10 Signs He Has A Secret Crush On You

Alas! How we wish, we could read minds.

Guessing whether he has a crush on you or not, is one of the most annoying things to experience. The curiosity is not easy to deal with. It is frustrating when you cannot understand what is going on in one’s mind, especially when it is someone you might like. So, you start to look signs a man is emotionally attached to you.

Men are great at hiding feelings and it is not easy to decipher whether he has a secret crush on you or not. They are always reserved with their feelings and they don’t want others to see how they feel about someone. You simply cannot go up to a guy and ask them about how they feel. It ain’t easy and well, what if they say they don’t like you? It can be straight up embarrassing.

Thus, it is always better to pick up on signs, isn’t it? So how to know if a boy has a crush on you? Is he secretly staring at you? Does he seem to be too polite and kind around you? Does he like talking to you?

Well, we are here to free you from this chaos as we have summed up signs he has a secret crush on you, in this piece of article. With the help of these signs, you can observe and discover whether the guy is secretly gushing over you, or it is just your mere assumption.

It’s not always easy to tell if a guy has a crush on you but is hiding it. These are plenty of signs you can utilize to understand.

How To Know If A Guy Has A Secret Crush On You

Before we unveil the secret about how do you know if a guy has a crush on you, you need to buckle up! This won’t happen overnight girl. You will require patience and time for this as you will have to judge the overall pattern of the guy around you.

It is not impossible to understand if he has a secret crush on you but it does take some time, for sure. Thus, don’t try to speeden up the process and don’t get frustrated. They wouldn’t show off the signs too easily.

Without any further delays, let’s dig into the signs he has a secret crush on you and see whether they make you smile wide or not.

  1. His smile:

Men don’t smile that easily. Either you have to throw a really great joke or you have to be special enough that your presence sparks their life and makes them smile around you. However, this does require close observation. A simple smile and a genuine, “from the heart” smile is different and you have to judge it accurately.

If he has a crush on you, he will smile at your name, even if you are not around. Your name will automatically twitch the sides of your lips, as he thinks about you. The smile filled with bliss, is a clear indication that he is into you and wants to dig deeper into your personality and wants to hear more about you.

Even when you are around him, his smile will be magical and different. He might not blush a lot but his face will lit up around you. These are sure fire signals that the guy has a crush on you and is looking for a sign from your side too.

  1. He wants to hang out with you:

Gone are the days when girls and boys could not be friends for long. We now have amazing, opposite gender friendships that are worth appreciation. However, if a guy has a crush on you, he will initiate the concept of hanging out with you.

Men don’t ask out girls just randomly. This is a huge sign that he is wanting to spend more time with you and might be into you as well. They can ask you for coffee or maybe a movie night out, where it is only you and him.

  1. Accidental Touch:

If a guy has a crush on you or likes you, he might touch you accidentally. Now, it might seem accidental but it will be intentional because he is unable to control himself around you for long. He is trying his best to be close to you.

A guy who tries to touch you innocently, while he is with you, is trying to be affectionate towards you. He is just mustering up the courage to get closer to you and maybe kiss you for the first time one day and get you by surprise.

  1. He compliments you:

A man who compliments you often, is the man who adores you. Small praises that wouldn’t seem much, will be thrown every now and then, to make you feel special. They wouldn’t seem a big deal until you pay attention and you will discover how he is trying to compliment you for the tiniest of the things that you do.

He will compliment your dress, your hair or how your perfume is really great. Any guy who isn’t interested in you, wouldn’t compliment you much. And you can easily decipher between a friendly praise and an affectionate compliment. All it takes is a little time and observation.

  1. He gets into tiniest of your details:

Your friend wouldn’t notice that you have tried something new, if you put kajal in your eyes for the first time. But he will, if he has a crush on you! He will notice the tiniest bit of the details. He will notice how you aren’t smiling the way you always do or how your hair isn’t made up like it always is.

The guy who notices the tiniest bit of your details and words them out, indisputably has a secret crush on you. They will never let things go unnoticed. And this is very easy to observe as you will process it faster, how no one notices these things about you, but him.

It is also one of the ways to know unspoken mutual attraction.

  1. Interesting, long conversations:

The conversations that never die and seem to be deep and intriguing are always better, aren’t they? If a man is interested in you, he will not only initiate a conversation with you but will also make sure that they don’t die out fast.

He wants to know more about you and wants the conversation to keep going, so he can spend more time with you. This is a sign he has a crush on you, otherwise, guys aren’t up for talking to any girl who they aren’t interested in, for a long time.

  1. He stares at you a lot:

Exclude all the creepy stares! His stare will be genuine and you will be able to feel the warmth of it. A guy who has a secret crush on you, will be caught staring at you, while you are busy doing your own thing. Even when you are randomly talking, he will be staring at you, with intriguing eyes and lovable stares.

Likewise, if you have a crush on him, you will stare at him too. However, you don’t have to make it obvious to him and observe whether he is always looking at you or not. If yes, he is really into you and doesn’t want to let him go, do you?

  1. He is possessive:

The easiest way to know whether a guy has a crush on you or not, is to see if he gets jealous or possessive when you are around other guys. He is definitely going to be ignited easily at the name of other guy friends of yours. He might not show his anger right away but his body language will show how much he cares or how much he hates another guy being around you. A man is usually very possessive about the girl he has a crush on.

  1. He will ask deep questions:

We all ask questions to each other but a guy who has a crush on you, will ask you deep questions, to learn more about you. He will ask you questions about your life, your past and other things that you might have experienced. He will dig deeper into your life whereabouts than most of your friends.

  1. He is always there:

Unlike all of your other male friends, he is always there for you. No matter what time or situation it is, he will be there to help you, rescue you and even have fun with you. Whenever you call him, he will answer your call and reach out to you as soon as possible. It can be also one of the signs that he secretly loves you.


These signs are enough to observe whether he has a secret crush on you or not but you need patience and a keen eye to observe these all. It will take some time. Don’t take a single sign as an indication that he is into you.

Observe his pattern and then decipher whether he is into you or not. He will remember all the details about you and will constantly be there for you. And lastly, your gut might hint it to you again and again as well. Therefore, don’t fool yourself and take your time while observing these signs.

We really do hope, that he has a crush on you and you both end up together!

signs he has a secret crush on you