91+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Grandma

A grandmother is a very important person in our life. Best happy birthday wishes to send to your grandma will help you to celebrate granny’s special day and some words of love are the nicest thing we can say.

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Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Grandmother

My dearly grandmother, you are like the mother who lets a bit easily. İf you did a bit young, we could many things like closest friends. Even so, I had wanted that you will be with us many times. Happy birthday grandmother, to be with you was priceless.

While I grew up you did be with me and you watched me always. While you guide me I learned life lesson from you. I wish that you could watch my own children and guide they. The feel of you will not here at that time makes me sad. Probably that is my biggest regret. Happy birthday grandma! I love you so much!

Happy birthday, Grandma! You are stylish, fun, generous and full of life! I can’t wait for you to move closer to us. I’m praying for your health and joy to be full this next year! You are someone I adore and look up to you. You are a treasure and a prayer warrior.

My lovely grandmother, you became my second mother, one sister and closest friend. I feel so lucky and happy because I have a grandmother like you are. I will be always proud of to be your grandchild! Happy birthday, my precious granny.

Happy birthday to an incredible grandma. You have brought me comfort, peace, and laughter. My happiness stems from you, and so today I wish you all the joy in the world!

Happy Birthday to my grandma! You are the sweetest, kindest woman that I know! Enjoy this day, knowing that you are loved by me!

A most beautiful day to a most wonderful woman! Happy Birthday my dearly Grandmother! I love you so much! Granny, I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you. Love you.

Happy birthday, Grandma. You are a blessing to me and all who love you. As you celebrate your big day, may our love bless you with the joy and kindness you’ve always shown us.

You taught me many precious lessons of life. I don’t know that how I will thank you! You are both my grandmother and my greatest teacher. I hope you feel like your young days on your special day. Happy wonderful birthday grandma!

Grandma, you are an incredibly beautiful person in my life. On this day, I pray that God will bless you with health, wealth, and all the important things you’ve given up just to put happiness and joy into my heart. I hope you enjoy each and every moment to the fullest on this 70th birthday. Happy birthday!

You have deserved all best things during you live and you continue to deserve. May you stay with us forever! May God bless you always and bring you more joy and healthy. Happy birthday grandma!

I was very naughty and I didn’t realize that but your wisdom made me better child and my lovely parents became more happy. Your death opened big hole on our hearts and I think it will never close. Nothing has enough power to close that. I love you so much. I hope you are so comfort there. Happy birthday grandma!

We will always have not only kinship but also very beautiful friendship. I want to wish you a birthday as beautiful as you are. Happy birthday grandmother!

Nobody person can’t choose their parents or kinship but I am thinking that I am very luck because I have wonderful parents and a fabulous grandmother like you are. Every each day I am more proud to be your grandchild, I love you so much Grandmother. You have a warm heart which have enough place for everyone. Happy birthday grandmother!

My lovely grandmother, you aren’t here with us today, I don’t know that where do you now but I hope you are comfort. I can’t remember much about you because when you die I was so little. The only thing I can remember is your beautiful songs. I wish I could save more memories. I miss you so much grandmother! Happy birthday grandma!

My beautiful Grandmother, although you have many wrinkle you are still beautiful for me! When I’m think, I understand that I am so lucky person than other persons. Because I have a wonderful grandmother like you are and although between us have very big age difference we did spend wonderful times. I love you so much! Happy Birthday Grandmother!

Dearly Grandmother! I want to wish you many beautiful birthday messages and a wonderful day! Although you are a bit old I still want that you stay with us! Never leave alone us. Being around us made us more strong. Happy birthday my beloved Grandma! I love you so much!

I think we were best friends because I needed a guide like you and you needed a person to share your whole experience. You made me better person with your big effort. Thanks for everything. Happy birthday granny!

When you passed away, I begin to understand some things. There are many trace at life of all family members from you. The corner of our house is being suddenly a memory from you. I grew up with your songs and I taked helping when I have a problem! I wish you could be here and we could celebrate your birthday with delicious birthday cake! Even so this day doesn’t make me happy! I know that we will meet you one day! Happy Birthday Grandmother, I miss you so much!

You are like a big tree, you are so strong and you have many experiences. Your each story you told me gave me a hint about the life! You helped me and tried to solve my problems. I believe that I am person that God blessed in the world. Happy Birthday Grandma, thank you for everything!

Your smile is beautiful than all flowers and rainbows. May your smile be with us forever. Happy Birthday Grandmother!

You are my role model because you are a strong woman who can be everything that she wanted. Happy Birthday Grandmother, live peace on rest of your life!

My lovely grandmother, you became both my mother’s mother and my second mother. You shared all your experiences and you didn’t get bored this. Thank you for everything. I love you so much, but please say me that your favorite grandchild is me! Don’t wonder, anybody can’t hear. Happy Birthday Grandma!

My dearly grandmother, you have protected me at my every each ages. It was pleasure to listen your beautiful stories! But now you are not here with us, it makes me sad because you are so valuable for me! Happy Birthday Grandmother, you will be always in our hearts!

You are like my compass. And I need confess that I am growing older I begin to love your stories because it brighten my front. I am living things that you said me. Happy Birthday Grandma, thanks for everything!

Happy Birthday my lovely grandmother, you were always a wonderful mixture. A little bit of mother, teacher and friend. I grateful to God for the moments that we spent together.

Today is your wonderful birthday and I am so happy for you are still here with us. I hope we will celebrate your many birthday. I want to wish you many happy returns and beautiful day! Take care of yourself!! Happy Birthday grandma!

Today is your birthday, happy birthday grandmother! You are so precious for me because you showed me how to look like a prince when you are even cooking delicious meals.

Happy Birthday my wonder-woman! I want to wish you a lovely birthday! I hope you will live peaceful on rest of your life like past. I hope you did taste enough the world!

Whole my childhood passed with your delicious cookies that you cooked and with your stories that you told pleasure. Happy Birthday Grandmother, Happy Birthday grandma!

Happy Birthday my super hero! All in our family owe you because you always worked for us, now you should rest on your life! Your worked enough. I want to wish to listen your all stories, now your new mission is this.

I always felt like the luckiest person in the universe because I had a wonderful grandmother like you are. But when you passed away, I felt like the unluckiest person in the World. Happy Birthday Grandmother, nothing will fill your space!

I have learned many lessons from you, because you were like  wise for me.  Probably I will not forget your words which  you can learn most thing from past , you can live at the moment and you can plan on the future.  The magic of life is to balance these.

I am so grateful to God because he gave me a grandmother like you are.  Since you passed away I am thinking of you every moment. I understand that you are my biggest teacher!  İt is the big chance to know you and learn your experiences. I don’t know where you are now but happy birthday grandmother!

I am thinking that I am the luckiest person in the World because you had always kept open your arms and you continued to help me always.  Happy Birthday Grandmother!

I have always taught that I am luckiest person in the World. I admired always your love, wisdom and kindness. These is enough to made a person better.  Happy Birthday Grandmother you deserved all best things. I hope you will have more peace on rest of your life.

What I really want is to be a woman like you. You had been always my role model. I am sending you many kisses and hugs on your special day. Happy Birthday dear grandma!

The best thing of my childhood is falling asleep while you were reading your stories to me . Those taught me many things. I miss you and your stories. And I grateful to God fort he moments that we shared. Happy Birthday Grandma!

I am thinking that I am a blessed person from God because  the love and the peace that you gave me is precious for me! I love you so much Grandmother! I know that I can’t find your love on nobody! Happy Birthday grandmother, take care of yourself and be always with us!

I know always that I am very lucky in my life because I have never been alone on my problems you and my parents always tried to solve my problems. Thanks for everything, I love you so much! But you are not here with us now and although I am so sad at time, I will do that you taught me. Because  I inherited your strength! Happy Birthday Grandmother, you will be always my heart!

No one can choose their parents but I’m so glad and happy to be your grandchild! Thank you Grandmother because you have always been with me on all bad and good moments. What I really wish is you will live more peace than last on rest of your life!  I feel happier with you! Happy Birthday granny!

When I am grow up, I want to be a woman like you! Because you are both beautiful and strong woman. Happy Birthday dear Grandmother!

You are in best corner of my heart! You are so special, important and precious for me! And I know that I am your best Grandchild. Happy Birthday Grandmother!

I understand your true valuable when you passed away! İn my life,  what I really wish was to be  an angel like you! But now I must be an angel alone! Happy Birthday granny!

I will remember how you protect me and how you love me in my life. I know that  isn’t enough to thank you! Although I will grow up, I will save your beautiful songs, stories forever and I will tell my children! There are all in my mind like it was yesterday! You are my lovely grandmother who has beautiful and warm heart. Happy Birthday Grandmother!

 While I grew up, ı was talking every subject with you. It is so big glad to spent many moments with you. Do you know that I love you so much Grandmother! I remember every moments that we shared together. Happy Birthday Grandmother!

You added to my life very many things. You taught to me many lesson of life. You made me better person who everybody wanted to admire. Today, although you are not with me but your words will always guide me. Happy Birthday Grandmother!

Everbody need a guidance while grow up. Because everybody don’t have experiences to live their life. Thank you Grandmother for taught to me. The lessons you taught to me is guiding me also today. Happy Birthday granny!

Today is your birthday my grandmother who is a wonderful woman I know ever seen. On your special day, may you take many happy returns. Happy Birthday granny!

My dearly grandmother, today is your lovely birthday. I hope you are happy now wherever you are.  I miss you so much also it increase each day. Happy Birthday granny!

Today is your birthday but I feel both happy and sad. Still you are in best place of my heart. And you should know that you will stay forever. You are my grandmother as long as forever. May today bring you many smiles. Happy Birthday granny! We should smile!

You are beautiful, strong and especially generous woman because you shared with  me all experiences, all life lessons . I can be sure that I will not forget these that you gave me while I grow up.  Thank you very much for everything. Happy Birthday granny!

Happy Birthday grandmother, you are like always big, strong tree for me always. Although you get older, it means you are more stronger than last year! I love you so much! Be always with us! The world is more beautiful with you! Happy Birthday granny!

Really, I admire you because you are always giving me your experiences like the river. Thank you so much because  I learned many precious things from you. I will always love you and you will be in my heart forever. Happy Birthday Grandmother.

You were in every part of my life, we played old games with you in childhood, you gave me many lessons of life in youth. Actually,  best part of my life is the moments that we shared. I miss your wonderful stories and beautiful games. Happy Birthday Grandmother, please live long!

You are my beautiful grandmother who never lost your beauty. You are my wonderful grandmother who always gave me your heart and mind. My lovely grandmother, may happiness and love fill rest of your life. Because you deserved all best things! Happy Birthday granny!

My lovely grandmother! I want to tell you again that I love you so much.  All we are so pleasure to have a grandmother like you are! I hope you will celebrate many wonderful birthdays in good health. Happy Birthday Grandmother!

When I look my childhood memories, you were there and also you beautiful song, your wonderful stories, your priceless experiences. I am really sure that I will never forget the precious moments that we shared! Happy Birthday Grandmother, although you are not here with us, you will stay the best corner of my heart!

My grandmother was expert in many. That’s why many persons admired her and wanted to became like she. Really, who doesn’t love my grandmother? She became wonderful wife, merciful mother and precious person in her life. Happy Birthday Grandmother, you are my only one role model. It is enough to me to be half the person that you were.

My little grandmother! You have affected people with your beauty and kindness. You are continuing to effect your countless features. Despite your age, you have bright intelligence. And you love more beautiful with your warm-heart. Happy Birthday Grandmother. I hope you will celebrate many birthdays.

Happy Birthday Grandma in Heaven

I wish you a happy birthday since you are the cradle of my life. May you be surrounded by merry angels. I’m confident there will be. My Grandmother, have a great birthday celebration in heaven.

Happy birthday to my favorite person. I wish I could have you smiling and grinning next to me right now. I miss you terribly.

My Grandma, now you’re an angel, I know you can see and feel how much I miss you. On your birthday, I want to confess that you’ll always be in my heart. Thanks for inspiring me all the time. Happy birthday in Heaven Grandma.

To my Grandmother in heaven, It’s your birthday today, I hope that you can hear me, as there are things I’d like to say.

There was you on all of my wonderful childhood memories. Still I can remember many memories with you! I love you so much grandmother and I miss you so much! I wish that I could spent more times with you! But I know that you watch me from heaven and you guide me on my every each step. You are my guardian angel! Happy birthday grandmother, I hope there is so beautiful that you guessed.

I am sending you many hugs and kisses from here to heaven! The most precious member of our family, happy heavenly birthday grandma!

May all that you deserve be enjoyed as you live in the list holy places. Happy Birthday My Grandma, may you live for eternity to enjoy your earthly toil, dear.

My lovely Grandmother, I am sending you many hugs and kisses from here! Although everything’s taste worsen, all we try to be better! Don’t wonder us.. I hope that the heaven is beautiful and you spend fabulous times. May the heaven surround you with eternal love and peace! Happy birthday in heaven grandma.

Happy Birthday to My Grandma in Heaven. May she live every single moment in heaven not to regret the legacy you’ve left behind. I know she won’t because she has have been a good person while on earth.

Today I would have asked you how old you turned, but I know you will remain forever young in heaven. Happiest birthday, granny.

Dear Grandma, be ready to enjoy your new life because, in heaven, Angels and birds will surround you like I always used to. This year on your birthday, I wish you all those things for which you might be wishing. Happy birthday in heaven, grandma!

Happy Birthday in heaven, Grandma. Because nothing can separate us from beloved family.

Happy Birthday to my dear grandmother in heaven. I pray that you have a peaceful rest in heaven. I hope, at last, you have peace and all the joy and love you deserve, after all the pain on earth. But let me be happy for all the good times we shared. I will always cherish them and will never forget your love!

Dear grandma in heaven, it was your wish for us to continue your legacy even when you are gone. If you were here to see what we have done, you have been very proud of us. Happy birthday.

Even though we don’t get to see each other as expected, I still know that you are having a good time in heaven right now. Happy Birthday to My Grandma in Heaven.

I did know your valuable but now ı understand better. I know that nothing can fill your replace. I miss you which are telling your beautiful stories when you are around me. I love you so much! I hope you like the heaven because your new house is there. Happy birthday grandma in heaven!

May the angels sing to you in the most joyous way. Happy birthday in heaven, my lovely grandma!

Happy birthday to my grandma in heaven. When you are with me, our home was like a rainbow but when you gone to heaven we have just one color. It is grey.. I miss you so much my lovely grandmother. I hope you are comfortable in heaven. I wish that you will always watch us.

Your love and affection made sure that no sorrow or sadness could really touch me. The only sorrow you could not keep away was the pain of losing you. I am so grateful that I had you as a grandma, and I know that you are keeping an eye on me from heaven. Happy heavenly birthday grandma.

You were so special and precious for me because I grew up with your beautiful stories, your experiences had guided me. Thanks for everything.  I hope that heaven is wonderful as you guessed for you. Happy birthday lola in heaven.

It is big chance to have a grandmother like you. You added to me many beautiful things. Thank you every little and big things. I wish I could spent more time with you! Happy heavenly birthday granny, I hope the heaven is beautiful like you guessed!

Happy birthday to grandma in heaven. Although you are not here with us today, I decided to be happy because you are in heaven now and I think you are happier than your life in the World.  Although you passed away, I will life like you taught me. Feel at the moment and don’t let sad me anything! Because the life is too short to upset yourself anything!

Today is your birthday but you are not here!  Even I want a second grandmother, I couldn’t find a grandmother like you are. Because no one can’t give me  love like you gave me! I hope that you are happy in the heaven and you meet your old friends Happy heavenly birthday granny!

Today I celebrate my grandmother. The person who spoiled me, loved me no matter what, and who was the source of so much joy. Although I feel sadness in my heart, I’m happy that you are at peace in Heaven, surrounded by angels. I miss you, Grandma. Happy birthday in heaven grandma.

Since you passed away , I know that you watch me from heaven! Thank you so much for you become my angel! Really I can’t find better angel than you! Happy heavenly birthday grandmother, you are still with me!

Happy heavenly birthday grandma, today is your special day. Although I know that you can’t read this message, maybe if I write this with great faith, you can hear me. My lovely grandmother, I miss you so much, especially your cookies which you cooked every weekend. I hope you are enough comfortable in heaven.

Dearly Grandmother! Today is your birthday but you are not with us first time. It will be hard to get used to. I miss you so much and I have nobody other than you to talk about  my problems and my happiness. I hope you are in heaven now because I am talking to the stars everyday since you passed away. Happy birthday in heaven Grandmother!

When I upset myself, the best gift for me was you hug to me! But now, you passed away and I don’t know that what will I do! I miss you Grandma, Happy heavenly birthday granny!

I don’t know that where you are in heaven but I can say that you deserved best place. I miss you so much but I must get used to. Because I know that you are happier there than here. Happy heavenly birthday granny!

Although I am very sad to loss you, heaven won  a valuable member! Happy birthday in heaven Grandma!

Love you Grandma I miss you so much. I have so many memories that keeps me smiling and when I look up I see your beautiful smiling at me. Happy heavenly birthday grandma.