187+ Flirty Text Messages For Her to Melt Her Heart

Sending flirty text messages will make her swoon and bring your relationship to the next level. Also, you can deepen your connection by showing your feelings.

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Whenever you need flirtatious messages to text her, I have created this list from my favorite ones. These playful flirty texts for her are sure to to spice things up. Let her know how much you care and how she lifts your mood whenever she’s around with best flirty text messages:

Flirty Text Messages to Make Her Smile

Knowing you is making me want to be a better person.

I’d love to see you only on days that end with “y”.

Each day you’re in my life is a wonderful one.

You make things hard. I like that.

Just wanted to let you know you were in my dreams last night.

Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

They say that there are no perfect girls, but you come pretty close.

You remind me of my next girlfriend.

Even over text, you’re so charming.

If you were a triangle you’d be acute one.

I have a big, warm hoodie with your name on it.

Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you.

Talking to you is the favorite part of my day.

I can’t get you out of my mind.

Do you miss me? Type “Y” for Yes.

You stole my heart, took over my emotions, and made me insane. The cops are coming to arrest you.

My thoughts about you are making me blush…

Tired out. Been running around like a nutcase at work today. I’m too much of a perfectionist. I’m a perfectionist in most things I do. That’s why I like you so much.

You blew me away the first time I set my eyes on you.

Kissing you is nice, the rest of you is paradise.

I have just woken up and I can’t believe you are already on my mind.

My friend wants to know if you think I’m hot.

I’m so bored doing work, come and save me.

I found my soulmate, I found my one true love, I found my one and only forever and always, I found that in you.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I have you to blame.

When I look into your eyes, it’s like falling in love all over again.

I hope you know that every time I tell you to get home safe, stay warm, have a good day or good night, what I’m really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it is starting to steal the meaning of other words.

Look into my heart and feel what I am saying, for my heart speaks the truth and the truth is I love you.

Hey, stop thinking about me so much.

You’re pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of ever.

My heart smiled when you kissed my lips. What a sweet surprise.

I’ll dream about you if you dream about me. Do we have a deal?

Every moment without you, is a moment of time lost.

Thank you for always being my rainbow after the storm.

It’s funny how big of an impact you have on me. When I see you, you don’t even have to speak. All you can do is smile and it can make my day.

It always makes my day, every time I see you.

It’s been a while. Thought I’d say hello.

I’m smiling just thinking about getting to see you later.

Wanna be my little spoon?

If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you.

When I am with you, the only place I want to be is closer.

Aren’t you tired? You’ve been running in my thoughts the whole day.

I am totally completely eye popping seriously groundbreaking passionately deliciously in love with you.

Today is a gorgeous day, and the only thing that could make it better is having you by my side.

When I want to smile, I know exactly what to do, I just close my eyes and I think of you.

I only want to love you twice in my lifetime. That’s now and forever.

The more I look, the more I find the reasons why you’re the love of my life.

It’s cold today. Can I warm you up?

Falling in love with you reminds me that nothing else matters.

I can’t look at you without wanting to kiss you.

We just spent the whole day together and you know what? I still want to see you.

I have never missed anyone as much as I miss you.

When you kiss me, I feel everything that I’ve been missing.

flirty text messages for her

When you kiss me, without uttering a single word you speak to my soul.

Where are you princess? I’m coming to save you!

I will always care for you, even if we’re not together and even if we’re far, far away from each other.

Cute Flirty Texts to Make Her Smile Blush

I want to be the reason why you fall asleep with your phone in your hand.

I need you like a heart needs a beat.

I woke up thinking about you.

Your hand fits mine like it’s made just for me.

The way you make me feel is hard to explain. You make me smile in a special kind of way. You make me fall deeper in love every day.

Only one life, that soon is past. Only what’s done with love will last.

I do not think often, I do not think much, but when I do, I think only of you.

I feel comfortable being myself when I’m around you.

You wanna know who I’m in love with? Read the first word again.

I love you, not because you are perfect, but because you are so perfect for me.

They say you only fall in love once, but that can’t be true. Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.

My life is perfect because I’m with you.

If you’re asking if I need you, the answer is forever. If you’re asking if I will leave you, the answer is never. If you’re asking what I value, the answer is you. If you’re asking if I love you, the answer is I do.

You are forever and always the hero of my heart, the love of my life.

My weakness was chocolate but now it’s you.

No matter how horrible my day was, when you smile you make everything all right.

I’m still wearing the smile you gave me.

You have no idea how much I like you, how much you make me smile, how much I love talking with you, or how much I wish you were mine.

Every cell in my body is telling me that you are my happily ever after.

flirty texts for her

When I’m with you, I feel like I’m right where I belong.

Be honest. How long have you been waiting for a text from me?

You’re so beautiful I feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m not looking at you.

Do you even realize how amazing you are to me?

I may run out of flirty text messages to send to you, but my heart will never run out of space for you.

I like you. What are you going to do about that?

I just heard a song on the radio, and it describes our relationship perfectly.

On this day, remember that you are beautiful. You are worthy, you are important, you are special, you are unique and wonderful. You are talented and irreplaceable.

I love you is not enough to describe my feelings for you.

Each day I love you more.

You just put your arms around me and I’m home.

I fit best with you because you’re my other half.

Let’s skip the small talk and go straight to flirting.

If someone asked me to describe you in just two words, I’d say … Simply amazing.

Sometimes I just wish you were here so I could tell you how much I need you and how hard every day has been without you.

I am very indecisive, and I always have a hard time picking my favorite things, but I know for sure that you are my favorite.

flirty messages for her

I don’t really have anything to talk about, but I still want to talk to you, so… Hi.

I wish I was your mirror, so that I could look at you every morning.

There’s no mountain I wouldn’t climb just to be with you.

Within you I lose myself. Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again.

It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can’t live without you.

Can anything be more valuable than our love? Since you are with me, my only measurement is in heartbeats.

If you want to make a move, today would be the perfect time to go for it.

Did you smile when you saw my name pop up on your phone just now?

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk past you again?

I hope you haven’t forgotten that I exist, because I definitely haven’t forgotten about you.

My days consist of looking forward to talking with you.

“I love you” means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times.

Flirting Text Messages for Her

I dreamed about being with you forever.

You do the most adorable things without realizing.

You’re already on my mind, and I’ve only just woken up.

I love it when in the middle of our kiss, I can feel you smiling.

I try to keep myself busy with things to do, yet every chance I get I’m still thinking of you.

My eyes literally turn to hearts when I see you.

I plan on being with you until forever ends.

I still fall in love with you every day!

You know what would be even better than a text back? An invitation to dinner.

I look over to you and I see sunshine.

I’m trying my best to fall asleep, but I just can’t stop thinking about you.

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason… then I realized I was thinking about you.

I fell in love with you because of a million tiny things you never knew you were doing.

You make me smile so effortlessly.

Let’s make some happy memories together, just you and I.

I’m much more me when I’m with you.

You looked so beautiful the last time I saw you, that I forgot my pickup line.

You’re beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I had no control over.

I love making you laugh because for those few seconds, I made you happy and seeing you happy, it makes me happy too.

I wanted to ask you out, but I figured I’d start by sending you a text.

I just hugged you in my thoughts… hope you felt the squeeze!

We go together like cupcake and frosting.

Miss me yet?

I haven’t seen you in forever. Have you been visiting your fellow angels up in Heaven?

You looked great today. I know I didn’t see you, but I know you look great every day.

Before I met you, I never smiled as much as I do now.

How have you gone so long without messaging me? I’m such a delight.

I feel like everything in my life had led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks and my regrets. Everything. And when we’re together, my past seems worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently, I might never have met you.

Cuddling with you would be perfect right now.

I love you, nothing and nobody, not even time will change that.

No one is you and that is your superpower.

I promise that I’ll be by your side through good and bad times. I’ll be there for you no matter what.

I want to spend every moment of my life with you.

Flirting with you over text is always fun, but it makes it hard for me to lean in and kiss you.

I was thinking of you today, while I was doing some math problems, but there weren’t enough spaces on the calculator to work out how much I love you.

I love you to the moon and back.

Of all the stars in the sky, there are none as beautiful as you.

I don’t want to lose you in my life. You are the stars in my sky and the sun to my world. You are the reason I survive.

One glance at you, that’s all it takes to make my heart beat faster.

You remind me of a library book because I always want to check you out.

The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you.

I miss your love I miss your touch, but I’m feeling you everyday.

I’m making the first move when it comes to texting, so I’m expecting you to make the first move when it comes to kissing.

You’re the love of my life and my best friend. I’m so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. I love the ways you find to make me smile every single day. I promise to spend every day trying to make you smile too.

I will love you when you are a still day. I will love you when you are a hurricane.

I promise to be on your team. I promise to be faithful. I promise to be quick to forgive. I promise to always surprise you. I promise to stand by you. I promise to trust you, respect you, follow you, honor you and support you. I promise to love you, always.

Sweet Flirty Messages For Her to Make Her Swoon

I was going to wait another day or two to text you, but I can’t wait that long to talk to you.

I love the way you smile at me and make me feel that nothing can go wrong.

You never fail to amaze me. Every day there is something new that makes me love you even more than the day before.

The first time you touched me, I knew I was born to be yours.

On this day my hand is yours to hold and my heart forever for you to keep.

I never wanted to be your whole life – just your favorite part.

I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands.

I think about you a little more than I should.

My name sounds even cuter with your last name added to it.

My heart and I agree that you’re the only one for me.

Walk with me through life…and I’ll have everything I’ll need for the journey.

I loved you from the very first day.

Your smile, your eyes, the way you laugh. The way you talk, The way you walk. I could stare at you forever and that still wouldn’t be enough.

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh, there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Every day I fall more in love with you. Except on those days where you really piss me off.

Sweetheart, I’m so happy to have you in my life. You are very special to me.

We are not together right now, but my heart is still yours and I don’t want to live my life without you.

It’s a confusing world out there but it all makes sense when I’m in your arms.

You’re not just my friend, you’re my love. You’re not just my love, you’re my heart. You’re not just my heart, you’re my life. You’re not just my life, you’re my everything.

My day: It starts with the thought of you.

I promise to trust you, even when the GPS says to turn left and you tell me to keep going.

I just want to hug you so much right now.

I could never say how much I like you, and just how special you are to me. But I can say that my world is all smiles whenever I am with you. I love you a lot.

Because nothing makes me happier and nothing makes me sadder than you.

If I could have anyone in the world, I would still pick you.

With this ring I give you my heart and I promise from this day forward you shall not walk alone. May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home.

My love for you sets my heart on fire and makes each day of my life so special.

Every morning I wake up happy because I know I’ll see you.

Every time I see you I’m more convinced we belong together.

No matter how much time I spend with you, I can never ever get enough of you. Your love is forever mine and I need you everyday.

You will forever own a piece of me that I can never take back.

I love you for your sense of humor, your generous heart, and your ability to make any situation an adventure. I love you now and I promise to love the person you’ll become as you change and grow in the coming years.

My day is not complete if I don’t tell you I love you.

I’ve been yours since the second we met.

Every moment I spend with you is like a beautiful dream come true.

It is true that my heart always skips a beat when you take my name.

Nobody loves you the way I do. You are my shining star and the reason that I wake up every morning. You make my life complete, and I hope we have the best Valentine’s day together.

Love how you are like a twister and blow me away every time! Indeed, you are one of a kind. Hail you, Queen!