He Says He Misses Me: What Does It Really Mean

Have you ever been chatting with a guy, maybe your ex or a new crush or your man, and suddenly he says, I miss you?

As simple as this may sound, it can keep you restless for the rest of the day if you do miss him as well.

And it is enough to get you thinking of all your time together.

When a guy says, “I miss you,” it could mean a lot of things to a lot of guys.

It could mean, I miss our time together, I am lonely, I need you as a wife, I wish I can still have you. It could even mean nothing to the person saying it if he’s a flirt.

It’s very easy for a guy to say he misses you. That’s why you need to take the whole picture into account.

It is important, however, to read the signs. If he genuinely misses you, there are certain signs that he will knowingly or unknowingly exhibit.

Is he into me? This is just another common question, and when it comes to how a man feels, actions always trump words.

Here we have got 10 surest signs that come off naturally when a guy says he misses you.

10 Clear Signs He Really Does Mean It When A Guy Says He Misses You

  1. He explores every avenue to reach you

If he truly misses you, the first thing he should do is to reach you.

Even if you are miles apart, constant communication would make it seem you two are together. Reaching you regularly is the surest way of matching words with action. It shows that he meant what he said.

The rule is if you miss them, call them.

Phone conversation is very key. If he misses you, he must leverage this avenue to keep in touch with you.

If he also chats you up, or even go live on video chats with you, he misses you.

Once you get talking, he will get to properly express his thoughts and concerns.

All you need to do is to cooperate; when he calls, pick up, accept his request for video chats or at least reschedule it and honor it.

These are the basic signs to show that he truly misses you. Also, when a guy says he misses you, he may send you romantic I miss you messages and I love you text.

But if his communication remains poor after he told you that he misses you, then maybe something is wrong somewhere.

  1. He’s inquisitive of your personal life

When he want to know you better, he may use deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

Also, he can start to ask too many questions, such as where have you been? You didn’t pick your calls? Did you go out?

Yes, a guy that misses you would sometimes go overboard being inquisitive. He will tend to ask everything to know everything.

You may sometimes get provoked by his curiosity, as in, it seems he doesn’t trust you or that he’s monitoring you, but the truth remains that he misses and cares about you.

If he thinks that you are beginning to complain, he would find other ways to follow you up, maybe with the things you post. And he won’t just stop asking questions but may try to go about it subtly.

Be mindful of this sign and don’t kill his feelings with excessive complaints and anger, but from time to time try to be more open towards him.

  1. He asks for your pictures

When a guy says he misses you, he wants to connect with anything that has to do with you, or that will remind him of you, and one of the best ways of doing this is through your pictures.

For every picture you send to him, there’s always a memory of you connecting your past together; some sort of a unique characteristic of you that he would vividly see displaying in that picture.

For instance, you sent him a picture of you eating chocolate, he could trace the first time he bought you chocolate, and this may trigger him to come for you soonest. So, yes, a guy that misses you would ask for pictures.

Most men go with what the eyes can see. And one picture of yours can do the magic.

Once he asks for a picture, he misses you for real, just send a bunch, you never know the one that will blow his mind.

  1. He’s all over your social posts

If he misses you, he will be all over your social media posts liking and commenting, sometimes for no reason.

Some other time, you may notice that he’s only interested in old posts and pictures, this may be as a result of old memories.

Or maybe his focus is on the recent posts. He may get jealous over his perceived rivals’ comments and he is kind of trying to openly claim ownership of you. You may sense this through the tone of his comments.

Again, sometimes, he’s all over your DM with lots of humorous chats.

Some guys when they miss you, it is to tag you here and there. And that’s the way they know best to show that they truly miss you.

  1. He’s jealous

When he sees you attending to or hanging out with other guys, he gets jealous.

A guy that misses you won’t be cool with excessive flirting and hanging out with guys. If you do post their pictures, it may not be so easy to convince him that nothing is going on.

Do not create any room for suspicion or deliberately try to get him jealous, as these tricks don’t work in your favor.

Using jealousy to know if he truly misses you would definitely backfire, as it could lead to a serious argument, loss of trust, and eventual breakup if you are already in a relationship.

Not everybody knows how to remain calm and not rash out once jealousy sets in, so using jealousy as a tool is out of it.

  1. He plans to bridge the gap

When he finally sees you, the next move is to make a plan together on how to either bring you closer to his base or move closer to yours, depending on the circumstances.

You two may have to deliberate on the location that best suits your dreams. And if he’s ready to finally settle down with you, it would form part of the discussion.

A man that misses you is not afraid to commit to you. He would make plans that would ensure you two are together.

  1. It’s obvious he’s not seeing someone

Another sign is when you can easily dictate that he’s not seeing someone.

He still has a picture of you and him together on his social media wall.

Even though that may appear not enough, but the truth remains that if he leaves such pictures that could attract a series of questions from a new partner then there is a possibility that he’s not seeing any. So, if he leaves your picture hanging there, he truly misses you.

Just think of it this way, if you recently started seeing a guy, and on his Facebook wall, hangs the picture of someone he introduced as ex yet none of your pictures is on the wall, what would you think of him? And of course, the relationship won’t last.

So, him leaving your pictures as proof of his faithfulness counts. It shows truthfulness and openness and won’t give you reasons to second guess him.

  1. He shows up where he can see you

This is usually in situations where you two are not in any relationship, or you broke up.

Assuming your locations are close, he would want to figure where he can possibly see you.

He will hang out within your locality, in bars, entry, fitness centers, and so on.

He shows up at events he believes you’re likely to attend. The efforts he’s making is to see you and to make sure you haven’t moved on.

  1. He plans to see you

And if you are in different locations, he would start making urgent plans to visit you and see you.

If he works, he may try to obtain a leave of absence from his work.

And if it seems as though it’s not working out or that he can’t see you soon, maybe because of his work, some guys may quit their job just to see you.

  1. So happy to see you

He’s the happiest man when he finally sees you.

This will show in how he treats you, where he takes you to. It would be a day of total fun. He can’t hide his happiness. It is also one of the signs he loves you deeply.

It would be such a happy day.


When a guy says he misses you, he should be able to match his words with actions. He should call you more often, chat with you often, text you, get on the video chats.

There is this curiosity that will propel him to ask for your recent pictures, force himself to make plans of visiting you, start liking and commenting on your social media posts.

A guy that misses you will tend to get more jealous, rash out on you a few of the times, he will surely try to bridge the gap and get you next to himself. When he does visit you, it would be fun filled.

I’m curious, have you noticed any of these signs before? What did he do after he told you he missed you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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