Christmas Eve 

I can’t believe it’s Christmas eve again. I truly prayed for a good one this year, but poor choices and just plain stupidity have left me home, no food, no presents to be handed out early Christmas morning, and no family get together. When I go outside I can hear the joy and laughter coming … Read moreChristmas Eve 

What to do when you’re very, very right, and very, very wrong at the same time

This is going to be somewhat personal, and contain an apology to someone I love very much. I am making it a post in the hope that someone who needs it, will be prevented from making the same mistakes as me. And because any apology done in public or semi-public (hi, Internet!) is somehow more … Read moreWhat to do when you’re very, very right, and very, very wrong at the same time


Difficulty: CASUAL | Frequency: 1X/DAY | Duration: 10-15 MINS WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT Stress, anger, and anxiety can impair not only our health but our judgment and skills of attention. Fortunately, research suggests an effective way to deal with these difficult feelings: the practice of “mindfulness,” the ability to pay careful attention to what you’re thinking, feeling, and … Read moreMINDFUL BREATHING

The Importance of an Open Mind

In addition to keeping things in perspective, trying to limit petty upsets, and a few other mindful habits…keeping an open mind has brought peace to my life in a really big way. The result of the presidential election has been distressful and shocking for many people, including myself. When my brother texted me Wednesday morning that … Read moreThe Importance of an Open Mind

Just be extraordinary-one ordinary girl’s tale

The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in ordinary things- Veronique Vienne. While am not the best person to take life hacks from, I might have some few nuggets that will help you sail through this rough sea called life with a little bit more … Read moreJust be extraordinary-one ordinary girl’s tale

When you want to die…

Everyone feels despair sometimes. Everyone has felt that moment where it seems like nothing will ever improve. At those times, sometimes it’s an effort to even get up in the morning. You might not feel sad, really, or identifiably depressed. At the same time, the world seems colorless and there doesn’t seem to be any … Read moreWhen you want to die…

Decluttered: Your Life, and Your Website

I thought my art site was nearly done. Really, I did! I had the storefront working, I had all the copy edited, I had all the pictures selected. You know what they say – “Every time you edit your site (story, novel, book, whatever), you will find something.” So it was with me. I found … Read moreDecluttered: Your Life, and Your Website