Each day, you become a new you, don’t let yesterday, define today and let today, define tomorrow.
I have no idea where to start… I was diagnosed with cancer at a really young age, twenty-five years young. This was the time where I was starting a life for myself and living not only for myself, but my family and future family. Instead, my life took a different turn for the worst. My life started to become the unknown; a place of fear and anxiety that has led me to who I am today.
I want to thank every single person that has shared, donated, or voiced my story. With the most respect from my heart to your hearts, I love life and I don’t want to miss another second lost in my thoughts of not being worthy enough to become who I want to be. I raised five thousand dollars In 39 days over something I thought would never be. STOP SAYING YOU CAN’T BECAUSE THEN YOU WON’T. Thank you again!!


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