Top 70 Happy Birthday Princess Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Birthday is one of the most awaited occasions and a girl who is celebrating her special day deserves to be treated like a real princess. Beautiful happy birthday wishes and greetings for your princess are definitely appreciated on her special day.

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Best Happy Birthday Princess Wishes, Quotes and Messages

You offered us a fairy tale and all we believed fairy tales because of you. You are our lucky in our lives. Happy Birthday, princess! I love you so much sweetie!

I know that during we live together with great happiness, my princess, all the best things will follow us. Happy birthday dear! May all your dreams and wishes come true someday!

I looked fort he happiness in the wrong place, You have true happiness in your heart you are ready to give me. I love you so much, my little princess. You gave me all the things I wanted. Happy Birthday, I will love you until you are bored! Have a wonderful birthday to you, my dear little princess!

I have a great idea for your special birthday. Your birthday should be a beautiful theme as you are. I am so happy to spend with you all my moments. Because we deserve this, our hearts have to merge. Best birthday to you, my sweet little princess!

Have the happiest birthday than you guessed, my love! You brought us much happiness and joyment. Life is more comfortable since you came to our lives. Today you are just a baby but I know that you will be so beautiful and clever young lady. You came to us great blessing and what I really wish is that it will continue. Enjoy all your moments of your life and always be happy! Happy Birthday, princess,  we love you so much than you waited.

Today is your first birthday and I am loving you more and more. Your little fingers and your beautiful face with your unending smile are enough to make me happy always. You should know that my little princess, have a baby like you are is a great happiness for us. You are a gift we always waited. I save all your moments when you are growing up. I hope we will watch this with huge laughs. Best birthday my lovely daughter who came from heaven!

My lovely princess, today is your birthday and we owe you a wonderful birthday. Because you become patient to a stubborn husband and very energetic kids. You gave us all the best we needed and we wanted. You have tried to offer a full of a warm house to us. Thank you so much, all we love you so much! Our lives are better with the colors you added. Have a wonderful birthday to you, little princess!

It makes me good when I look at your beautiful eyes. Your eyes both burn and fresh me. But I can’t imagine that I could have how life. You are the biggest treasure of my life! I love you so much! Happy birthday to you, dear princess!

I am ready to serve all the best things in the World and that includes fine dining, expensive and high-end things. I am ready to do the thing you will want from me. Happy birthday, my princess, I love always!

Today I wish you a birthday as wonderful as you are. Today I wish you all the best things will find you and come to your heart in the next year. Today I wish that you take many happy birthday wishes. You are my girlfriend who is perfect as my dreams. Meeting with you is the luckiest thing in my life. I hope you will continue to give a blessing because you really deserve. Happy Birthday, I love you so much than everything you can imagine!

You are not might be my princess but you are my great queen. Having the queen mom is great luck in the World. I admire all the things you have done for us. Really we blessed with you. I will proud of you always and I know that our lives could be filled many sorrows without you. I love you so much! Have a wonderful birthday to you, my sweetie!

Happy Birthday my girlfriend who is my just one love in the World. I can’t wait for your birthday, already you know what I will tell you in your special day. I love you so much and I will be near you as long as I love you. Happy Birthday again!

I wish you the happiest birthday my little princess. I hope you take all the gifts you wanted. Have a birthday as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday our dear princess!

Sun shine more bright and I am happy more because today is your birthday. I love you so much! You are my source of happiness an even your smile erases all sorrows in my heart. I grateful to God for the give me a darling like you are. Happy Birthday my everything. You are so beautiful than even my dreams.

Happy birthday my lovely princess, please you should know that I am so happy when I take your hand to my hand. I am feeling that our hearts meet each other and they are beating together. Thank you so much you have done all my days unforgettable when we meet.

I wish the happiest birthday to the sweetest princess in the World. I hope you will enjoy your birthday and your birthday cake. Wish wonderful wishes when you blow up your birthday candles!

Happy birthday my wonderful and merciful mother who made me into a great adult person when I was a kid. I love you so much!

Happy Birthday my lovely wife. Your is the first birthday we will celebrate just together. I remember what I promise you. You should be sure that I can keep a promise. Today is the beginning of our wonderful times. I will work to ensure a comfortable and happy life to you. Because we are together in good and bad times. I love you so much.

May the happiest birthday go to my beautiful darling. Thank you so much you have done me the luckiest man in the World. You offered me a paradise in the World. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you, my darling princess!

Happy Birthday my beautiful princess. Since you came in our lives God added more color to my life. Just you can make me happy your smile and just you make me sad your look. Today all I need is your full of a warm embrace. I love you so much! I can’t imagine an important thing in the world than you! You are God’s blessing!

Today is your birthday and I have some wishes for you today. You should know that your smile is enough to make me happy always.  The smile is formed suddenly when I look at you! The fact of I love you is one of the unchanging truth. Happy Birthday my princess.

Happy Birthday my lovely princess. Please tell me that the sweeter things than you because I don’t know or I can’t see it because I am in love with you.

My lovely darling,  we are chosen persons in the World. Because we are so rare who live real love. I promise you that I will love you unless the skies above us disappear. Happy Birthday my honey princess!

I wish you the happiest birthday ever. You are the merciful, kindful and wonderful woman I have ever seen. You should know that it is so easy to love you because you are totally perfect woman! Feeling real love is the thing everyone wanted. I will know your love’s value always! Happy Birthday my princess!

Happy is the man who finds the warmth of the love of a phenomenal princess like you in the midst of the coldness of this world.

It is so easy to feel happy when I am with you, my little princess. Because you are my phenomenal daughter.  Find your great love is the thing I will never forget. You give me your warm love in the coldness World. Happy Birthday, my lovely princess!

The biggest thing makes me happy is to hold your hands and look your beautiful eyes. Because I look true love in yours. Thank you so much for felt me like in a metamorphosing. Happy birthday princess!

As being our baby, you showed us a new World. I definitely can’t imagine to live in the World but I succeed. You made me an adult person and I will not regret that. My happiness is increasing day by day when I am watching your development. I am not bad parent, huh? Happy Birthday, princess. We love you so much always!

You are the reason I did all the things and you are the key I will do. Everything I did in the World is for you. Happy Birthday, princess!

Looking at you in my house, my little princess makes me feel like in heaven. Because you are both princess and angel in my eyes. When I am with you I can’t separate Heaven and World.  Happy Birthday!

May everybody hear that today is my daughter’s birthday! May everybody bring big gifts you liked! Happy Birthday, my princess. Today is the best day to celebrate your birthday!

My lovely princess, we have a big surprise for you, you should ready the birthday part you have never seen. Happy Birthday, may your best day begin today!

I know today is your birthday and we should go to party and get rid of all our troubles by dancing. We should drink until we are boring. Because once we come to World, why not have fun as we want? Happy Birthday birthday girl, tonight will be great.

Hello, my lovely princess, I wonder what will do you tonight, in your birthday. I hope you will do more than stay at home and watch tv! Come to me and we will give enough pleasure to your day! Because today is so important for me. I love you so much, happy birthday!

You will read this message when you wake up. You should know that I will not let you waste your birthday! Ah, today is your birthday, but probably I will enjoy than you. Nevermind, find your party dress and do some makeup. We will have more fun! Happy Birthday!

Although I always wanted a baby boy, God gave me you like a princess. I have loved you day by day. Happy Birthday, although ı can’t do a good starting with you,  you should be sure that I will be always with you on life road. I love you!

I am sure that you are so tried to find the right outfit for your birthday. But you should know that you are so beautiful girl and no matter outfits make you look beautiful. Happy Birthday,  princess!

Finally, your birthday came. All birthday are a wonderful occasion to show our love to birthday owners. Today is your turn. Happy Birthday!

Today is your 16th birthday and I think when you grew up like this. I think of the first time I saw you, it was a long time ago but I still remember. Know that I am very proud of you as you grow up and become a beautiful young woman. I love you very much and will always be with you. Happy Birthday, our little treasure! May God give you all the wonderful things you wanted.

My lovely princess, I know even if all the stars in the sky unite, your brightness will be more. Nothing doesn’t compare with your beauty. I love you so much but I can’t expect my love to you. You should just understand from my eyes. Happy Birthday, I wish a birthday as you are.  

My purpose of existence is just to love you. I love you so much than you guessed. Happy birthday. I wish you many happy birthdays!

Here the best day of the year come now. It is your birthday, of course, a wonderful party, lots of booze and endless enjoyments are waiting for us. Enjoy today as you wish. Happy Birthday, I love you so much, princess.

I love you so much my little princess, I hope you will like my gift. I hope my gift is enough to show you how much I love you. Happy Birthday my love!

My princess, my darling, my love! Love you is the greatest therapy for me, your love is always giving me strength when I am down.  I think I am the luckiest man in the World. You made me the happiest man in the World. May God give you all the things you wish. I love you so much!

You should know that I found the purpose of life with you. Absolutely I born again with you and what I biggest wish is to die near you one day. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

You should be sure that I will love you until death because you are a life source, you are my reason what I hold to live. I love you so much, princess. Happy birthday, princess. I could want you to look yourself as my eyes.

Everything I did have your love and everything became better with your love. I can’t imagine what I did without you! I love you so much, my princess!

I would slay a fire-breathing dragon if it stood between me and celebrating your birthday.

I love you so much and that means I brought a fire-breathing dragon to burn all candles on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday, I hope your birthday cake will not burn full.

I feel the luckiest man in the world because God gave me a gift like you are. You have added more colors to my colorless life. I  love you so much, princess. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday because you are sweeter when you blow up the candles!

My lovely princess, my mother! My role model forever! You will stay always like a princess in my eyes. Thank you so much for you have done for us. You should know both that I love you so much and I am proud of you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday as you are.  Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my little princess! I love you so much and I don’t know why I love you! But I think I can guess. You are so smart and sweet person and you have full of merciful, I admire  and I proud of you. These are just some reasons to love you, I know that you have more reason!

My lovely princess, today I prepared a birthday cake I hope you will like. But if you don’t like your birthday cake the chef will enjoy preparing a birthday cake again for you. Enjoy your day because today is your birthday, I love you so much!

Your king father ordered that we are going to party tonight! You know that the king’s orders just accepted. So you must come with us to the party. Do you spend your time on watch tv, my princess?

I can’t understand when I fell in love with you because we spent so few times together but your beautiful face and wonderful talking are enough to make love yourself anyone. I love you so much, my princess! Have a best birthday!

I think to look your eyes and to hold your hands in this beautiful day is growing our loves. My princess, you made me the happiest man in the World. What can I do for you today? Happy Birthday, honey!

Before you came I understand that I am not in life, you became my water life while I die without love. I understand that I can’t live without you like a flower can’t live without the sun. Your voice like a ray of the sun makes me strong and happy always. Happy Birthday, princess!

You should know that I will love you from now until my last day because you deserve it. Happy Birthday, my princess!

I was looking just to the World with one or two colors until you came to my life. We build the relationship and I believe that is an indestructible building. Thank you so much for the more colors you added. My life is better with you, I love you so much. What I really wish is to celebrate more birthdays with you! Happy Birthday, princess!

My brain is always thinking you and my heart always beating for you.  My biggest enjoyment is to watch your eyes and lip. I love you so much, princess. You are giving me just happiness. Happy Birthday!

The memories I smile is always with you, all the moments we shared together will stay in my mind always. I love you so much, princess. Happy Birthday!

My princess, the owner of my heart, my love! You should know that my primer goal in my life is holding your hand always because they are just giving me more strong and love. I love you so much, my love is bigger than your guess. Happy Birthday, all dreams come true in the year!

My lovely princess, my darling you are my sun that give the energy of life. I hope your birthday brings you more health, luck and more happiness in the next year. Collect more wonderful memories, I hope I will be there!

On this wonderful day, I am sending you many warm kisses and full of longing hugs. Enjoy your day, I love you so much, my little daughter, my princess!

I believe in fate more because it brought us together. And I know that our love is rare in the World and our love will continue until our last day. Happy Birthday, princess. Just know that you are so important and precious for me.

My darling, our love is a song that the bard will sing for years. Because it is so rare in the universe, it is just pure love. Really we are so lucky to meet each other. Happy Birthday, princess!

My princess, today is your birthday and that means we should celebrate your birthday with enthusiasm. And I took a gift fo

Everything is gorgeous and shining because you radiate your own shine, I can’t take my eyes since I first saw you, I love you, happy birthday princess!

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