How To Make Someone Miss You: 15 Effective Ways

Nothing feels better than knowing that someone misses you and send I miss you text messages when you are apart.

You want someone to miss you. But don’t know how to do it? “How to make someone miss you” is the common question that pops up in the mind of every lover.

An indicator of a good relationship is less how they feel about you when you are with them and more about how they feel when you are apart. If when you are apart, and all they are thinking about you is, “I am so happy to get away from you.” Then I am sure your relationship will not last long.

But if they are thinking about your beautiful face and want to meet you, then it means they miss you. So, you are in a good relation. So, being missed by someone matters a lot. In this guide, we will guide you on how to make someone miss you. If you wonder, also take a look proven methods to make an avoidant miss you.

15 Effective Ways To Make Someone Miss You

Making someone miss you not only increases your worth but also makes your relationship stronger. So, missing each other is the key to a long-lasting relation.

1.  Turn on The Silent Mood

When you like someone, then it’s hard to avoid texting them constantly. However, if you don’t stop texting someone, then they will not get a chance to miss you. Therefore, put your phone in a silent mood. So that when someone texts you, you don’t hear the notification sound. And you will take a longer time to respond to them.

Moreover, you can also leave your phone at home when you go somewhere with your friends, watch movies and play games. Ignoring your phone for a short period or taking a break from your phone means another person has a chance to text you first, and you wouldn’t be there to reply to them immediately.

2. Don’t Be Overactive on Social Media Platforms

If you have a habit of posting probably every moment of your life on social media platforms, try to reduce that habit. If you stop posting and liking and commenting on their posts, they will become curious to hear from you. And that is what we want. So, stop posting and give them a chance to miss you.

3. Send Them Your New Picture

When you buy new outfits and have a new haircut, send them your picture to make them miss you. However, you can also send a group picture in which you look cute and handsome. It’s a very effective trick for a long-distance relationship.

4. Use Signature Fragrance

When you smell something or someone, it can trigger emotions and get saved in your memory. That happens because of the connection between the olfactory bulbs and the brain.

Therefore, always use the same perfume or scent when you meet them. It will make your loved ones miss you when a similar fragrance hits their nose.

However, when you shake your hands or hug them. You would leave your fragrance with them. So, they can still smell even when you are not with them.

It works in both platonic and intimate relationships. Lover’s shampoo, body wash, perfumes, clothes, and other objects knock the memory of another person whenever their nose smells the whiff.

5. Let Them Crave for You.

When you like some food and start eating it repeatedly, then you would lose your interest eventually.

The same happens with humans when you like or want someone you have an interest in them. But once you get them, your interest starts fading.

So, don’t give them all of yours and let them crave for you.

6. Be the First to Send the Last Message.

When you talk with someone, don’t let the other person end up the conversation. But be the first to hang up the phone or end the talk by giving them a positive note that you loved talking to them but have to go somewhere.

7.  Make Plans to Do Something Pleasurable together.

Make your loved ones excited to see you again by making some interesting and enjoyable plans with them. When you talk with them, drop the hints only and make them feel that you have a great plan for them but don’t reveal the secret. The surprise factor can enhance the curiosity and the desire of the other person to see you.

8. Forget Something Deliberately with Other Person

Before you leave, deliberately forget something with another person in their car or house. That object will make them miss you when they see and reflect the reason for another meeting with you to return your thing.

Make sure you are leaving something which is not too expensive. And its loss is affordable. You can leave a bracelet or favorite book but forgetting the wallet and mobile phone isn’t a good idea.

9. Surprise Them with a Writing Note

Text message, however, has become the key source to communicate with someone. But writing heartfelt love letters to your loved ones makes them surprise and feel special. When they see that note, it will trigger your thoughts in their mind.

If you spend a lot of time in their house, write some romantic messages in advance and hide them somewhere before you leave. So, when they find that, it will act as a reminder that you were here.

10. Don’t Be the One Who Sends the Message First.

When you take a look over your chat history with your crush and then see that you are the one who always starts the conversation, in that case, you need to take a break from sending them a message first. But let your partner take the initiative to start the chat.

However, it may require some time to make them realize that you are not going to reach out, and if they are shy, then take extra time before they initiate. Once your loved ones feel that, they will start missing you and send you a message. But if they don’t, then it might be possible that they were never interested in you.

11. Don’t Make Yourself Too Much Available.

If you spend most of your day holding your phone and waiting for their message, then put your phone aside. No doubt, you love to talk with them but save your energy for the rest of your life.

Don’t be available for someone 24/7. If you do that, you could lose your value. If you get an instant reply from someone, then that message might have little value. Meanwhile, if you are not pretty sure about how quickly you will get an answer from someone, and if they answer you instantly, you do not take it for granted.

Moreover, let them think about you, and you don’t need to inform them of your every second and leave room for mystery.

The best way to do that is to keep yourself engaged in other activities like watching movies, playing games, hanging out with friends, etc. And avoid sticking to your phone and waiting for their message.

It’s all about diverting your focus from someone to other activities. If your focus isn’t merely on someone, then naturally, you’ll be less accessible and more intriguing.

12. Spend Time with Your Family or Friends.

Spend most of the weekdays with your family or friends to keep yourself busy. However, the more lovable relationships you have in your life, the less will be the chances to have the curiosity for someone. Also, this will allow someone to miss you.

When you spend most of your time and have fun with your friends or family, you will be less attracted to contact someone.

13. Take an exercise for At least Half an Hour.

When you do the exercise, your body produces endorphin (a chemical produced by the pituitary gland), which relieves the body from pain and stress and makes you happy. So, it diverts your attention from someone long enough that they will start missing you. It also improves your physical and mental health and makes you look more desirable and confident.

14. Surprise Them with Gifts

Give your loved ones surprising gifts that will make them miss you when they see the gift. However, the gift must not be big or costly. You can give them a cup of tea. So, whenever they drink tea or coffee in that cup, it will make them remind of you, and they will start missing you. However, if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can send the present through the mail. It will be more meaningful than sending a text message.

If they are a book lover and keen to read books, send them the book you think they would like. If they love fashion, then send them a modern dress or scarf.

15. Leave a Mystery in Your Conversation

When you talk with someone, don’t reveal or tell them everything about you but always create a room for mystery.

 A movie trailer creates suspense in the audience, and they get excited to watch the movie to know the whole story. Similarly, when you meet with a new person, tell them about your life accomplishment a little so that they get excited to know more about you.


Great! Now, you have come to know how to make someone miss you. Communicating all the time with your partner wouldn’t allow them to miss you. Moreover, don’t tell everything about yourself but always create suspense for them to know more about you.

However, giving an instant response every time may have little value. So, keep yourself busy with other activities to divert your focus from them. Please share your experience with how to make someone miss you in the comment section below.

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