12 Signs Your Crush Likes You

Having a crush is all sweet and lovely thanks to the feelings of the rush of excitement, the fluttering in your stomach, the daydreams that just won’t quit… But it’s an obvious fact that you don’t desire to have feelings for the one who may not like you back. So the big question is how to tell if your crush likes you?

If you have a crush on someone, it’s perfectly normal to wonder whether your crush likes you back or not. It happens to everyone, and it’s quite normal to try find out how to know if your crush likes you?

Let’s find out how do you know that your crush likes you. I’m listing down few signs that’ll help you to know how to tell your crush likes you. You can also take a look signs of a mutual attraction.

12 Ways to Tell That Your Crush Likes You

How do you know if your crush likes you? Here are 12 obvious signs to tell if your crush likes you back:

1. Stares at you

It’s the most obvious sign to find out that the person is interested in you. If you caught them looking at you not for once but more than it, then it might not be a coincidence.

It’s a sign that your crush finds you attractive and beautiful that he/she can’t get over your looks. If you find your crush staring at you more often, then it’s a green signal for you.

2. If they ask you about your relationship status

If your crush asks your relationship status, it becomes apparent that they are into you, as if someone likes you, they probably want to know if you’re single or taken so that they can step forward.

They’ll find ways to ask you it or either try to ask you directly without any hesitation that whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, else they will presume that you have one instead ask questions about where and with whom you’ve been spending time lately. This will make it easier for them to decide whether they should or should not have felt for you.

So, if your crush asks you frequently about your status directly or indirectly, then it’s probably a good sign.

3. Interact with you on social media often

If someone likes you, they probably want to be your friend on every possible social media platform. They would look into your profile and try to have as much interaction as possible. They’ll likely stay active for most of the time and wait for you to come online so that they can have a conversation. They’ll connect with you on social media to know more about your activities and interests.

You need to observe and notice if they send you messages on Messenger, Instagram, or other social media sites. Also, if they send you snaps on Snapchat and tag you in posts on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, then there’s a probability that they like you too.

4. They’ll send you long messages

Communication is the key to success; this phrase is true in every means. If your crush tries to have long conversations with you, whether on the phone or social media, then it might be possible that they like to communicate with you.

Observe and notice that if they send you lengthy texts to the questions where only “yes” or “no” is enough to answer, then it’s evident that they want to keep the conversation going over text. It’s the sign and the chance as well to open up about your feelings to your crush.

5. Knowing things about you that you never told them

It’s the most wondering and flattering sign. It feels nice if someone you like the most happens to know about your things you didn’t tell them. If your crush surprisingly knows about your birthday or main events, then it’s quite apparent that they’ve done research about you, and it only happens when someone likes you.

They may have asked your friends or stalked you on social media to know about your every event, and if this is the case, congratulations, your crush is having a crush on you that they took extra effort to get to know about you.

6. Their friends act weird when you both are together

It feels extraordinary to be with people like each other; it feels like a third wheel. Also, sometimes we don’t know if these people like each other, but we find out by picking up on the attraction. If your crush friends start to act differently and weird, if they tease both of you, there are the chances that they can pick up on attraction between both of you.

It’s also possible that he/she has told his/her friends about having a crush on you, and they are acting purposely weird to give hints to you, and if it’s for real, then there’s a high probability that your crush is interested in you and still not having guts to tell you. Also, never presume; try to know about your crush more before making any assumptions; it won’t hurt your feelings.

7. Notice if they always respond to your messages

It feels very frustrating and hurting when someone seen-zoned your messages, and if there is someone always ready to respond to you and have a conversation with you, then it’s an obvious fact that he/she likes you more. Also, responding immediately to a message is a hint that your crush doesn’t take your attention for granted.

Suppose they try to have your attention frequently and always try to initiate the conversation, making it prolonged to spend more time with you. In that case, factually, there’s a possibility that they like you. Contrarily, if they don’t respond to you immediately and takes hours to reply despite being free and available, then it’s quite possible that they’re not into you.

If you want to make efforts that your crush starts to like you, try to work on your habits of giving attention or being 24/7 available. Try to have distance and always be available if he/she initiates the conversation only and then text him/her back. In this way, he/she will feel the worth of your attention and try to seek it.

8. They are always ready to help

There’s the highest possibility that if the person likes you, then he/she will try their best to help you out. If they like you, then they will eagerly offer you help for everything you ask. It’s a sign that your crush wants to be impressive so that you could find out that he/she likes you. If he’s always available and helps you with something out of the park, then it’s a definite sign that your crush is into you.

9. Appreciate your little efforts

If someone likes you, he/she would love your everything and never loses a chance to appreciate your little things. If he feels blessed and grateful for you passing the food or giving the pen, it could be a classic sign until and unless it’s not normal for him/her or do with everyone else. If they like you, they will appreciate your little things like your dress, haircut, or habits. Someone who praises you for being you is the one you need for life.

10. Notice small details about you

This sign is somehow linked to the above signs, that if somebody likes you, he/she would have an eye on your every activity and loves to know more about you. They will observe every little detail about you and will get worried about every inconvenience that comes in your way. They will even notice a little scar on your hand or will ask about your well-being.

11. Shares secrets

If someone is comfortable with you and tends to share everything with you without any hesitation, although you’re not even best friends, then it could be a sign that they like you and want to be closer with you. There is another possibility that they are opening up to you because they want to gain your trust and have your acceptance, and they only happen when they are really into you.

12. Tries to be presentable when you are around

It’s human nature and a very normal fact that if you like someone and knows that he/she would meet, you put extra efforts into becoming as presentable as you can and make yourself attractive. If your crush does the same, then hold on, you’re going to have your partner for life. Observe and notice, if he feels extra being around you and tries to put more extraordinary efforts to impress you, then it’s time you should know that he is totally into you and wants to have your attention.


These were the most common and usual signs to know that your crush likes you, and also after noticing these signs you can tell your friends that your crush likes you. It’s a charming and flattering moment when you get to know that your crush is crushing about you.

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