Your a Masterpiece – All In

We talked the other day about exposing sin for what it truly is. The driving force behind all that is perverse in this world. It is what keeps us from connecting with the creator whose desire is to have a relationship with us. We all have ingrained in us a yearning for this relationship, yet many will fill this yearning with the sin that continues to separate them from Him. He wants to remove this sin that separates and provided a way for this to happen, and ultimately restore what He created. If we truly desire to go all in with Him we first need to realize that we are His masterpiece and ask for restoration.



“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Ephesians 2:10 NLT


We are Gods masterpiece. Not just us believers but every one of his creations. All mankind is his masterpiece. Do not be fooled by the adage ‘we are the authors of our own destiny’. We are made in his image, yet let’s dive into this metaphor and see where we can go with it.


A masterpiece I am envisioning is a painting, now it could be anything else like a statue or music score, but let’s think about painting. We are a priceless painting that God has created. Yet because of sin we come into this world torn. As we get older we start to sin either on purpose or without realizing it. I equate this to us taking spray paint and using it on ourselves, thus creating a mess of the masterpiece. The creator of the art still loves the original masterpiece, yet what it has become is not recognizable and will have no place in his gallery. 


Self-recognition and pride view their work of heart as abstract and individual. Many are looking at themselves so close up that they don’t even see the who picture of their lives and the mess it has become. Only when they step back and do an honest self-check do they see what they are missing. If one point earlier in their life as a child or teenager had seen the masterpiece as God had made them, they may look and see a corner that has yet been destroyed. This could be enough for them to return to the artist and ask for help.


Jesus offers to clean your masterpiece up. He wants to use his blood to wipe off all the paint that we have sprayed on our painting. He is offering to fix any tares so they will be new again. The only catch, you have to ask him to do it. You have to surrender your painting to him and trust him.  I am ready to go all in.


Are you dirty today, covered in paint and torn? Jesus wants to cleanse you and repair your torn life. Life won’t become rainbows and lollipops once he does but you will have a purpose, a life worth living knowing that you are restored to the original plan God had for you. He will guide you as you continue to restore the masterpiece you were created to be.


Dear Jesus, so many of us settle for the abstract lives we have become when you have called us for so much more. Let our lives be on display as an example of what a restored masterpiece looks like and that our saviour does amazing work. Thank you for cleansing my life and I pray you will help me to speak to others about your cleansing grace. I desire to be all in within our relationship. Amen