27+ Best Happy 70th Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Turning 70 is definitely both a major milestone and big celebration. Heartwarming happy birthday wishes for a 70-year-old will put a smile on his/her face and make him/her feel special by expressing your gratitude and admiration.

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Happy Birthday Wishes, Greetings and Messages for 70-Year-Old

Someone who is very close to you celebrates the return of his life for the seventh time 10 times. I think write him a greeting message. So he will think and rejoice that you really remember. You know who you are! Happy 70th birthday!

Birthdays are meant to be more happy, celebrate today with your family, friends, anyone you love. Leave yourself to the party and enjoy the moment. Remember, being 70 to party doesn’t mean you miss the party. Happy 70th birthday.

The wishes I wish for you always be with you. Please don’t count yourself as an old person and don’t pity yourself for your age. On the contrary, thank God for living a long life. I wish you more health and peace in your old age. Take good care of yourself. Happy 70th birthday. Wishing a wonderful 70th birthday celebration.

Do not forget that even if you are 70 years old, you are still great, keep living, have more fun because today is yours! Congratulations on turning 70 years today!

Many people don’t like their birthdays when they are 70 years old. However, you are always happy and find something to be happy with. I’m as happy as you today! Happy 70th birthday!

You are enlightening our family like the sun that illuminates our day. And as you get older, your light gets brighter. Having a grandfather like you is the greatest chance in life. Happy 70th birthday.

You are the greatest proof that age is only numbers in life. I wish you a wonderful birthday as much as you. Happy 70th birthday.

Mom, you always had more than one role against me, so you were not only my mother, but also my best friend. You are the person I trust most in life. You have been with me from the very beginning of my life and there is a bond that everyone will want. I love you mom, wish all your wishes come true this year. Happy 70th birthday my dear mom!

There are very few things in my life that are special to me, and of course you’re one of them mom! On the most beautiful day of the year, your birthday; May God bless your heart with joy and your life with more happiness and blessing. Happy 70th birthday, I love you so much!

You are now at a new turning point in your life. Accept and embrace life, rather than reject and feel sorry. Make sure you will be more happy then. God bless you more. Happy 70th birthday!

Blow your candles with great joy to make a wonderful entrance to your seventy years old. However, do not force yourself too much and take care of your dentures. Happy 70th birthday.

I will remember all the good memories we share together forever. I really thank you for those beautiful memories. Having a grandma like you is a great privilege. I love you. Happy 70th birthday.

I wish that your new age will bring you nothing more than happiness and peace. I hope you have a wonderful year with your family members and friends you love around you. Happy 70th birthday, we all love you very much.

My dear father, today is your birthday. I know that your best memories about me and the people you love will come to your mind. Be sure that your heart will be filled with more happiness today and you will add a new one to your beautiful memories. Happy 70th birthday. I love you and I’m proud of you because you are a great dad anyone could want.

My dear father, when I look at you all the time, I see the sacrifices you made for us, your love for us, your unwavering will, your strength and your wisdom. You have worked hard to beautify our world and now we are trying to beautify your world. I wish you more peace and happiness on this beautiful and special day. Happy 70th birthday.

Daddy, it’s a great opportunity to show how much we love you every birthday. You are the best father in the world and I am very lucky to be your son. You are 70 years old today and God will give you more life. Let your remaining days be happier and unforgettable. Try to dance with music on your birthday and enjoy the love you deserve. Happy 70th birthday.

My dear auntie, you are now in the seniors league and I pray to God to give you more peace and happiness. I wish you have the most wonderful years. Take care of your health! Happy 70th birthday.

Keep being the one you have always been because we loved you so much and we will continue to love you. Always keep being happy and having fun, because only your age has increased, but you know that age is just a number. Happy 70th birthday.

Never forget that I will always be with you, I will help you when you need help, I will laugh with you and get upset with you. Because I’m your husband. The past years only strengthens our love more. Happy 70th birthday, I love you very much.

You are celebrating your 70th birthday today and it must be a really happy day for you. You are facing a new challenge of your life. Your age is increasing but I know your soul is still young. And I know how wise you are, you are accepted rather than rejecting your age. In addition, why does a person reject his age, each age has its own beauty and advantages. Happy 70th birthday What a beautiful day!

You have always been a happy and reasonable person, and therefore you are a very beloved person. I hope you are also very happy on your 70th birthday. Happy 70th birthday.

Thank you very much for all the sacrifices and amazing things you have done for our family. You really deserve everyone’s love and I can’t understand people who don’t love you. How can a person not love you? I wish you more happiness, peace and wonderful memories for the rest of your days. Always be happy! Happy 70th birthday.

You have never forgotten my birthdays. You bought candles for my birthday cake as much as I was. Now it’s your birthday and I have 70 candles. I hope you have enough breath to blow them all. Nevertheless, don’t push yourself too hard. Happy 70th birthday.

On this special day, I wish you more life, happiness, peace and blessings from God for your pure love, eternal patience and devoted care. I hope you have a wonderful day as much as you are mom. You are 70 years old today and I hope you can age peacefully from now on. I love you! Happy 70th birthday.

Forget all the mistakes you made in your life, all your failures, all your regrets, because they are all left behind. Time just flows forward. It never flows backwards. Bring only those moments and achievements that you are proud of yourself. Because the main ones are them. Happy 70th birthday. Remember that we always love you.

I send my great birthday wishes to the most beautiful, most understanding, the most patient, the most wonderful aunt of the world. I hope you receive a lot of greeting messages today, I send you lots of hugs and kisses. My aunt also thank you very much for being one of my closest friends in my life and for always making me feel your support and love. Let all your dreams come true in your next life and you will stay with us for a long time. I love you so much! Happy 70th birthday!

Living is much more beautiful even at your age. I think you have to be thankful to God for giving you such a long life. You are really lucky, there are a lot of people around you who really love you. And I know you still have the power to follow what you want. No age is too late for desires. Happy 70th birthday!

Dear grandmother, you are celebrating your 70th birthday today, but if I had never met you, I would definitely have thought you were younger. I also want you to know that you are more beautiful than your peers. You are so elegant that it is impossible not to admire you. I wish you a graceful aging on this special and important day, I hope you will never lose this elegance. Happy 70th birthday!

Grandma, you bought me some beautiful gifts every birthday, how can I forget those beautiful gifts? But more importantly, you have always given me your love and support. I really don’t know what my life would be like without your direction. You have also been the shield of protection against my parents. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me! Happy 70th birthday!