How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text: 11 Subtle Signs

It’s no secret that it is particularly difficult to figure out if a girl likes you over text. But, there are some reliable ways on how to tell if a girl likes you through text.

Whenever a girl would tend to like you, she would show you subtle signs. She would be loving you as much as a kid with some sugar and being heels–on. Apart from this, to like someone on text is, something different and intriguing. She would talk in a different pattern in texts if she likes you.

Many studies by relationship experts have revealed the matter that girls tend to reply with optimistic happy gestures to the guy she really likes. Her answers are progressing, and she would be encouraging her guy in the conversation being carried out.

Some definite and certain signs have been mentioned to know that if a girl really likes you over text. These signs would add magic to your heart, and you will feel the immense pleasure of knowing that she likes you. This would give you a clear signal to ask that girl out. Let’s go through the subtle signs of knowing when a girl really likes you over text.

Knowing how to text a girl you like also can be helpful for you.

Signs a Girl Likes You Over Text

How to know if a girl likes you over text? Here are the text signs a girl likes you:

Likes over Instagram:

If someone likes you over Instagram and always tends to watch your stories and videos, the chances are more that the person likes you. Talking about girls, they may like you if they especially see and like the picture of yours in which there is only you being shown.

Someone who is not interested would not be playing this game of giving like to your posts time and again. So, this is the clear sign that if she always likes your posts that means she’s into you along with that she likes and admires you.

The double text technique:

If a girl really likes you, she would be the one giving you double texts. This would mean that she would be sending you the text whereas the last sent text would also be that of her own. That is called a double-text strategy.

She would love to talk to you and for her, this won’t matter that either you would initiate the task, or she needs to. She would definitely love the idea of talking to you. The idea of texting you would give you, again and again, would make itself evident that a girl is into you and loves talking back to you.

The thing or the matter she would be talking about would not be holding importance. The deep inside point is that she is willing to talk to that guy, whatever the topic could be. Texting you timely is an indication that she likes you.

Sending selfies:

If a girl sends you selfies, it definitely shows that she likes you over text. Let say she is sending her selfie while she is having food, then the major thing is not that she wants to show you’re her food or shopping, but she means to know how cute she is looking and you could like her for that.

Sending you her own pictures is a clear sign that she likes you a lot. That is a clear indication of making you know about her.

Changing Profil picture:

If a girl really likes you over text, she would definitely love to show the best side of her to you. It would not only include the habits or characteristics of nature she is having but also apparent features.

She would immensely like to change her display pictures again and again. She would want you to part of notice the best of her in all her looks.

Change in profile pictures is a clear indication of the fact that the girl likes you over text.

Investing over texts:

If someone is investing a long time over you on your texts that’s a clear indication of the point that the girl likes you.

Adding more to it, if she really knows you for long and still there is some long text coming all way from her side, it’s also depicting her love for you.

This is because it’s all about the time and energy she is investing in you. If she is taking out that much time for you, it is evident that she loves you a lot and can make out time for you even when the routine tends to be hectic.

Texting evidence:

There are some other texting evidences that shows a girl is into you. Maybe something like heyyyyyyyyyyyy, or it would be like adding some emojis that would show her emotions out to you.

She would be loving to give such gestures in cute subtle ways. Know that a girl would never say that I am into you or things like let’s go out for a date, actually, nobody would.

She would actually add indications showing that she loves you. Adding word, enjoy! Then the long ending words along with the happily called out names. All these are clear signs that show she likes you over text.

A good start makes you half done:

If you are having a good start in conversations with a girl, it gets you half done. It is because she is comfortable with you at texts and loves to be part of talks being carried out with you.

It shows her keen interest in you as she is not concerned with what she is talking with someone rather with whom she is talking. She is more interested in the person rather than the content of her conversations. She would love to describe her whole-day experiences and would enjoy your responses on chat.

Teasing and giving names to you:

When a girl is giving you names that mean she is teasing you. She is taking over the frame. Right at this point, more of the boys misinterpret the idea. The essence is to know that she is enjoying the part of it. Whenever she does so, it shows that she likes you and is into you.

Texting topics:

There are certain texting topics that tell she likes you. An example can be taken into consideration.

Let’s say if she is talking about her personal matters and life discussions in her conversations, this is also a sign that shows her interest in you and signifies that she likes you.

Flirting over text:

You can send flirty text messages for her to see how she responds.

For example, sending good morning text for her is an excellent way to show her that she’s on your mind and how she responds will tell you if you’re on her mind or not.


Most of the time it would happen that whenever you get online on the social App, there and then you would receive a text from her. And such coincidences keep on happening.

Yes, that is not a coincidence, but a girl really likes and you keep on waiting for you to get online and to catch you up right there. It is evident that she keeps on waiting for you to get online and to start a conversation with you. Her wait and efforts that she is making in conversations with you make it self-explanatory that she likes you and is into you.

Making a girl like you involve feeling her home with you. If she is comfortable with you, she would definitely talk her heart out. Not probably, in a direct pattern but she would be showing subtle signs that could be over text too. Know that, be it a girl or a boy, would never love the idea of getting rejected if he has a feel for you.

 So, this won’t happen that if she likes, she would say that out. You would never be listening or getting a text like, ‘I am into you or want to have a date with you’. This would never happen as everybody avoids the idea of being hurt.

 So, the right point to ask someone out over text is to know and observe certain subtle points that although are not direct in being conveyed but signify to you that the significant other loves you. This is the right time to get to know the depths she is having in her heart for you.

Knowing that the girl likes you over text is clearly indicated by the conversations she carries out with the guy. The time she spends and the efforts she would be putting in would make that evident to anyone about all that she feels about the guy.

In the nutshell, it would be concluded that knowing a girl likes you over text is not a tricky job rather you have to know about the signs she is showing you to express her interest in you. All these signs are a way forward in bringing the relationship to bloom and flourish in the long run. Idea is to know the depths in her thoughts, she carries for you. Conversations also show such situations where things become much evident to you that a girl likes you.

This thing is also clear to everyone that no one has extra time to invest at the place where things are not intended. If a girl is investing her time and efforts, know that these are clear indications that a girl likes you over text. This is the right time to know that you can get to ask a girl out after knowing her heart inside out. 

how to tell if a girl likes you over text

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