heart palpitations and you feel embarrassed and unworthy.

But you know what. Our whole society is made up of poor people that are in alot of debt to look rich. We just don’t talk about it.

When someone says oh wow I’m going to have to budget this month, we all just comment and say something like, “yeah don’t we all”. But it’s actually bullshit isn’t it. All of us “middle class” are actually sitting here in houses we don’t own, we drive cars we don’t own, we buy food and clothes on credit cards we can’t afford. And for what? So we can live in this ideal that society has created for us. Society says you need to get married, buy a house and a car, have a baby or 2, get credit cards to support your family with. Buy all the latest technology and baby equipment.

In short the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But it’s not easy to live within your means. The kids go to school with hand me down clothes that are totally fine. Not broken just maybe a year or 2 old. And we as a society have brought our children up to believe that it matters what clothes we wear, what cars we drive. So the kids tease your kid in a hand me down t shirt, they come home crying and feeling less of a person. And what do we do, we run out and buy them something nice, so they can “fit in”, to boost their self esteem. I think we are all just a bunch of spineless guiliable humans who are acting exactly the way certain people want us to. With the goal of making them rich. Like the Truman show. Puppets.

Let me say this, we are all under a spell people. For example, when you get engaged you buy a diamond ring right? Why? Because it’s tradition? Eeerrrr bullshit!! Diamond rings have only become common place in the last 50 years or so. In around the 1950s De Beers marine came up with a marketing strategy saying that Diamonds are forever. They instructed marketing teams to come up with something that would put a diamond in every home. They also brain washed us into thinking diamonds are rare that’s why it means so much as an engagement ring. Insinuating you care more about your partner for buying them a rare stone. Something rare and special. Again, bullshit!! Diamonds are not rare at all in fact they are quite a common stone. And not even that pretty if you asked me. I prefer sapphire’s for their vivid blues.

Another example. Mothers day today. I went to the shop last night to go pick up some bread and all these people were coming in buying R200 bunches of flowers for mothers day. Yes sure It’s nice. They look lovely and make you feel special when you receive them. But why? Why? Because society says so. It’s a manufactured holiday to boost sales that’s why. Sorry about the thinking but lets think some more. Christmas decorations come down in the shops, valentines day goes up, easter goes up, mothers day, fathers day, Halloween and full circle Christmas again. (I might have missed some but you get the idea).

So really what im saying is, our whole society is brain washed by corporations telling us how to live our lives.
Take some time to think about your life. What do you buy, or do in your life, simply because everyone else does? You might need to really think on this one. It could be something you buy to eat, but in actual fact if you were honest with yourself you wouldn’t buy or eat at all. I know that’s a small example. But think on this.

I know I’m guilty of it. I’ve also been brain washed. But as I’m getting older I’m realizing these things. I find myself thinking about things more. And I actually don’t give a damn what people think of my choices. Sure some people think I’m rude. But I’ve just decided to do things that make me happy. Because I like them. If I feel like going to the shops in my slippers, ill go to the shops in my slippers. If I want to let my kids play in the rain and mud, that’s just what I’ll do. If I decide we are eating avocados and cheese puffs for supper and nothing else, then that’s exactly what we will blinking do!!

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  1. Corporations exactly, brainwashing people, dividing people. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. It is extremely unfortunate how society has turned up to be.


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