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80+ PERFECT Happy 30th Birthday Wishes & Quotes

Turning 30 is a big deal, a lot of people started the journey to real fulfillment in life at the age of 30. So, through inspirational birthday greetings, motivational messages, and even funny happy birthday meme, you can encourage and cheer up the special people in your life on their 30th birthday.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes & Quotes with Images

  • Turning 30 is a milestone that allows you to feel more confident in your abilities and continue to go after what you want. My wish for you, dear friend, is that your worth is acknowledged and the drive that you have never ceases!
  • Most people say 30 is the new 20. Probably they can to be right because all they are now 40th ages. They say too many things but I think you should accept this wish. Happy 30th birthday, take care of yourself.
  • You are the most terrified 30-year-old I have ever seen. Don’t let turning thirty put a damper on your life! Your life is only about to get better, so embrace all the changes, experiences, and challenges. You know that I will be right here with you to explore the great unknown. I love you, sweetie. Happy 30th birthday!
  • If you have a lot of funny time, you have so many memories to tell. And maybe they will be reflected onto coming years, who knows that? I want to wish you a wonderful 30th birthday!
  • When you were twenty, you felt like growing up and becoming thirty. When you will be forty, you will wish you could go back to being thirty. So to conclude, being thirty is just perfect. Happy belated birthday.
  • Here is a notebook with full of clean pages. You can write a plan of 3rd decade of your life. May this plan will be about progress and happiness. All they is your choosing. Tik tak, tik tak!! The time pass quickly, you should spend this chance with intelligent. Happy 30th birthday.
  • How can I let this day pass unnoticed and unsung? It is impossible to forget your 30th birthday, that’s because you are so special to me! 30 Hearty Cheers.
  • 30th age is very important because this age has very rich and necessary changes, as a result it has so many chance than you guessed. What I really want is you will catch up all and every one makes you happy!
  • Life is too short to be spent worrying about fears and insecurities. Now that you’re 30 years old, just enjoy the ride and take it one day at a time. Make the best memories with your loved ones and look forward to the future. The best is yet to come! Happy 30th birthday, my dear!
  • You have always think about and focused on the future. I think your effort will not waste and you will live a wonderful life. You can sure that mark will came this 30th ages. I hope you get over all obstacles.Happy 30th Birthday!!
  • Congratulations for turning thirty. From here on, life is less about knowing how old you are and more about believing how young you feel. Happy birthday.
  • Most people say that most beautiful years pass already and 30. age is very late for wonderful things. You and I both know that is so wrong idea, also 30 age is not a old age. Unlike, the most amazing things start on this age and the most beautiful thing is yet to come. May God keep you in life with joy and laughter. Happy 30th birthday.
  • The love and support you give me always astounds me. I can’t thank you enough for being such an extraordinary blessing in my life. Happy 30th birthday, my dear.
  • While you accept many happy returns on your special day, may the candles shine more brightly like torch on your birthday cake. I hope you want to continue your life like old days. Because 30 is not late, also it is new starting. Don’t confuse your head, the numbers are just a joke. Most important thing is you how feel. Happy birthday, have a wonderful birthday as you are.
  • Turning thirty gives you the perfect bird’s eye view of your life. You know exactly what mistakes you made in the past and exactly how to correct them in the future. Happy 30th birthday.
  • Happy 30th Birthday to a person who has a wonderful heart. You are really very good friend and I am proud of you, for I have a friend like you are. I hope 30’s will bring you more happiness and more joy. Enjoy the day and take care of yourself!
  • I wish you the sweetest treats and surprises in this life, especially on your 30th birthday. You have your whole life ahead of you, and I don’t want to see you missing out on all the fun. Sometimes it’s okay to just have fun. Don’t be so busy working that you forget to live a little! I love you, my friend. I hope you have the best 30th birthday.
  • 30 is incredible age because, as the youth begins to end slowly, senile appears. 30 is a great milestone. When you turning 30, I am so glad to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day.
  • For 3 decades you have beautified this world with your presence. If the world had more people like you in it, nobody would crave for paradise because we would have had paradise right here on earth. Happy 30th birthday to the most loving and caring friend a human being can ever have.
  • As you came to 30th age, you have already made great things and you have won appreciation. Not everyone can’t made this like you made. You have been always understanding and inspirational person. I hope you will be always stay same. Take care of yourself. Happy 30th birthday!!
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  • You’re 30 and, gasp, unmarried, so you may feel like you’ve been left out in the cold. Don’t. Things are just starting to heat up. The 30s are going to be your hottest years. I will write the best birthday wishes for sister, bcs I love you!
  • Being 30 is both amazing and sad because first white hair appear on this age. But 30’s brings you more opportunity and more joy. Of course you know already what you want. So life will be easier than your youth. Happy 30th birthday!!
  • Now that you are thirty, you can actually use sentences like “I know better because I’m older than you”. And also, now that you are thirty, teenagers are going to seriously hate you. Good thing I’m not one of them! Happy birthday!
  • Nothing makes me happy like your wonderful smile. May the 30’s brings always you laughter and joy. Be happy during you live, taste the beautiful things of your life. And I hope you don’t regret your 30s. Happy Birthday, have a day as wonderful as you are…
  • I’ve had numerous friends over the years, but none has ever touched my life in such a positive way like you have done. So on your 30th birthday, I just want to express my gratitude to you for always having my back even in instances when I didn’t deserve it. Happy birthday.
  • Celebrating your birthday is as special to me as celebrating my birthday. Happy 30th Birthday!! I hope your beautiful days begin from today and continue to forever and all dreams come true.
  • Thirty years old is not that old. The best years of your life are only just beginning. You can make a brand-new start right now and just take all the valuable lessons of the past decade with you. I toast to you and your fabulous thirties. Happy 30th birthday!
  • Firstly, I want to thank you for everything. You have been my closest friend and one of the few really friend in my life. I will always remember the memories that we shared. I pray to God for your happiness, love, peace. I love you so much. Happy 30th Birthday!!
  • Here are the my birthday wishes for brother. From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you the best and most special birthday you have ever had. I hope this brand new decade will be a thousand times better than the previous one! Happy 30th!
  • You have shined my life like a golden, my life became more valuable with you. May you can shine on your special day as sun as you are. You have deserved all best things. Happy 30th birthday!!
  • Now that you’re in your 30s (even if it’s just for a few hours), you’re actually nearer to the big 4-0 than the smaller 2-0. Yep, you’re officially old. Happy birthday!
  • Today is your special day but all days that being you is so special for us. Because you have made your around more wonderful for all who is your friends. I am so glad to continue our friendship for long years. Happy 30th birthday, I hope our friendship will continue forever.
  • Try not to think about the fact that you will never be a 20-year-old ever again. Instead, focus on the positive side: at least I am not writing you a “you are over the hill” card quite yet. Happy 30th birthday!
  • The time pass quickly than we guessed but I think each age has each beauties. Maybe you are not younger than you were yesterday but you can sure that you have more experience than yesterday. Here is my hope that you have a fabulous birthday as you are. Happy Birthday, take care of yourself.
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  • My beloved wife, two things are responsible for filling my world with sunshine and putting happiness in my heart. The first is you, and the second is your love. I would be totally nothing without your love, and that is why I have vowed to love and care for you until the end of time. Happy 30th birthday.
  • Everyday there are you in my prayer, I hope 30’s brings you more happiness, laughter and joy. You deserve all best things because you are totally fabulous person that I know. May your 30’s helps you to reveal your potential. Happy Birthday, have an unforgettable day.
  • Now that you’re thirty, I just realized that we have been friends for over twenty years. That means I know all there is to know about you. I seriously need to be included in your last will and testament. Happy 30th birthday, my dear friend!
  • I found the happiness in you. Thank you for show me the world as wonderful. Happy 30th Birthday, I love you so much!!
  • I think the best idea you’ve ever had been not to actually buy 30 candles, but just the 3 and the 0. You are getting old and your lungs don’t have the energy they had when you were 29. Just teasing you! Just check your whatsapp, I will send a lot of happy birthday niece images today!
  • Happy 30th birthday!! May your your youth (until 20’s end) rest in peace. You should make wonderful things that you never forget these years so that you never miss your 20s years. Happy birthday!!
  • At 30, you suddenly become more mature, more responsible, more self-disciplined, more reliable, more grown-up: just like your parents. Happy 30th birthday!
  • Wishing a happy birthday to a person who is my closest friend in the world. Still you can travel around the world or you can sleep until the lunch. the number are big lie, most importantly thing is how you feel now. Do you remember your young years? Remember, live and keep. Here is the human! Happy Birthday!!
  • Aging is a hard process, especially when you begin a new decade. You start realizing that time is indeed going by and that you are growing old. However, aging is also a great thing. We become more responsible and mature. Let’s look on the positive side and let’s celebrate your wonderful milestone. Happy 30th birthday!
  • Why do you stress over today? You will 40s, 50s and more. I think you should keep your stress to another ages. Relax!!! It is just age, not moreover!
  • I hope that this day turns out to be more wonderful than you expected, that you are surrounded by people who love you, and that you will receive the best birthday surprises. I wish I was celebrating your birthday with you. See you soon, sweetie. I wish you happy birthday nephew!
  • Our life is too short to spend for unnecessary things or over worrying. Now you became 30s and you finally know what you want or where you like. Enjoy each moment now, spend the time with the people that you liked. Leave to make plans, live moment. Saving wonderful memories so that you have amazing memories that everyone listen. I am look forward your future. it will be very beautiful. Happy Birthday honey..

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