How To Ask Someone Out Over Text: Cute Ways For A Yes

Asking someone out over text doesn’t have to be complicated or anxiety filled experience. You can strike up a conversation through text with practical advice and expert tips.

Anciently to ask someone out was a real deal. Verbal communication was the key, approaching someone and asking your partner out was kind of hectic since you could fear even looking at her/his eyes. The day-to-day advancement in technology has simplified conversations.

To ask someone out is a text away, it has become the new norm, enticing your partner over text and drawing the attention you need is so easy. Technology has a major role in helping people accomplishing many relationship achievements. 

Texting may not be considered to be the best way for asking someone out, but it can be a solution to someone shy who can’t ask verbally. Many people become nervous approaching their partners and ask them out. Asking them via text does not diminish their value or your integrity. Texting has your back and understands your weakness of approaching your partner face to face.

After an argument, maybe you are a busy person, or you leave far apart from your partner, the best way to ask them out is over a text. There is nothing as painful as a face-to-face rejection, ask someone out over text relieves you all these pains and any kind of rejection you may encounter.

Easy step to follow to ask someone out

There are some easy key steps to ask someone out over text and here are the key steps that you can follow to make it work.

Don’t go directly to the point and ask using the initial text. 

Before hitting the nail on the head, be tactful and sweet in your asking procedure. You cannot just send the text with plain and dry words like “can you go out with me”. This will sound so commanding. To ask someone out is not for everyone you meet around, it is for someone you want to generate mutual feelings with. You must be sweet and entice them with sweet words to make them fall into your trap and as soon as they realize you then ask them out.

Remember here you should have a small conversation then tap the out button to click. You can remind them of the past out and then ask if they mind next out. It is always the best way before popping-up with the long awaiting question to know your fate.

Start a conversation. 

Everywhere you go reception is always the key, you will know how to blend with the mood and become relevant and noticeable. On the contrary, asking someone out should resemble a good reception. Start with a conversation, engage with your partner, crack jokes, set your partner in the mood, and make him/her miss you more.

You should always be nice, know how your partner is fairing on like you can do it face to face, texting should always follow the same procedure. Try to know what he/she likes, what places he/she can love to go. Make good use of the texting opportunity to find out more about the person you want to take out on a date.

You can learn how to keep a conversation going over text and enhance the possibilities of getting someone to like you.

Get ready to open up.  

After knowing all you need to know and set up the foundation is now the best time to execute the plan and hit it up. It is better to make it still more conversational and make it like a point of discussion, not a command or order.

Let your ‘someone’ remain in the mood to give you the honest answer. You will only achieve this via texting. Imagine a form of communication that will not affect your integrity and will give you ample time to open up. It is only via texting where you can get a chance to open up if you are a shy character.

As you put all these into consideration, don’t get away from your goal of asking ‘the someone’ out.

After realizing that the conversation has gone beyond just chatting, now plan to execute the golden text. Change the tone of the chatting to a requesting tone. Come up with meet-up suggestions, see whether the partner likes the idea, if he/she says yes then you are good to go. 

Remember not everyone will accept it so quickly. If they say no, start to be nice again, be convincing and sweet, maybe the partner is trying to play hard to get. Just don’t give up so quickly, before you know, he/she will say yes, after all, that hustle.

Final step. 

The final step is the planning process. Don’t get over-excited and leave the partner hanging, the joy is worth it. You still have a long way of planning mostly if it will be your first time to ask someone out.

Ask your partner to always pick the perfect date and when he/she will be available. After knowing your partner’s hobby and the best places, what will stop you from surprising ‘the someone.’

Proven Ways to ask someone out

After all these steps now, it is time to know the ways to ask someone out over text. You have set the necessary mood to ask someone out. Here are some of the ways to ask someone out.

Good morning, can I take you for a dinner later in the evening?

The reception is on point, greetings are the key element to a good conversation. If you want to ask someone out especially it is a lady, always start with greetings. Ladies like to receive flirty good morning texts for her especially if you have a mutual attachment. The lady will eventually accept your proposal if she has an interest, and she is free.

There is this new joint in town with good food, will you mind we go if you are free?

You have an idea of what their favorite meals are. You can now tease them with a new joint in town that has their favorite meals. Nobody hates food, especially if it is their favorite food. To ask someone out over text and invite them to a good food joint, no one will say no on that.

Good afternoon, are you free for lunch?

Lunch is a break after a long and tight-up morning. To ask someone out to make her ease, mostly when you are a funny person will click. The person will definitely accept but if they don’t accept, just keep in mind that maybe the schedule may not be on their side. Remember you have triggered the outing topic, so definitely they will suggest a good day for the out.

Congratulation on your graduation, can I take you out we celebrate your victory?

Getting proud of their victory and ready to stand by the person is so important. Congratulatory moments make it easy to ask someone out. Celebrate with them and acknowledging their victory, it will be so easy and sweet to convince them. Always include your excitement and show you’re proud of her accomplishments.

I really miss you can we go out for dinner?

After a series of texting and days have passed by, why not miss him/her? As you continue texting just try to open up and ask out. Continue being nice and insist on why you miss the person out. Keep the vibe going and take the conversation to a new level.

The person will be wise enough to know your sincere intentions and will definitely accept.

I have seen a notification of the movie you like premiering, do you mind us going?

Assuming you already the ticket, now entice the person with a movie idea, as them when they are free. Plan accordingly, make sure you don’t miss a single episode. This comes after knowing if they love going to movies. Once you have known that execute the plan and definitely they will accept your proposal.

We have a get-together, do you mind coming over for the weekend?

This is a lifetime chance maybe you have to shoot your shot more than once, make it look like it is your final blow to victory. Give the reasons why he/she should not miss this get-together over the weekends and always include everything that the get-together will entail. Always make sure the content lies on what he/she loves doing during leisure. It is a guarantee that it will be so easy for them to accept to go out with you.


To ask someone out over text, does not diminish your integrity or upholds your cowardliness. Thanks to technology, it has made everything so easier and faster. If you are a shy character and you want to ask someone out, texting has made it easy.

The fear and shame of facing rejection in public are now long gone, to ask someone out has now become private and confidential. You can now overcome the fear and engage with the one you want to take out so easily. Later on, they will understand your nature and they will accept you the way you are.

how to ask someone out over text