13 Perfect Signs of Unspoken Mutual Attraction

People all over the globe are always confused about the signs of unspoken mutual attraction. When two individuals meet, the chemistry built among them is sometimes very crispy and fruitful which both of them should realize as soon as possible.

Maybe you are also among the people who have difficulties spotting the signs of unspoken attraction? Well, we will be learning some of the most prominent signs of attraction between two individuals.

If you are planning to make the first move, it is obligatory for you to witness all the signs properly. There are several signs that show that someone is attracted to you.

Signs of Unspoken Attraction Between People

Is there an unspoken attraction between you? It will be great to figure out if the feeling is mutual. How do you know if an attraction is mutual? Here are some of the 13 most common signs of unspoken mutual attraction:


Have you ever sat down with someone and realized that you are feeling nervous. Well, not in an interview or somewhere else, but with the person you roam around. Suppose you are feeling conscious and nervous while sitting beside another person, this is a sign when you have an unspoken mutual attraction.

So, when you are nervous, you start to fidget. You touch your face, arms, or anything else in your hand continuously. This is because you don’t want to ruin things up between you and your partner. Accelerated blood flow is also a sign of excitement and nervousness. 

Lengthen eye contact 

Have you ever heard that eyes are the windows to your soul? If yes, you’ve heard it correctly. Eyes are the only part of your body that has the power to exhibit a strong emotional connection. They are the most expressive organ in your body.

Normally, when two individuals sit down, staring into each other’s eyes is not really a thing. However, when you are attracted to someone, you have that prolonged eye contact and you can’t resist looking at each other. There is no denying the fact that it is a mesmerizing moment for both.


Teasing is a part of a healthy relationship. Still, if two people are teasing each other, they are usually trying to gain each other’s attention. The finest way to get anyone’s attention is to tease them.

Don’t you remember what you did in your childhood? Studying in the same class, you teased your favorite girl or boy in the class to fetch their attention. It is a universal way of capturing someone’s interest.

The type of teasing among adults usually includes poking fun at each other. If you and your partner are comfortable and share a delightful laugh, it’s surely a strong sign of unspoken mutual attraction. 

Copying each other 

If you think that it’s a coincidence when the other person is copying your actions right after you, you’re wrong. When two people mirror each other’s movements, it clearly shows mutual interest.

When people mirror each other, it displays a sight of strong and emotional, and physical attraction between two individuals. Suppose, mirroring the movement of your arms, eyes, and any other body organ. If he or she touches their hair at the same time as you do, you guys have something delightful going in your hearts 

Trying to impress each other 

Mutually attracted people tend to impress each other in any way. Constantly fixing the appearance or trying hard to make you laugh is a part of strong mutual attraction. The most common entity used for impressing someone is cracking jokes.

If the other person is continuously delivering decent jokes and wanting to make you laugh is when he or she wants to impress you. Apart from jokes, someone telling you about their qualities or anything else impressive is a sign that they want you to get attracted towards them. 

Touching each other 

Do you know about the ultimate body language gesture when someone is attracted to you? It’s touching. Making things clear, touching that generates escalation in your heartbeat is the one about which we are talking about. Have you ever felt the current in your body when someone touches your hair, face, or hands? Well, that is when you have an unspoken mutual attraction.

If you are witnessing hands on your knees, shoulders then there is a very strong mutual attraction between you two. There’s an invisible force that is pulling you both towards each other like a magnet. 

You like their smell 

It’s not the perfume that attracts two people, it’s the smell of your skin that attracts the other person to feel you. Every individual has a distinctive body odor. Everyone releases pheromones which play a very significant role in attraction among two people.

You always remember the smell of the person you are attracted with, you love to smell their hairs and want to hug them tight to be close to their smell. If someone tells you that they like being around you or love the way you smell, it is a strong sign that they are attracted to you. 

Curious to meet you 

Mutually attracted people tend to meet each other excessively. If two people are living nearer to each other. They would love to be with each other all the time. Like, going out on coffee, tea, or ice cream every day.

If you are attracted to someone, you will always have the urge to meet your partner all the time. People living far away have this common text in their chat, “When are we meeting again?” this text is enough to make you understand that you guys have an unspoken mutual attraction. 

Excessive chatting 

Can there be any attraction between two people without excessive chatting? When two people are in love, they desperately want to chat with the other person live, on-call, or on the text. This because they want to share every detail of their day with the other person. As they don’t want anyone else to know about their personal life, but the person they are deeply attracted towards.

People who chat excessively are also on the brink of falling in love with each other. Next time you realize that you guys are talking excessively, it’s the moment where you need to make the first step to continue your relationship. 

Only paying attention to you, not others 

Suppose, you guys are in the same university, college, office, or any other place where daily interaction is obligatory. Try to keep an eye if another person is paying you attention or not.

If the other person is choosing you to share lunch, work, problems, or anything else, it may be a prominent sign of unspoken mutual attraction.

They won’t be paying attention to anyone else when you are around them. They have an insane level of attraction towards you and don’t want to share their time with anyone else. 

Blushing at the same moments 

Sharing a laugh is not common among people these days. Have you noticed your special friend making you laugh or even laughing at the same time as yours?

Well, it that’s true, you need to realize that it’s time for you to step up and take your relationship to another level because you guys are certainly attracted to each other.

People only love to blush at the same time when they both are deeply attracted to each other. Blushing or laughing at the same time is a powerful sign of unspoken mutual attraction. 

Being comfortable in when there’s silence 

The ultimate sign of unspoken mutual attraction is when two people are having a comfortable time while there’s silence in the air. It is also one of the underrated signs because people only focus on the signs which makes them excited.

Comfortably sitting with each other and not talking is the ultimate level of attraction. It’s very rare to be in this situation, as making this connection with someone’s mind and body is very stiff. Two bodies and souls are comfortable without using a single word. 

Lowered voice 

Voice plays a very significant role in building relationships. You can say that people are often attracted to your voice sometimes. However, if someone lowers their voice while trying to talk to you, they are showing deep respect for you, that’s certain.

When you like someone, you don’t want to talk in loud voice with them, you want to treat them softly and want to speak near their ears all the time.

Women usually have a low voice, but if a male decreases the volume of his voice, it means that he wants to show that he likes you.

Haven’t you ever seen someone talking to babies in lowered voice? This is because people like babies. The majority of people find them cute. So the next time you hear a lowering voice of your friend, list it down among the strong signs of unspoken mutual attraction. 

These were the 13 signs of unspoken mutual attraction among two individuals. You may experience some of them or all of them, but keep in mind that you need to properly judge the other person upon these signs. It is not obligatory that all the signs will be exactly the same, some may differ from the examples mentioned above, it is up to you to make the decision. 

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