Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first – Carrie Bradshaw

Sisterhood is another form of family . i always say that family does not have to be your blood because  sometimes your blood family  are not meant to be apart of your lives. Family sometimes are there for life test/lessons that we have to go through to get closer to our true selves . Friends that are Family (Framily) are those few kindred spirits that your soul collides with and your heart melts for and nothing ever tear you part. Those kindred spirits are there as your tribe they are there as your forever friends they are your soulmates….

Its always good too have someone balance out your crazy someone that can finish your statements someone that understand you are flawed but they love you anyway….. Coming together as women as sisters as kindred spirits is what is required at this moment . You can not conquer your purpose without your tribe by your side.

I am thankful too have my soul tribe with me  and my sister from a different lifetime who i love soo much .she has showed me what friend soulmates look like . Connecting with your tribe will set your soul free ! 

Happy Monday !


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