How to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text

Let’s admit this, we all once wanted to confess our feelings over a text. Didn’t we? There comes a stage in life when you desperately want to tell someone that you like them and text is the easy way to do it, primarily it lets you control exactly what you say and might help you be a little more forward.

When you recognize signs your crush likes you, the time is right to tell how you feel. But admitting you like someone is not an easy thing. Because of that, text messaging looks a great way to talk to someone you like.

Yet, there is a proper way to express your feelings. A genuine feeling expressed with wrong words or actions can also break your relationship.

These are one of the few most significant things you need to keep in mind while telling someone you like them over text;

13 Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text

Be sure about your statements

The first thing you should always keep in mind is that your mind should always be clear about what you want to say. Sometimes you have something else in your mind and you speak anonymously. Being clear on what you’re after will help you get your mind right.

Are you ready to have a relationship of you need more time? Are you willing to take his or her responsibilities, attention and time or you’re desperate for something else? Most of the time people only want their crush to like them back without any commitments.

Get proper attention

The most-silliest mistake we all make is that we express our feelings without fetching proper attention. Remember, you always need to have proper attention of your crush before you confess anything.

Sometimes the other person is going through tough times or is either busy, that might not be the perfect moment to tell anyone that you like them. If you want a positive response, fetch their attention. You can slide your text in the midst of a conversation not when there’s no conversation. Oh yes, and don’t forget to judge their mood before confessing.

Slow Start

Building up your partner’s mood is very important. Rushing straight to the point can ruin the situation, it is always suggested to take a slow start and then reach to the confession. You need to start slowly and build up that moment.

You can even hint about the fact that you’re about to reveal something, just to make him or her excited. Just make sure you don’t reveal your cards, try to keep it a surprise, but make sure that you give it a slow start, just to make the confession a bit more-smooth.

Avoid using abbreviations

One of the most common mistake that we all make during a conversation with our crush is that we start using abbreviations. Trust us, abbreviations can ruin your conversations.

Most of the time, the other person is unable to understand what you’ve said and you end up explaining the statement rather than your feelings. You need to stick to the plain grammar. Plus, you need to make sure you write your sentences in full. Using slang words can only worsen the situation between you two.

Keep it simple

There’s this misconception that hinting or confessing through multiple statements can make things better, no they can’t. The finest way to confess is to make it more-simpler. When you confess in simple words like “Umm….I like being with you.” Can make the other person feel special in different ways.

You should want your text message to be clear and easily understandable, don’t leave room for thousands of possible responses, this will certainly overwhelm the other person. Vague sentences can also hamper your beautiful conversation, simple Yes or No questions are the best questions to ask in these situations.


The timing of your text also has a great influence on his or her decision. Don’t confess when other person is giving late replies, as you can’t want that much for your crush’s response on your statement.

You will have so much butterflies in your stomach that it will be stiffer for you to handle the situation from that moment on. When you feel that your crush is replying in a decent time is your conversation is taking pace, use that moment, this is the perfect moment to make it pause for a while and let your love be felt by him or her.

Flirt a bit

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we know that you love him or her with your heart but flirting is healthy sometimes.

You can even start the conversation by saying, send a picture and then comment “Oh you look different today, I mean more beautiful.” This can uplift the mood of other person and that’s exactly what you want in your situation.

With comments like these, you will have their proper attention and they’ll be awaiting for more texts like these and that’s where you’ll give your mega surprise. Well, try this only when you guys are already close and have this much frankness.

Ask for a meetup

If you guys don’t live that far apart, you can try giving a solid hint on text and that’ll be understandable for your partner.

Suppose, you guys haven’t met for a while and you start developing feelings. Start the conversation like this “I wish you were here” and wait for his or her response, if they reply “Me too” or something loveable, just get to the point straight away and confess that you like them, and want to meet as soon as possible.

Asking your partner out on a date is an alternative to telling him or her that you like them, pull this off and you’ll have a confidence boost.

Don’t get nervous

Yes its true, confessing takes a lot of courage, you feel an escalating heart beat and a sweaty forehead but it’s alright to be nervous, these are some moments of your life that you’ll always remember.

Getting nervous or evasive can ruin your moment. Just remember that you finally said it and from this moment on, you need to settle out things properly between you and your partner.

Double Check everything

When we say double check, we aren’t only talking about the texts, we are also talking about your partner’s feelings. Is he or she really attached to you? Do you really think you guys can go along? Is there unspoken mutual attraction?

Double check everything, monitor your crush’s action, analyze them and conclude if your confession can really make things great. After that, check every text that you write twice. You don’t want to end up saying something that’s totally off point from what you’re trying to say. Make sure you don’t end up sending wrong texts to your right person.

Talk to your close friends

It’s always suggested to keep your feelings to yourself, but when you’re deciding about your love life, few suggestions can actually make it better. T

ell your close friends about your crush, tell them about his or her nature and take suggestions about confessing. Thinking from one perspective can make you miss some crucial details. As you’re already too concerned about your situation, you might need someone who can make calm decisions.

Only talk to people who genuinely want you to be happy, don’t ever forget this, it is the most important lessons of all.

Lower expectations

You know what actually hurts you the most? Your expectations, the more you expect, the more you get hurt. Just calm yourself and be ready for every outcome. You crush might say “Yes”, “No” or “I want some time.” So, be prepared. Prepare answers to all these situations because you’ll have no time to think.

The secret of remaining confident after a rejection is surely having lower expectations. If you want to feel less disappointed by any possible outcome, then you have to lower your expectations to the minimum.

Don’t force a relationship yet

Congrats, you’ve received a “Yes” from your crush and they also like you back, hold right there. Don’t force any relationships yet, if you jump to relationship straight away, your crush might think that you’re desperate for him or her. If your crush feels this, everything will drown. Just keep the same posture and reply like this “I’m glad you feel the same way.” After a “Yes”, try to meet as soon as possible and then talk about any relationships. Till then, joke and have fun with your crush to keep the sparkle lightened.


If two people don’t talk face to face, sending a text can be nerve-wrecking. When two people have a regular encounter, there is less communication barrier between those two people. Well, if two people haven’t even met, telling them that you like them is one of the stiffest tasks to do. Yet, it isn’t impossible.

Just remember, every individual has a different scenario, some of these tips might help you and some might not. Keep your heart fresh and try every possible thing to tell someone you like them, but the methods mentioned above are surely the most admirable of them all.

how to tell someone you like them over text