How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy: 7 Powerful Tips

Relationships are a roller-coaster. Everything would be going fine until one fine day, you start questioning yourself. You start to feel insecure about how your girl doesn’t seem to be into you these days. The fear that she might break up with you, starts consuming your mind and you start to wish you knew how to make her miss you badly. 

On the other hand, the situation can be slightly different. You are in love with your girl best friend and as desperately as you want her to miss you, it doesn’t seem to be happening. You start digging into facts of how you know if a girl misses you or how you can make her miss your existence and the thoughts keep swirling in your mind.  Also, when she misses you, she’ll give you more attention instead of just taking you for granted.

The struggle is real my friend! Making someone miss you is not pretty easy and it goes a bit harsh on one’s own self too. The urge to make her crave you and ask for your attention is definitely a lot to handle. But if you hold onto your horses and master some of the tips that we have summed up for you here, then you will learn some pro tips on how to make her miss you, within no time.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with these proven ways to get her to miss you. 

Tips for How to Make a Girl Miss You

If your girl does not show lack of affection to you, then please do not use these techniques on her. They are only usable for men who want their ladies to miss them and want their attention. Also, if you pretend to be too egoistic or end up showing too much attitude, these can backfire on you easily. Thus, maintain an equilibrium and don’t overdo any of the following methods. 

How do you make a girl miss you like crazy?

1. Hide off some emotions; don’t come up as needy

Being too clingy or needy all the time can make a woman run away. It happens with both the genders. In the beginning of  a relationship, the clinginess doesn’t bother any of the partners because it seems cute. However, over time, a little space is always required in a relationship. Even if she is your best buddy, you ought to give her some time of her own. 

She has the liberty to do things on her own as well and is not obligated to take you along on all her adventures. If you keep calling or texting her, she will lose interest in you real quick. This is natural human behavior. 

Once you start being clingy, she might end up complaining about not receiving those lovely and romantic messages for her from you. But you have to handle the situation calmly. 

2. Don’t be readily available for her

You might think this crazy! If she is finally calling or messaging you, you should receive it, right? But you shouldn’t. 

You have to keep up with the game because mystery is what sparks the eagerness and need in her. When she won’t have a hint about whatever is going on in your life; she will begin missing you. Give her time to notice the difference and lack of attention. 

However, you don’t have to avoid her all the time. Call her back after a few hours and make an excuse that sounds valid. Remember, that you don’t want the situation to backfire on you. 

3. Hang out with the Guys

Every woman wants attention and loves it too. However, you don’t have to spend all your time with her. The more time and attention you shower, the more space she will demand. Thus, do things without her too. Let her spend some time without you, so that she can miss your presence. Think of it rationally; you won’t be losing your best buddies and your girlfriend won’t find you clingy either. 

However, you must be considerate. Don’t cancel plans with her and don’t inform her at the last minute. This might put your relationship or friendship in the danger zone. Let her know about your plans as soon as you have them made. If you forget, at least inform her a day before your guy night out. On the other hand, if all your friends are busy and you have to spend time away from her; you can make up a story. At the end, it is all a gameplay, right?

4. Don’t have long phone calls

The problem with today’s generation is that they are always in contact through their smartphones. This has lessened the power of personal meetups. How will you make her miss you when you talk to her, for hours, on calls or keep her updated about your entire day through texts? 

Now you don’t have to avoid her calls completely. You must keep communication as it is the key to a successful relationship. However, you don’t have to talk for an hour or two. Keep it minimal. Exchange your day’s whereabouts’ and then make an excuse and bid her goodbye nicely. If you will exchange all emotions and conversions on call, why would she have the urge to meet you? Thus, hold back on the long calls and see how she starts to miss you like crazy, in no time. 

5. Give her some space

If your girl is asking for some space, don’t freak out. Many times, it might seem as if she is breaking up with you. But in reality, she might have her own issues to deal with. Also, you might be clinging to her, too hard that she needs a breather. Likewise, if your girl is on her periods, she might want some time alone. So let her be! 

This doesn’t really mean that you won’t be checking up on her. If she has some issues at home or she is going through her cycle; you must ask her once or twice throughout the day about how she is feeling. Don’t cling to her but don’t avoid her completely either. 

On the other hand, if she demands for space without any reason, then you know what to do next; use the above mentioned tips to regain her attention and affection. 

6. Make her laugh

If you can make  a girl laugh, you have the way to her heart. A man with a good sense of humor, attracts women a lot. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to tell jokes to her all the time. This refers to you being fun around her as well. 

Serious men lose women real fast. Make sure she feels relaxed around you. Don’t judge her and make her feel comfortable with you. The time you spend together should be cherishable, so that when you are not around, she misses you. 

Furthermore, you must loosen up with her too. Laugh out loud when you are spending time with her, so that she gets a sign that you enjoy being with her. Many men don’t have the ability to laugh at themselves and they tend to be quite egoistic too. Don’t be that man as women usually run away from such men easily. If she jokes, laugh out loud so that she has many reasons to miss you when you are away. 

Maybe, hilarious pick up lines and funny nicknames for girls can strengthens your bond as a great but funny term of endearment for anyone special to you.

7. Don’t end the flirting phase, ever

Flirting is the key to keeping a relationship alive? If you stop flirting and teasing her, she will be bored sooner or later. You have to tell her that she is beautiful and she attracts you. Genuinely meaningful compliments make her day shine and steal her heart. 

Men also know how to flirt with body language and tease with touch. This is another way to make her miss you. If you meet her on the weekends and compliment her and flirt with her, she will miss you if you don’t visit her on one weekend. It will perk up her feelings and she will crave your presence. No woman misses a man who has nothing to offer her. 

You can also send flirty texts for her to keep the romance alive and sparking.

how to make a girl miss you


So how to make her miss you and crave for your attention? We hope you have the answer now! 

However, it is important to remember that your mindset will play a huge role in this. If you are having second thoughts about building distance in different ways, then you won’t be able to do it correctly. Thus, make sure that you are 100% sure that you want to try these tips out. 

It is a little old school to opt for an approach like this but if you want to keep the romance and interest alive in your relationship, then a little distance doesn’t hurt anyone. Just make sure that you don’t overdo anything as these tips can backfire easily. An egoistic or rude attitude can turn the tables around for you negatively. Thus, make sure that you use the tips smartly and she will be calling you like crazy, telling you that she misses you! 

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