73+ Best Nico Robin Quotes From One Piece

Nico Robin is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is from Ohara where was the kingdom of knowledge, literature, books, and archaeology. She is the only person who can read the old Poneglyphes. Hope our favorite Nico Robin quotes will make you think and give the inspiration you need.

Sometimes the most profound truths are hidden in simple words. That’s why best anime quotes of all time teach us in heart-warming and powerful snippets of wisdom.

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Famous Nico Robin Quotes

My dream just had too many enemies. Nico Robin

Fools who don’t respect the past are doomed to repeat it. Nico Robin

This is the first time I ever wanted to be stronger for someone else’s sake. Nico Robin

Sometimes the only thing you have to doubt is your own common sense. Nico Robin

Strength, speed… Those words have no meaning to me Nico Robin

I can pop up anywhere… and I will never let you escape. Nico Robin

Let’s see what you’ve got. Nico Robin

You might be alone at the moment… But someday… You’ll definitely find nakama! No one is born in this world to be alone! Nico Robin

Our pursuers are close to us. We had better hurry. Nico Robin

When all I want is to learn of a history, there are too many enemies within my dream. Nico Robin

I can fight anytime. Nico Robin

Luffy…will I be able to grow stronger by seeing the world through your father’s eyes? This is the first time I ever wanted to be stronger for someone else’s sake. Nico Robin

There is no such thing as being born into the world to be alone. Nico Robin

Did that hurt? Sorry. Nico Robin

Before the heart of truth, there is no need for words. Nico Robin

When you have a hard time, just laugh. Nico Robin

Nobody’s getting in my way. Nico Robin

They call me the “demon child”. Nico Robin

The things you have destroyed back there were priceless artifacts. Precious treasure whose importance cannot be measured… History may always be repeating itself, but humans cannot go back into the past… Nico Robin

Oh, did I go too far here? Nico Robin

I want to live. Nico Robin

You shouldn’t have put so much faith in your strength. Nico Robin

Hee hee! That was easy. Nico Robin

This is our territory… That’s why I cleared out the foes. Nico Robin

We’ll just take over here. Nico Robin

It’s too late for you to regret this. Nico Robin

Are you sure you want those to be your last words? Nico Robin

All the bravado in the world won’t change the result. Nico Robin

I’m glad we’re safe. Hope we can keep on winning. Nico Robin

Ugh… this is terrible. Nico Robin

It’s time for me to read. Can you stay out of my way? Nico Robin

I’m always ready to fight. Nico Robin

That probably hurt, huh? I’m sorry. Nico Robin

Ho ho, that was nothing. Nico Robin

Don’t get in my way. Nico Robin

This is probably it. Nico Robin

It’d be best that you not get in my way again. Nico Robin

The enemy is no longer here. I think I’ll take this territory. Nico Robin

I think we should put our troops here… I made the enemy disappear. Nico Robin

I’ll be taking this place. Nico Robin

This looks interesting. Nico Robin

Playtime is over. Perhaps you should begin preparing? Nico Robin

The result will be the same even if you act tough. Nico Robin

It’s too late. I cannot allow such regret. Nico Robin

I’m glad this ended well. Hopefully we will be able to keep up our winning streak… Nico Robin

I suppose that’s all. Well done. Nico Robin

That’s good… Now we’ll be able to continue sailing. Nico Robin

Heheh, you are quite cruel. Nico Robin

Let’s begin. Nico Robin

What a fine display. Nico Robin

Personally, I’m a bit embarassed. Still, I have no choice other than to fight… Nico Robin

We can’t afford to lose this battle…! No matter what! Nico Robin

Is it all right if I get started? Nico Robin

That fight wasn’t too bad. Nico Robin

Oh? Is it over already? Nico Robin

Apologies. I was having fun that before I knew it, I was at full power. Nico Robin

Heheh, the fun doesn’t end. Nico Robin

Oh, did you let me win? How nice of you. Nico Robin

I hate government types. Nico Robin

You are your own “enemy”… I believe you said that once. Nico Robin

You’re giving me this land? How nice of you. Nico Robin

I won’t forgive any who stand before me. Unstoppable may be an overstatement. Nico Robin

Let me thank you for before. Nico Robin

I’m so sorry, but I have no interest in new robot weapons. At all. Nico Robin

Could you stop stealing shadows? …And never do that again. Nico Robin

You will never obtain what you’re after… Nico Robin

They were stronger than I thought… I won’t make the same mistake next time. Nico Robin

I’ll be taking a break for a bit… Nico Robin

Take over for me… Nico Robin

Unfortunately… this is the end for me. Nico Robin

Looks like I’m done here. Nico Robin

The time has finally come. It all feels like a dream… Nico Robin

I was probably a bit too violent. Nico Robin