150+ Powerful Positive Affirmations For Women to Repeat Daily

List of Positive Affirmations for Women

Self-affirmation has been shown to have powerful effects. Some studies show that we can change our life by affirming ourselves what we believe in positive ways. It increases activity in key regions of the brain’s self processing and valuation systems when reflecting on future-oriented core values. Motivational affirmations for women will help you to celebrate, … Read more

How to Use Journaling for Self-Improvement

Building your self-image, boosting your determination, and improving your relationships can all be done through journaling. This seemingly simple activity can help you create a better and happier life. But first, you have to give it a chance. A journal can give you a perspective on your inner thoughts, your misjudgments, and habits that hold … Read more

4 Tips to Ensure Productivity When Working From Home

working from home

The current pandemic has taken the world by storm, which has forced every business in the world to optimize its structure. If a business has to stay afloat during this time, it must take steps to allow its employees to work from home so that project deadlines could be met. However, allowing your employees to … Read more

You’re Amazing! Tell The World Your Journey!

It’s Your Thoughts. Your Space. You’d be surprised by how powerful your words are and how you can make a difference in the lives of others. Realize the impact of your voice… your thoughts… and your life. You alone are capable of making a positive effect that can change a life and even the greater … Read more

Yearly Transitions: A Continuation

Rethinking the New Year The new year is not an excuse to try to do something different. The new year is not the only time where you have to start something better. We are faced with difficulties every day and every day is a continued chance to do something different and better. How can we … Read more

Adonis, The greatest Dog to Ever Live.

Adonis, The greatest Dog to Ever Live. The love of a dog is one of the natural worlds wonders. Some dogs you meet and you know there is an instant connection. I know that in my own experience. I can tell you the exact moment when I fell in love with each of my pups. … Read more

What I Want Others to Understand about Depression

The Issues with Depression Depression can be difficult to talk about and even more difficult to explain. Depression is different for everyone and challenging to deal with especially when the symptoms conflict with completing everyday tasks. It can be debilitating and paralyzing, prohibiting you from doing what you usually do on a daily basis. Understanding … Read more