How To Compliment A Guy: Compliments Men Want to Hear

Praise and appreciation are important in any relationship. Compliments can make men feel more seen, heard, loved, and appreciated.

Like any other human being, men are searching for validation and want to know their importance. To compliment a guy will bring you closer and make him melt.

Complimenting a guy makes him know what you think of him, and it builds in self-confidence. With words, you can create compliments to show your admiration and appreciation.

You can also put the way you feel into words with message for him to share with that special someone.

How To Compliment A Guy

Let it be true and specific

Compliments always need to be full of truthfulness and integrity. False praise makes someone feel so offended and hurt. Compliments for men should be as transparent as daylight and not exaggerated.

The small details that guys will appreciate more and what they think they are not good enough in. deliver genuine compliments to everybody.

Express how he makes you feel

If you’re complimenting your partner, try to smoothly explain why you love him. You might feel happier or more full of love with him. Maybe, he gives the inspiration you need.

Let him aware of just how special he is to you and how much you appreciate him.

Give unexpected compliments

A compliment should be given to a guy like surprises just out of the blue; it will be a bombshell dropped from nowhere, and it will surely melt his heart. Also, do not overdo the compliments. It will seem like you are teasing him, or even he may not pay so much attention to them.

Compliment for men should come once in a while. Throw in some compliments like; I believe in you; I trust you fully. This will surely make him know that someone believes in him, and he will surely flirt with a man.

Focus on what he did for you

He takes care of you and makes you a priority. Maybe he is always thinking about you and what you need. He will do almost anything for you.

These sweet gestures should be noticed and appreciated. Tell him how much this means to you.

Don’t expect to be complimented back

You cannot go haunting for compliments to a guy or your boyfriend; if you just want to be complimented back, be sure that your plan shall fail. If you’re going to fish out a compliment about yourself from someone, it will be the most insincere compliment you will receive.

The point of complimenting a guy is making him feel better about himself and not feeling good about himself. 

Best Compliments for Guys

In or out of a relationship, it is advised to talk sweet nothings to make someone feel good about themselves. It will be a good start or end of the day.

Compliments start a relationship or even deepen the sensation of a relationship.

  • I love the way you think
  • You always know exactly what to say
  • I love you just the way you are
  • You’re a great listener
  • I’m lucky to have you
  • I feel so safe with you

Here are some of the approaches to use when complimenting a guy;

Personality-Based Compliments for a Good Guy

Compliments that recognize someone’s personality can have a profound and lasting impact, especially when they affirm the qualities that make a person truly good. Here are unique personality-based compliments tailored for a good guy, designed to acknowledge his character and the positive influence he has on those around him:

“Your integrity is a beacon that guides others, shining brightly in a world that often needs more light.”

“You have a remarkable way of making everyone around you feel valued and heard. It’s a rare and generous gift.”

“Your resilience in the face of adversity is not just inspiring; it’s a testament to the strength of your character.”

“There’s a warmth and sincerity to your laughter that makes the whole room light up. It’s genuinely contagious.”

“You possess a rare combination of wisdom and humility, always willing to learn and grow, yet confident in your convictions.”

“Your empathy is a river that flows deep and wide, touching the lives of those around you in profound ways.”

“The patience you exhibit is not just a virtue but a superpower, changing the pace of our fast-moving world for the better.”

“Your passion is a fire that not only drives your pursuits but ignites inspiration in others to follow their dreams.”

“The depth of your kindness is like an ocean, vast and encompassing, making everyone you meet feel a sense of belonging.”

“Your sense of humor is not just about making people laugh; it’s a bridge you build, connecting hearts and minds.”

“In a world where many voices clamor to be heard, your ability to listen deeply is a melody that soothes and heals.”

“Your creativity is a spark that ignites possibilities, turning the mundane into something magical and extraordinary.”

“There’s an authenticity to your spirit that’s as refreshing as a clear, bright morning. It’s compelling and rare.”

“Your courage doesn’t shout; it whispers, making choices from a place of strength and compassion even when no one is watching.”

“The loyalty you show to your friends and loved ones is a fortress, steadfast and unwavering, a true testament to the depth of your commitment.”

“Your optimism is a beacon, shining through the fog of cynicism, guiding those lost in despair towards hope.”

“The generosity of your actions, often done quietly and without expectation of recognition, speaks volumes of your character.”

“Your intellectual curiosity is a labyrinth of exploration, always seeking, always questioning, driving us all towards greater understanding.”

“In your presence, there’s a peace and calm that comforts those around you, a sanctuary in the chaos of life.”

“Your balance of strength and gentleness is like a symphony, each note played with precision, creating a harmony that resonates with the soul.”

These compliments go beyond surface-level observations to acknowledge the inherent qualities that make a good guy truly stand out. Sharing such personalized affirmations can deepen your connection and offer meaningful recognition of his character.

Physical appearance compliments

Men, unlike women, are not into compliments that much. But men tend to store any kind of physical or appearance compliment because they matter a lot. Telling a guy that he looks nice will always stir up his day and make him feel super joyous all day long.

But how are you going to tell him how good he looks without any other intentions? Below are ways on how to compliment a guy’s physical appearance.

Always make it specific.

Guys will also like to be flattered as much as ladies are; being particular and so much into the simple detail you are giving will be just the thing to get his full attention. For example, if you will say you are handsome, tell him what you see that makes him attractive, like eyes, nose, or even the blue jeans he wears.

Men want to know what you focus on them more. Compliments for men should be comprehensive but also specific.

Here are some of the tips you can use to compliment the physical appearance of a guy.

  • You look stunning in that suit!
  • I love your taste of outfits; they make you stand out.
  • Your eyes are small and bold; they are admirable.
  • I love the way your body looks; the biceps and chest make me want to touch them.
  • When you hug, I can feel all your tight muscles.
  • I love how you blend the outfit today; looks awesome.
  • Wow, I like your shoes and watch; they are classic and genuine.

Effort compliments

This kind of compliment is to show that you are thankful for a good job. A man feels gentler when you acknowledge his effort and hard work. There are best ways to compliment him and make him feel like a gentleman.

  • I love the small things you go out of your way to do, like fixing the shower.
  • You are indeed one of a kind.
  • You take great care of me.
  • Thanks for getting me a new kitchen mat that won’t get wet and slippery
  • Thanks for trimming the lawn, your everywoman’s dream.
  • You are my GOAT guy of all times.

Character compliments

Men show emotion through actions rather than opening up and communicating about their problems. If you want to boost the self-esteem of your guy, then compliment his character. Men feel respected and valued.

Respecting your man does not mean that you are obedient. If you want to know the backbone of a man, then respect her. He will treat you right.

A man will feel respected if you put all these tips into consideration.

  • I love you respectful you are to me when my friends’ visit is around.
  • When we argue with friends, even when I have pointless points, the way you defend me impresses me.
  • How you value our family makes me feel like I just won a jackpot, you are the best.
  • Your calm character is hard to tell your next move because I love how surprising you are.
  • I admire how you shift your managerial skill from work to home; you, a gentleman.
  • The way you helped that man pull out his car from the mad was impressive.
  • The warm heart of donating your blood is more overwhelming.
  • How you take care of our children is so fatherly.

Intelligent and wisdom compliments

Do not blame your man for being too serious, and they like engaging in meaningful and wise conversations. Complimenting a man for his wise speech or fascinating talk makes him feel like an intelligent man. 

Here are some of the ways to compliment a guy’s intelligence and wisdom.

  • Your speech today was so impressive; how did you come up with that quote?
  • Are you a descendant of Solomon because I wonder how wise you are?
  • I passed my exam thanks to the intelligence you shared before the exam.
  • How did you know that will happen? That was so wise to master his next move.
  • Is that intelligence run into your lineage? that is extra for real.

Decision-making compliments

Valuing the decision and upholding it as sense is more important to a guy. Ladies have this difficulty respecting a guy’s judgment. As mentioned in alpha-male stereotypes, it is the mandate of the man to make decisions. 

The problem is complimenting it and valuing it. If you don’t uphold the decision of a guy makes his self-esteem decrease and feel senseless.

It is not that you become his slave to his decision but compliment it on developing a unique solution.

Here are how you can compliment a decision from a guy.

  • How did you know my size? I love the dress you bought for me.
  • How did you arrive at this point? The decision you made was correct, right.
  • The car you bought is beautiful, and I love the taste and preference.
  • How do you arrive at all these correct decisions? They indeed the way to go for the company.

Feeling compliments

Refer to how it makes you feel.

In a romantic relationship, you should always show appreciation by giving your boyfriend or husband a compliment. Your partner will feel wanted, and more loved through the compliments.

I love how you put so much hard work into your work; you make me feel like I am the luckiest woman on earth for having you; this compliment a guy will feel appreciated through.

  • I feel so secure when you are around me.
  • There’s just something about you that makes me go crazy emotionally!
  • Your tender touch has a way of piercing through to my soul.
  • Even when I feel moody, you have a way of making me happy.
  • When you touch me, it’s like a jolt of electricity shoots through me.
  • When you are at work, I miss you so much.
  • I don’t think I ever experienced what true love meant until I met you.


Choose the correct way to deliver compliments.

Compliments made face to face will pay off better. Personally, a guy can read facial language and body movements, and gestures.

Keeping eye contact is a form of communication that will always talk before you do and show your focus and attention to the current situation. Smile about the compliment to make the conversation weigh less and be easy to speak.

If you prefer other methods like texting, avoid physical compliments you saw during the day because it will seem like you were stalking them. Texting does not bring as much positive feed mark as complimenting a guy face to face.

When making face-to-face compliments to a guy, always go for the physical appearance first, for example, today, you look stunning, look handsome in that suit, or simply look gorgeous.