Hello! Nice to meet you! I knew we just met, but can you do me a huge favor?

Stop doubting your potential.

It infuriates me when people recite things like “oh I could never do that” or “I’m not that talented”. Well that’s gargantuan load of steamy horse poo. YOU can literally do anything once you converge all your efforts, resources, and focus on it. Hearing someone actively suppressing their potential isn’t just annoying. It is offensive.

It’s offensive to the universe which endowed everyone with latent potential. It’s offensive to the parents who birthed you in the hopes that you would live out your greatest potential. It’s offensive to the community which provides you with the tools to harness that potential. It’s offensive to the child within that dreamed of harnessing that potential without limitation. Most importantly, it’s offensive to me because I know you can do much more.

Find a mirror and demand that person looking at you to stop doubting their potential. Scream, holler, shout, if you must. Convince them in any way you can.

Find your potential. Find your light. Find your life and Manifest Joy.

I’ll see you there 🙂 – Barry


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