The Hero Instinct & How Can You Trigger It

Every man craves respect, loyalty, recognition from the people he cares about, especially by women they are attracted.

When a man loves a woman, he believes that it is his duty to look after her: provide for her, protect her. Then as a reward, he expects respect, recognition and loyalty.

These signs feed his ego. This is his hero instinct. The feeling of being needed, of being important. Of being her hero.

It is important to understand how important a man’s hero instinct is and how do guys get emotionally attached.

What is the hero instinct phrase?

The hero instinct is the natural biological urge possessed by men, and it is what drives a man at heart.

He wants to feel that his life has a clear purpose. He wants to live a meaningful life.

He wants to provide for those he cares about, including his family, friends and especially his romantic partner.

Lastly, he wants to feel appreciated for his efforts. He craves to earn respect from those around him.

He cherishes respect and recognition more than physical attraction from his dream woman. Sense of acknowledgment will make him fight her battles; all she needs to do to keep him is to trigger this hero instinct in him.

A woman that knows how to properly switch on or trigger her man’s hero instinct hardly loses her man. On the other hand, his feelings will drop or even die if you don’t recognize or trigger his hero instinct.

This is the way men are wired. You must trigger this hero instinct of theirs if you want to have them around.

Why is Hero Instinct Important?

Men don’t just desire a woman, they desire a compatible, loyal, and respectful woman.

The kind of woman that they can comfortably take up their fight. The one who recognizes their efforts and compliments them.

For a man to marry you, he must, first of all, see these potentials in you.

If you are finding it hard to get a man to love you, you must pay attention to what makes them feel loved.

Also, if you recently started seeing a man, and you are wondering why you need to trigger his hero instinct so that you keep him, first consider that this is inbuilt in men.

Every man is driven by the desire to genuinely earn your love and be your hero.

If you make your man feel needed, he’s going to stay. But if you, through your actions, show him that he can be replaced easily, you are opening the door for him to leave.

If a man is drawn to you, and you wish to roll with him, then keep reading.

Having and keeping a hero

  • Your man, even though may not admit it, wants to keep you from dangers, he wants to have your back. He wants to be your go-to man.

Don’t let him down, fill this vacuum, let him look after you even if you are a boss lady.

  • Secondly, recognize his efforts, big or small, show that they mean something to you. It keeps him coming back no matter the hurdles.
  • Show concern and respect. Let him know his position, that is, show him that he is needed. He’s not just another guy but your hero. And you see him running back to you every day.

How to Trigger Hero Instinct in Men

  1. Ask for assistance

Ridiculous, right? I think so too.

But that is one of the truest ways of triggering your man’s hero instinct.

If you believe that you can always get things done by yourself without a helper, that is good. But don’t do things in a way that will mean you are lonely in a relationship.

Asking your man to do certain things that look more manly means admitting you have a hero that can come to your rescue when things get out of your hand.

It could look like a little favor, it could actually be a little favor, but they scream thus: hey, look here, I have a hero!

So, what are those things that you are expected to ask him to help you with?

Is it going to the moon? Or lifting a building? What do you actually need him to do?

Well, it doesn’t have to be the most tedious or hardest thing. It could be those simple tasks that occur from time to time but still look like a very big help. Maybe the things that could’ve cost you a few dollars getting a technician like fixing a TV set, maybe the things that just need a bit of manpower.

It shouldn’t be too techy or needing excessive power input as the goal is not to embarrass him but to make him feel like a hero.

  1. Appreciation

One thing is to be rescued by a hero another thing is to recognize the hero’s efforts.

You must appreciate him, he is your hero, treat him like one.

I mean, how do you trigger his hero instinct when you don’t even appreciate him?

Sing his praise, talk about how he saved you and get things going again. Give him a pat on the back.

The truth is that the more he feels that he was able to help you achieve something important to you, the more he feels like a rescuer, the more he feels at home with you.

Even if it sounds silly, don’t worry, it works. Men love to be appreciated. So, learn how to compliment a guy.

  1. Encourage him

Just like everyone else, heroes are skeptical sometimes. Yes, it happens, your hero may need one or two words of encouragement to take action.

Whenever your hero feels down, give him words of encouragement to boost him. Help him to stand back on his feet.

Don’t ever conclude that you have so little to offer him. That little maybe all he needs to get going, so adding the little piece of your encouragement may actually move his mountain.

There are so many ways you can encourage your man to be his best. You can do this through your words, financially, and so on.

  1. Show him you feel happy around him

Now, this is very important for men. They want to know how and what you feel around them.

Do you appreciate their efforts? Are you happy or just coping? Trust me, they want to know. Knowing that you feel happy around them boosts their hero instinct.

Say those magic words, they too want to hear them. Mean it when you say it.

When he loves you deeply, he will fight for you, encourage you to the best of his knowledge, he will protect you, he will become your go-getter, and sometimes your provider, and so on. He just wants to make you happy, and in return get appreciation.

And it would be very unfair to him if you do not recognize his efforts.

Not letting him know that he means the world to you would be unfair to him, and would negatively affect his hero instinct, and he may lose interest in the relationship.

  1. Show him he is the only one

You definitely do not want to set him up for competition. Or trying to get him jealous. Those are old tricks that caused more harm than good.

If you see signs he’s your soulmate, you want to use every opportunity you have to show your man that he means the world to you.

This could be through the way you talk about him, your actions around him, the respect you show him, your body language, and so on.

You can make him feel special with deep love messages for him.

I mean, why would you hide your true feelings when that is a better way of sharing love.

  1. Celebrate his success

You helped him achieve this success, you should celebrate this success. It is also your success. Let him see the genuine happiness you have for his achievements.

There is no better way of triggering his hero instinct than showing how proud of him you become for making those achievements.

Let him ponder what a great woman you are during his quiet times. This will make him feel you are his backbone.

Heroes need heroines, be the heroine of your hero.

  1. Challenge him

Heroes like challenges. Just make sure you are bringing healthy challenges that will trigger his hero instinct.

A healthy challenge given to a hero is like setting them up for victory.

You can challenge him in little things that may bring out the best in him.

Challenge him to take up a challenge. Make him offer his best, help him go miles, and overcome challenges.

Do not challenge him to failure. The truth is that you already know him very well, you can tell his strength. You know where he’s very likely to succeed and where he may fail. Help him to discover his strength.


Hero instinct in men can work to your advantage as a lady if you know how to trigger it.

Imagine for a second, for his care, love, protection, provision, and more all he wants in return is respect and recognition.

If you trigger his hero instinct, he will go the extra mile trying to be the hero you need in your life.

Don’t shy away from standing up for your hero, take his hand and walk with him.

Please share your thoughts on this: What other ways would you trigger your man’s hero instinct? Do you have suggestions or contributions?

Please air your views in the comments section.

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