Your Being Stretched

Your Being Stretched

Hey how are you? “Well things are not looking good for me”, Well what happened? “I didn’t get into that university, I lost my job, my finances are not right, my car got stolen, and my relationships are rocky. To top it off God just seems silent and I am wondering why this season why me?” I can tell you this YOUR BEING STRETCHED. “What do you mean I am being stretched that sounds like it hurts” Look at your life its hurting right well God is stretching you “But Why?”

When I looked up the word stretched or stretch heres what I found out : made being capable of being made longer, without tearing or breaking, straightened or extended, a continuous area or expanse. The reason I started out with a conversation is because we all have conversations like this. I know I do where its just that season where your like what is happening. We all have those days where we ask ourselves why me why is this happening. I can tell you this YOUR BEING STRETCHED. Stretched for flexibility stretched for more wisdom more peace more understanding more favor more blessings. In order for God to do what He wants to do in and through you He must first pull on you. Often times stretching takes place when were too comfortable in an area and God needs to expand us. He wants you to have bigger ideas, concepts, and insights. He wants you to be able to not just go through what you face but to be able to handle the entire load while your going through. When your about to start exercising you get a good stretch in before you run or workout why because you could get hurt or pull a limb. In that same thinking allow God to stretch you when things are happening in your life but also before. Get into the habit of saying God is stretching me. When you don’t know what to tell people you tell them God is stretching you me for more. Its going to hurt but in the end its worth it. You will look back in this season and Thank Him for the stretchinging. God is straightening things out, tearing things a part, expanding some areas , and giving you the ability to withstand longer. So my friend YOUR BEING STRETCHED, but be encouraged its for your good! You may have to go through some things and suffer some hurt but its for your good! Stretching is really just preparing you for whats next!

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