How Do Guys Get Emotionally Attached? 13 Strong Signs

Women around the world are always curious about knowing the signs when a man is emotionally attached to someone. How do you know when a guy is emotionally attached?

Well, there is no denying the fact that understanding the feelings of women is much easier than men. Girls are more expressive than guys, and this makes it much stiffer for one individual to understand if the other guy is emotionally attached to them or not.

However, we will be discussing 13 of the most common signs he feels emotionally connected. If you witness these signs in him, he’s certainly emotionally attached to you. 

Signs A Man Is Emotionally Attached To You

Here are the signs a man is emotionally attached to you:

Spending more time with you

The most prominent and easy to understand sign is when a guy likes spending time with you. As it is clear that most of the guys love being with their friends and in short love more socializing.

When a man is emotionally attached to you, he leaves all the world and wants to spend time with you. This is to give you more attention and make more memories with you. So, if he is very frequent in meeting you, this might be a sign that he is emotionally attached to you and loves your presence.

More texts and calls 

Many men love texting, rather than person meetups. Suppose a guy is leaving his video games, chores, and everything else to talk to you on text or call. There are a lot of chances that he is emotionally attached to you and want to share more things with you.

Guys who stay connected via mobiles phone get emotionally attached too. If you are living far apart, then there are chances that he would show his interest by calling or texting frequently throughout the day. Now, if you receive back to back messages from him, understand that he is falling for you.

If you want to make him feel appreciated, then text for him is a great place to start. Sharing good morning messages for him and cute goodnight texts for him you can send to the guy in your life can brighten a person’s day.

Doing special things for you 

Excessive calls and messages are something that is very common, but what’s not common is when he gives you special treatment. Suppose you are out with him and he gets you chocolates and other types of gifts, he is surely into you.

A guy only treats women more especially, when he is emotionally attached to her. Who doesn’t love shopping? If he takes you out shopping or takes you to a candlelight dinner, he surely wants to move your friendship ahead. When he’s emotionally invested in you, he’ll do practically anything for you to show you his feelings for you.

Only interested in you 

Suppose you have a group of a lot of friends. In which, there are many girls and boys. If the guy gives you special hospitality or treats you like someone special, he might have feelings for you.

For instance, all of you guys are going on a trip and he takes your side seat and talks to you during all the journey you guys covered, isn’t he only interested in you? Yes, he is.

Leaving all the others and showing attraction towards you is something very rare for a man. If you are treated distinctively, this is certainly a sign that the man is emotionally attached to you. 

His eyes will have a shine for you 

The best way to predict a guy’s heart is to see his eyes. Women usually know that kind of look, don’t you? When a man stares at you for a while without saying anything and loves to look into your eyes with that shines.

Yes, that’s the most lovable sign a guy can ever give you. He will look at you with a spark that he has for no one else. So the next time you catch him staring at you with that sparkle, he’s your guy. 

Consulting you in matters 

Guys mostly like to make their decisions without consulting anyone else. They only want to share their matters with their loved ones. Most of them are shy to share their personal matters with anyone else.

When he is emotionally attached to you, he knows that you won’t judge him, and this is the reason he will love to share his problems with you. Taking your opinion will be at the top of his list when he would be stuck in any trouble. He will always expect you to give him the right opinion. 

Putting you first

The changing priorities of a man show his interest in you. If he wants to put you on No. 1 in any case, he certainly loves you. If a guy is selfish and puts himself first in every situation, he isn’t the one, let’s get this clear. However, if he cares about you more than himself, he is undoubtedly into you.

To understand this sign, you can put him in a situation where he has to make quick choices, the choice he will make is the reality in his heart. Act like you’re in a trouble and add someone else with you, if he helps you out first, then you are the one for him. 

Involving his family 

Guys love introducing their girl to family members and friends. The first step he would take is that he will introduce you to his friends and will certainly introduce you with special words or shyness. When he likes you so much, he wants to show you to his family. As they are his loved ones too.

Merging you with his family would always be his first priority. Plus, if he introduces you with pride, in front of his family, he’s is unimaginably attached to you. 

Body language 

You can also judge him by his body language. Inspect if he is aligning his body with yours or not. Guys love to align their body with their loved ones, this is to show support. You can also predict the emotional attachment by his nervous tone. Like, you can watch if he is continuously moving shoulders or blushing unnecessarily.

Sometimes, their hands are out of control and they touch their face again and again to calm themselves. If not that, he might play with his hair or start blinking a lot. If you see any of these, you should accept that as a strong sign. 

No pretending 

There comes a time, when a guy wants to share his everything with you. That moment is where he takes off his mask and shows you his real self without any shyness and anxiety. When guys trust you for sharing secrets, they give a prominent sign that they are emotionally attached to you. He won’t act anything, he will be pure and genuine with you. He wants you to know him closely and look into his heart with more passion and love. 

Dealing with hardships for you 

Guys around the world are very conscious about their family, they want their family to love the girl he loves. Yet, in most cases, the family disapproves of the choice of their boy. Suppose, your guy is going through the same situation but still wants you with him. No doubt, this is yet another strong sign of male attraction. Crossing mountains for anyone isn’t easy. If he is going against his family to spend time with you, he has that fire in his heart for you, that fire can’t be diminished. 


In any relationship, honesty is a sign of faithfulness. Honesty is always lovable. It takes a lot of courage to be honest with someone. When a guy tells you about his childhood, all his deepest darkest secrets, he doesn’t want to lose you. He wants to be honest with you.

Honesty is something very rare in these times. If he is ready to answer every question you ask, this is one of the most obvious signs he is emotionally attached to you, without any doubt. He won’t lie or hide anything from you, as he would never want to make his relationship complex. 

Remembering things about you

A strong memory is surely a sign of close friendship. Guys love remembering every detail about the girl they like. He will remember the color you like, the food you eat, the place you want to visit one day, your favorite dress, your significant memories, and everything else which is close to your heart.

He will use all that information to please you in the future. So, if a guy forgets something like that, he isn’t properly into you. Yet, if he remembers every detail that you told him, he surely is emotionally attached to you. 

signs a man is emotionally attached to you

Judging someone takes a lot of time. For a healthy relationship, times is something very important. You need to take a lot of time when you are judging the other person. One day you might witness the signs, the other day you would not. Yet, keep all the signs in mind. Don’t rush into anything, give him the time to show you all the signs step by step. However, if you witness most of the signs at an early stage, there are chances that he is emotionally attached to you in a very short time span. Take your time to understand his feelings. 

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