55+ Best Whitebeard Quotes From One Piece

Edward Newgate, more commonly known as Whitebeard, was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and was known as “The Strongest Man in the World”. He was was a rival to Gol D. Roger and one of the Four Emperors. The Whitebeard Pirates consider themselves to be a great family united under Whitebeard as their surrogate father. Most iconic Whitebeard quotes will inspire you to live your best life and make you think.

Sometimes the most profound truths are hidden in simple words. That’s why anime inspirational quotes teach us in heart-warming and powerful snippets of wisdom.

There are many others such as One Piece lines, famous Gol D Roger quotes, and deep Portgas D. Ace quotes continue to resonate with us not only because of the humor but also due to the life-long lessons and wisdom the characters give.

Powerful Whitebeard Quotes

Nothing to fear! I am Whitebeard! – Whitebeard

Here we go! Follow me! – Whitebeard

You better tell me my beloved son is alright. – Whitebeard

We can use this area as a foothold! Let’s go! – Whitebeard

You are too valuable to let die now, boy. – Whitebeard

Gah ha ha… Doesn’t anyone want to take my head? – Whitebeard

As of this moment, this is Whitebeard’s territory! – Whitebeard

Nothing but a bunch of bigmouths here, eh? – Whitebeard

No matter who your father is, we are all children of the sea. – Whitebeard

You’re not the one Teach!!
The man Roger is waiting for, at the very least, Teach, it’s definitely not you.
Just like there are those who carry on Roger’s will, I’m sure someone will appear to carry on Ace’s will someday. Even if you extinguish his bloodline, there’s no way that their flame will ever burn out.
It has been passed down since ancient times. And in the future, someday, someone will appear, carrying the history of all those decades on his back, and challenge this whole world to a fight.
Sengoku, you guys in the World Government, all fear that immense battle engulfing the whole world that will eventually come. I don’t care myself, but as soon as someone finds that great treasure, the entire world will be turned upside down.
And someone will find it. That day will definitely come sooner or later. One Piece does exist! – Whitebeard

Forgive me, my sons. I’ve been defeated by this despicable idiot. This is as far as I go.
I leave everything to you.
You have my gratitude. Farewell, my sons. – Whitebeard

There’s no need for words… Just answer one question for me, Ace… Was I a good father? – Whitebeard

I am only one man with one heart…Call me a demon, call me a monster…but I can’t be the strongest forever…!!! – Whitebeard

I’m not done yet! No one can stop me! Gah ha ha! – Whitebeard

Brave men don’t seek death. – Whitebeard

Gah ha ha ha… You wanna die that badly? – Whitebeard

That’s all you have? So much for the mighty Marines! – Whitebeard

Get outta my way…! – Whitebeard

But I love you son, even if you are a fool. – Whitebeard

I’m not too old to fight yet. Don’t underestimate me. – Whitebeard

Teach! You always were too overconfident in yourself… – Whitebeard

You want my head? Then I’ll gladly take you on! – Whitebeard

It’s ridiculous to lay the blame on a child for the sins of his father. – Whitebeard

Quite a lot of fire, eh? How about a birthday cake next? – Whitebeard

You are all family to me. – Whitebeard

Whitebeard: When a man such as you comes back from the East Blue without an arm, anyone would be surprised. To what kind of enemy did you give it? That left arm.
Shanks: This…I made a bet, on the new age.

Gah ha ha ha! No matter who your parents are, we are all children of the sea. – Whitebeard

How ridiculous to say that I sold out my own sons. – Whitebeard

I am “Whitebeard”! Take me on! – Whitebeard

Gurararara… To battle! – Whitebeard

You seem to be all talk. Fool. – Whitebeard

We must capitalize on this! Let’s go! – Whitebeard

I’m just a human with one heart. – Whitebeard

I can’t believe this… – Whitebeard

From now on this island belongs to “Whitebeard”! – Whitebeard

If I can save this one young man’s life, I will earn my right to retire from the world. – Whitebeard

As long as I am here, this land will not fall. – Whitebeard

Hey, you’re in the way…! – Whitebeard

This is our chance…! Let’s go! – Whitebeard

Can’t you understand how ungrateful it is for a child to die before his parent, Squard! – Whitebeard

If you want this land, try and take it back! This territory belongs to the Whitebeard Pirates! – Whitebeard

I don’t mind fighting alone. If you want to capture me, just try! – Whitebeard

I have not grown weak… You underestimate me. – Whitebeard

There is something I’ve wanted since I was a kid. A family. – Whitebeard

Gurarara… Is there no one who will try to take me down? – Whitebeard

I’m a remnant from the old times. There is no ship that can bear me in the new era.. – Whitebeard

Of course I won… I am “Whitebeard”! – Whitebeard

Gurarararara! Nothing equals this happiness. – Whitebeard

You can’t live in this world without a code of conduct. – Whitebeard

There is nothing to fear! I am “Whitebeard”!!! – Whitebeard

Starting now! This is my territory!!! – Whitebeard

So this is a Marine Admiral… I guess that power is superficial. – Whitebeard

The One Piece is Real! – Whitebeard

Garp, an old soldier like you should retire. – Whitebeard

Your victory pleases no one, Teach. – Whitebeard