A Christmas Meditation

In this meditation, the focus is on Love. That for me is the very essence of what Christmas is about. Take some time before starting to prepare your space and yourself. Here’s some suggestions before christmas guided meditation script.

Light a pink candle

Pick a rose or two – white, pink or red are good colours to choose

Play some soft, gentle music in the background

Use some essential oils to enhance the mood and vibration. Orange and mandarin oils evoke happiness, frankincense, myrrh and rose oils a sense of sacredness. All of these oils, according to well respected aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood (Fragrant Heavens) evoke the presence of Angels.

The images and senses you are invited to invoke in this meditation all increase and enhance the vibrational energy of Love. How you experience them is very individual. Allow it emerge in whatever way is right for you.

Christmas Meditation Script

Seat yourself comfortably, spine straight, arms and legs uncrossed to enable a smooth flow of energy.

Gently bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in through the nose, hold briefly, out through the mouth. Do this three times.

From your heart connect to the energy which for you is the Source of Unconditional Love.  Ground yourself connecting to the core of the Earth.

It is now time to go on a short inner journey.

You find yourself at the top of a gently curving clear crystal staircase. Its balustrade is smooth and golden, warm to the touch as you place your hands upon it. Slowly you begin to descend one step at a time. Your bare feet tingle from the vibration of the crystal you are walking on. Soon your whole body is enveloped in the sensations. As you reach the bottom of the staircase you arrive at an oval foyer.

The soft pink rose quartz walls contain niches all the way around in which candles are glowing. Their flames cast moving pictures on the wall. You stand there for a while simply absorbing the warm glow and visual feast spread all around you. Directly in front of the staircase you notice a doorway. Intuitively you know this is where you are to go. Gently touching the door causes it two glide open soundlessly. You step through into an arena which can only be described as paradise.

The very first thing you become aware of is the exquisite aroma. You breathe in deeply, savouring the sensuously soft scent of roses, jasmine, sandalwood.  As you move further in your eyes behold a feast of colours. Soft pinks, whites, shades of yellow and orange and so much more. It’s an endless field of flowers in every direction you cast your gaze. Flitting around the blooms are glorious butterflies. Dragonflies are looping the loop whilst bees busily buzz collecting nectar in total harmony  with the brilliantly coloured hummingbirds.

In the background you can hear the tinkling of bells interspersed with birdsong.  A warm breeze rustles the leaves of the trees and shrubs. Its feather soft touch caresses your skin.  All of your senses have come alive.

Celestial music  fills the air with angelic voices rising and falling in perfect harmony.  You stop, seat down, sinking into the moss green grass, to listen. It fills your heart and overflows into every part of you – mind, body and Soul.

Take as long as you wish basking in this paradise.

When you are ready to take your leave, pause a moment to give thanks, knowing that this place will always be there for you to return to anytime you wish.

As you step back out into the foyer the door silently closes behind you. Once again you pause to gaze at the softly glowing rose quartz wall, a living canvas for the fluttering candles.

Slowly, you ascend the clear crystal staircase. It returns you to the place from which you started this journey. You feel tranquil and serene.