324+ ROCK-SOLID Anime Quotes You Need To Remember

Aside from the fun and excitement, some Anime characters also have the wisest, smartest, most powerful quotes about dream, pain, life, and happiness that are so relatable.

What and Why Anime?

Anime is a word used to describe a style of animation originating in Japan. Anime is different because it is more than just heartbreak, action, fighting, and melodrama, but also it’s a place to explore the boundaries of the imagination.

Whenever you need inspirational or meaningful life quotes by famous figures, remember that we can learn more from a fictional character. So, bookmark these Yoda QuotesBeauty and the Beast quotesPeter Pan quotesSpongeBob quotes, and Winnie the Pooh quotes for both funniest and wisest words.

All The Best Anime Quotes

“The world isn’t perfect. But it’s there for us, doing the best it can….that’s what makes it so damn beautiful.” – Roy Mustang

“To know sorrow is not terrifying. What is terrifying is to know you can’t go back to happiness you could have.” – Matsumoto Rangiku

“We are all like fireworks: we climb, we shine and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even when that time comes, let’s not disappear like a firework and continue to shine.. forever.” – Hitsugaya Toshiro (Bleach)

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu!)

“Human strength lies in the ability to change yourself.” – Saitama (One-Punch Man)

“A dropout will beat a genius through hard work.” – Rock Lee (Naruto)

“Do not think about other things, there is only one thing you can do. So master that one thing. Do not forget. What you must imagine is always that you, yourself, are the strongest. You do not need outside enemies. For you, the one you have to fight is none other than your own image.” – Archer (Fate Stay Night)

“If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future.” – Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

“Fear is not evil. It tells you what weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder.” – Gildarts Clive (Fairy Tail)

“People’s lives don’t end when they die, it ends when they lose faith.” – Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

“If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be!” – Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)

“When you give up, that’s when the game ends.” – Mitsuyoshi Anzai (Slam Dunk)

“All we can do is live until the day we die. Control what we can…and fly free.” – Deneil Young (Space Brothers)

“You can die anytime, but living takes true courage.” – Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)

“A trick is nothing but a puzzle mankind came up with. If you use your head, you can uncover the logical answer.” – Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)

“Knowing you’re different is only the beginning. If you accept these differences you’ll be able to get past them and grow even closer.” – Miss Kobayashi

“Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course, it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!” – Don Quixote Doflamingo (One Piece)

“Even if I die, you keep living okay? Live to see the end of this world, and to see why it was born. Live to see why a weak girl like me ended up here… And the reason you and I met.” – Sachi

most famous anime quotes

“We each need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes, it is not easy.” – Kiky’s Delivery Service.

“Giving up is what kills people.” – Hellsing

“No matter how deep the night, it always turns to day, eventually.” – One Piece

most motivational anime quotes

“How can you move forward when you keep regretting the past?” – Fullmetal Alchemist

“Don’t give up, there’s no shame in falling down! The true shame is to not stand up again!” – Shintaro Midorima

most inspirational anime quotes

“It may be hard right now but you must silent those thoughts. Stop counting those things you have lost, what is gone is gone. So ask yourself, what is there that still remains to you.” – One Piece

Best Anime Quotes of All Time

“It’s just pathetic to give up on something before you even give it a shot.” – Reiko Mikami (Another)

“The world isn’t perfect. But it’s there for us, doing the best it can….that’s what makes it so damn beautiful.” – Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

“If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win.” – Eren Yaeger (Attack on Titan)

“If we were normal, we might not be alive today. And that, my friend, is what gives us the edge we need.” – Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)

“People become stronger because they have memories they can’t forget.” – Tsunade (Naruto)

anime quotes

“I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.” – Kagome (InuYasha)

“We need to stop living for others. From now on…Let’s live for ourselves!” – Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan)

“Anything can happen. No one ever thinks it will until it does. What will happen, happens. That’s how the world is. The most important thing is to not let the tragedy defeat you. To believe that you can get through it.” – Kyousuke Natsume (Little Busters!)

“If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” – Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

meaningful anime quotes

“Whatever you lose, you’ll find it again. But what you throw away you’ll never get back.” – Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

“Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! The contradiction is the truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!” – Satsuki Kiryuuin (Kill la Kill)

“I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am the protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am the truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!” – Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

“Be someone’s light when they are hopeless.” – Violet evergarden

“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.” – Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

“Thinking you’re no–good and worthless is the worst thing you can do.” – Nobito (Doraemon)

“Helping other people is the best way to make up for your mistakes.” – Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

meaningful anime quotes about life

“Because people don’t have wings, the look for ways to fly.” – Ukai Keishin (Haikyuu)

“Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war. War will never cease to exist… reasons can be thought up after the fact… Human nature pursues strife.” – Paine (Naruto Shippuden)

Anime Lines

“Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal, but it has already left a scar.” – Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

“People who can’t throw something important away can never hope to change anything.” – Armin Arlelt (Attack on Titan)

“Giving up kills people. When people reject giving up… they finally win the right to transcend humanity.” – Alucard (Hellsing)

“Believe in your own power.” – Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

anime quotes about love

“Weaklings will stay weak forever. But weakness is not evil since human beings are weak creatures, to begin with. Alone, you feel nothing but insecurity; that’s why we form guilds, that’s why we have friends. We walk together in order to live a strong life. The clumsy ones will walk into more walls than the others, and it may also take them longer to get there. If you believe in tomorrow and put yourself out there, you can naturally obtain your strength. That’s how you will be able to smile and live strong.” – Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail)

“If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them.” – Nagato (Naruto)

“I’m not stupid. I’m just too lazy to show how smart I am.” – Oreki Houtarou (Hyouka)

“Knowing you’re different is only the beginning. If you accept these differences you’ll be able to get past them and grow even closer.” – Miss Kobayashi (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

“To know sorrow is not terrifying. What is terrifying is to know you can’t go back to happiness you could have.” – Matsumoto Rangiku (Bleach)

best anime quotes

“The true measure of a shinobi is not how he lives but how he dies. It’s not what they do in life but what they did before dying that proves their worth.” – Jiraiya (Naruto)

“Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.” – Hachiman Hikigaya (Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru)

“We don’t have to know what tomorrow holds! That’s why we can live for everything we’re worth today!” – Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

“Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?” – Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)

“When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No! It’s when… they are forgotten.” – Dr. Hiruluk (One Piece)

“No single thing is perfect by itself. That’s why we’re born to attract other things to make up for what we lack. I think we start walking in the right direction only after we start getting our counterparts besides us.” – Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

anime relationship quotes

“A castle that vanishes at the first gust of wind is worthless.” – Kill la Kill

“Every journey begins with a single step. We just have to have patience.” – Milly Thompson (Trigun)

“I’ll leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow’s me.” – Saitama (One-Punch Man)

“I don’t want to conquer anything. I just think that the guy with the most freedom in this ocean is the Pirate King!” – Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

“Hard work betrays none, but dreams betray many.” – Hachiman Hikigaya (Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru)

“When people make a mistake, it is nice to give them advice, but… If they don’t listen, just leave them alone. Otherwise, you’ll do yourself a disservice by wasting your time and effort.” – Ran Mouri (Detective Conan)

anime quotes about dreams

“Being lonely is more painful then getting hurt.” – Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

“I want…to change things. I want to believe that anything can be changed. The moment I met you, a new world opened up for me. You see, after wandering in the darkness for so long, a light brought me happiness. It’s all thanks to you.” – Chrono (Chrono Crusade)

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Deep Anime Quotes

“Don’t live your life making up excuses. The one making your choices is yourself!” – Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

“I hate perfection. To be perfect is to be unable to improve any further.” – Kurotsuchi Mayuri (Bleach)

“If your life can change once, your life can change again.” – Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

“Hurt me with the truth. But never comfort me with a lie.” – Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

“A place where someone still thinks about you is a place you can call home.” – Jiraiya (Naruto)

“I don’t care if no one likes me, I wasn’t created in this world to entertain everyone.” – Houtarou Oreki (Hyouka)

anime quotes images

“Vision is not what your eyes see, but an image that your brain comprehends.” – Touko Aozaki (The Garden of Sinners)

“Knowing what it feels to be in pain, is exactly why we try to be kind to others.” – Jiraiya (Naruto)

“How can you move forward if you keep regretting the past?” – Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

“If you just submit yourself to fate, then that’s the end of it.” – Keiichi Maebara (Higurashi: When They Cry)

“Being alone is better than being with the wrong person.” – L Lawliet (Death Note)

“You’re not a good for nothing person. I think that being able to try your hardest to be something is a talent by itself.” – Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

anime quotes about pain

“There are no regrets. If one can be proud of one’s life, one should not wish for another chance.” – Saber (Fate Stay Night)

“You can’t always hold on to the things that are important. By letting them go we gain something else.” – Kunio Yaobi (Tamako Market)

“The circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant, but it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” – Pokemon

“The best way to remove your lies is to make them come true.” – Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

“Don’t worry about what other people think. Hold your head up high and plunge forward.” – Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

“The world is cruel, but also very beautiful.” – Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

amazing anime quotes

“You can’t sit around envying other people’s worlds. You have to go out and change your own.” – Shinichi Chiaki (Nodame Cantabile)

“What is right? What is wrong? In this mixed up world, deciding what is right and wrong is not easy. You can’t just go by somebody else’s rules. If you let yourself be controlled like that, you’ll just become a puppet that can’t make decisions on its own. You have to live by your rules.” – Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

“Life is like a tube of toothpaste. When you’ve used all the toothpaste down to the last squeeze, that’s when you’ve really lived. Live with all your might, and struggle as long as you have a life.” – Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi)

“Fools who don’t respect the past are likely to repeat it.” – Nico Robin (One Piece)

“As long as you laugh at people’s suffering, your goal will always be out of reach. If you never want to be defeated, you must first learn your own weakness, and always be kind.” – Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

“You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.” – Uncle Iroh

“That’s why I can’t make a change. Everything I do is so… Half-assed.” – Hiroshi Kido (Barakamon)

“There was no place for me, so I had to make one for myself, and then I realized, I had a place, but I was the only one in it. I didn’t know any other way to live.” – Inuyasha

“How can you destroy a monster without becoming one?” – Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

sad anime quotes about life

“An excellent leader must be passionate because it’s their duty to keep everyone moving forward.” – Nico Yazawa (Love Live)

“Just like games, no matter how well you have things lined up in your life, there’s always something to keep you on your toes.” – Junichirou Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi)

“Do exactly as you like. That is the true meaning of pleasure. Pleasure leads to joy and joy leads to happiness. “ – Gilgamesh (Fate Zero)

“Never trust anyone too much, remember the devil was once an angel” – Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

“Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain.” – Pain (Naruto Shippuden)

top anime quotes

“A dream is worth less than nothing if you don’t have someone else to share it.” – Dousan Saitou (The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna)

“You’ll only realize that you truly love someone if they already caused you enormous pain. Your enemies can never hurt you the way your loved ones can. It’s the people close to your heart that can give you the most piercing wound. Love is a double-edged sword, it can heal the wound faster or it can sink the blade even deeper.” – Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

“If you turn your eyes away from sad things, they’ll happen again one day. If you keep running away, you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes. That’s why you have to face the truth straight on.” – Riki Naoe (Little Busters)

“Revenge is just the path you took to escape your suffering.” – Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

anime hero quotes

“Even if we forget the faces of our friends, We will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls.” – Otonashi Yuzuru (Angel Beats)

“To act is not necessarily compassion. True compassion sometimes comes from inaction.” – Hinata Miyake (A Place Further than the Universe)

“It’s impossible to work hard for something you don’t enjoy.” – Silica (Sword Art Online)

Inspirational Anime Quotes

“Every one of us must do what’s in their power! If we’re going to die anyway, then it’s better to die fighting than to do nothing!” – Sakura Haruno

“If you really want to be strong… Stop caring about what your surrounding thinks of you!” – Saitama (One Punch Man)

“A real ninja is one who endures no matter what gets thrown at him … All you do need, is the guts to never give up.” – Jiraiya

“Life is not a game of luck. If you wanna win, work hard.” – Sora (No Game No Life)

“Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how small they may seem.” – Shino Aburame

“If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit, remember for what cause you clench your fists! Remember why you started down this path, and let that memory carry you beyond your limit.” – All Might (My Hero Academia)

“There are days when nothing goes right. There are days when you stumble and fall. There are days when you just want to cry. To cry a lot. To sleep a lot. Or even eat a lot. It’s alright, as long as you pick yourself up again.” – Yuki Takeya (Gakkougurashi!)

“Who decides limits? And based on what? You said you worked hard? Well, maybe you need to work a little harder. Is that really the limit of your strength? Could the you of tomorrow beat you today? Instead of giving in, move forward.” – Saitama (One Punch Man)

“Although I’m weak and full of flaws, I will never stop moving forward. No matter who I am, no one other than myself will create my own existence. No matter what others may think or feel, I will still move forward as myself.” – Oz Vessalius

“Don’t be so quick to throw away your life. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.” – Clare (Claymore)

“Living has it own challenges. I’ll give you just one piece of advice. Don’t quit. Yes, when you die, you die. But if you give up, you’re definitely going to die. That, I am sure of.” – Brittany (Hai to Gensou no Grimgar)

“A person grows up when he’s able to overcome hardships. Protection is important, but there are some things that a person must learn on his own.“ – Jiraiya (Naruto)

“Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.” – Baron (The Cat Returns)

inspirational anime quotes

“Hard work is worthless for those that don’t believe in themselves.” – Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

“You’ve got two legs and a heartbeat. What’s stopping you?” – Inuyasha

“If you believe in your dreams, I will prove to you, that you can achieve your dreams just by working hard.” – Rock Lee (Naruto)

“Don’t give up, there’s no shame in falling down! The true shame is to not stand up again!” – Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko’s Basketball)

“I refuse to let my fear control me anymore.” – Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)

“You should never give up on life, no matter how you feel. No matter how badly you want to give up.” – Canaan

“No matter how hard or impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal.” – Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

“The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long.” – Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

funny anime quotes

“Even if you’re weak, there are miracles you can seize with your hands if you fight on to the very end.” – Uryuu Minene (Future Diary)

“If you wanna make people dream, you’ve gotta start by believing in that dream yourself!” – Seiya Kanie (Amagi Brilliant Park)

“Courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what’s right.” – Ran Mouri (Detective Conan)

“Even If you’ve only got a 1% chance of winning, but you convince yourself you’re gonna lose, that 1% becomes 0%.” – Lina Inverse (Slayers)

“People who continue to put their lives on the line to defend their faith become heroes and continue to exist on in legend.” – Naruto Uzumaki

“Don’t start a fight if you can’t end it.” – Sanji (One Piece)

“If you’re the king that rules the court, I’ll have to defeat you, and I’ll be the last one standing!” – Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu)

“The moon does not mourn over the dead. What it does is shine a light on the truth.” – Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)

“There’s no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. There is only victory or in your case, defeat.” – Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

“By looking at what’s blocking our way, with an open mind, a wall can be turned into a wide-open door.” – Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)

“I do not fear this new challenge, rather like a true warrior I will rise to meet it.” – Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

“Remember this… no matter where you go, the strength of your mind and spirit is the most powerful magic of all.” – Princess Emeraude (Magic Knight Rayearth)

“Stop pitying yourself. Pity yourself, and life becomes an endless nightmare.” – Osamu Dazai

“You guys sure are a worthless bunch. If you wanna wallow in your tears, save it for after you’ve done everything you can.” – Seiya Kanie (Amagi Brilliant Park)

“The strong one doesn’t win. The one who wins is strong.” – Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)

“Smile. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. Show yourself your own smile. You’ll feel better then.” – Rintaro Tatewaki (Magic-Kyun! Renaissance)

“It’s not like something is going to happen because I believe in it. Sometimes you end up worse off because you believed in something too much. There are times it’s tough to believe in something.” – Eureka (Eureka Seven)

“Sometimes, we have to look beyond what we want and do what’s best.” – Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)

“Words are like swords. If you use them the wrong way, they can turn into ugly weapons.” – Edogawa Conan (Detective Conan)

“When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. It’s not like somebody’s gonna save you if you start babbling excuses.” – Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

“Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much better.” – Ishida Shoya (The Shape of Voice)

Anime Quotes About Life

“When you hit the point of no return, that’s the moment it truly becomes a journey. If you can still turn back, it’s not really a journey.” – Hinata Miyake (A Place Further than the Universe)

“Dreams breathe life into men and can cage them in suffering. Men live and die by their dreams. But long after they have been abandoned they still smolder deep in men’s hearts. Some see nothing more than life and death. They are dead, for they have no dreams.” – Griffith

“Human beings are strong because we can change ourselves.” – Saitama (One Punch)

“Learn to treasure your life because unfortunately, it can be taken away from you anytime.” – L Lawliet (Death Note)

“People with talent often have the wrong impression that things will go as they think.” – Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

“Saru, you must protect those who have faith in you and who love the village, and train up to those to whom you can entrust the next generation… from tomorrow, you will be the Hokage…!” – Tobirama Senju

“Remember the lesson, not the disappointment.” – Holo The Wise Wolf (Spice And Wolf)

“Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions. Everyone lives within their own subjective interpretation.” – Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

“The only thing we’re allowed to do is believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.” – Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

“Man always thinks about the past before he dies, as if he were frantically searching for proof he truly lived.” – Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)

“Life isn’t just doing things for yourself. It’s possible to live in such a way that other people’s happiness, makes you happy too.” – Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

anime quotes about happiness

“Being weak is nothing to be ashamed of… Staying weak is !!“ – Fuegoleon Vermillion (Black Clover)

“Reject common sense to make the impossible possible.” – Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

“It’s not always possible to do what we want to do, but it’s important to believe in something before you actually do it.” – Might Guy (Naruto)

“Whether you win or lose… You can always come out ahead by learning from the experience.” – All Might (My Hero Academia)

“Don’t beg for things. Do it yourself, or else you won’t get anything.” – Renton Thurston (Eureka Seven)

“Don’t be upset because of what you can’t do. Do what you do best, live as carefree and optimistically as you can, because some people aren’t able to do that.” – Keima Katsuragi (The World God Only Knows)

“If you begin to regret, you’ll dull your future decisions and let others make your choices for you. All that’s left for you then is to die. Nobody can foretell the outcome. Each decision you make holds meaning only by affecting your next decision.” – Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan)

“A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death.” – Lelouch (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

anime quotes about life

“What keeps me alive in this world is neither bodily organs nor muscles, it’s my soul.” – Brook (One Piece)

“No one can decide what someone else should do with their life.” – Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail)

“Life is like a pencil that will surely run out, but will leave the beautiful writing of life.” – Nami (One Piece)

“Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life… but if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it.” – Orochimaru

“We have to live a life of no regrets.” – Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)

“My dream doesn’t exist in the future. It lies in the past. That’s the only place it exists.” – Sasuke Uchiha

“I’ve never feared death, but I’ve never wished for it either.” – Akimi Yoshida (Banana Fish)

“A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it, he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart.” – Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

“While you’re alive, you need a reason for your existence. Being unable to find one is the same as being dead.” – Naruto Uzumaki

“What do you know of death? Have you ever died? You think death will preserve your cause forever?Ridiculous! Death leaves nothing behind! Once a person passes on, nothing remains but dead bones. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a person with no respect for life.” – Brook (One Piece)

“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There’s more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know.” – Tamaki Suou (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

“I don’t wanna live a thousand years. If I just live through today, that’ll be enough.” – Ace Portgas D. (One Piece)

“It’s time I started living my own life.” – Mello

“Destiny. Fate. Dreams. These unstoppable ideas are held deep in the heart of man. As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall not vanish from the Earth.” – Gold D. Rodger (One Piece)

“Risking your life and doing something that could easily rob you of your life are exact opposites.” – L Lawliet

“A person can change, at the moment when the person wishes to change.” – Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

“No matter how many good deeds you perform, your past sins cannot be erased.” – Sheele (Akame Ga Kill)

Famous Anime Quotes

“Mistakes are not shackles that halt one from stepping forward. Rather, they are that which sustain and grow one’s heart.” – Mavis Vermillion (Fairy Tail)

“Life comes at a cost. Wouldn’t it be arrogant to die before you’ve repaid that debt?” – Yuuji Kazami (The Fruit of Grisaia)

“It’s more important to master the cards you’re holding than to complain about the ones your opponent was dealt.” – Grimsley (Pokemon)

“Not giving up on yourself is what’s truly important. That way you don’t end up pathetic.” – Reiko Mikami (Another)

“A teacher doesn’t give up on her students just because things get tough.” – Harumi Kiyama (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

“The sleeper has awakened. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again!” – Vegeta

“Whatever you do, enjoy it to the fullest. That is the secret of life.” – Rider (Fate Zero)

“I too will obtain everything that I desire. Not because someone asked me to do it, but because I know in my heart that I have something worth fighting for.” – Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld (Asterisk War)

funniest anime quotes

“I must study lots of things or I won’t become a great person.” – Kotomi Ichinose (Clannad)

“If you’re gonna insist on gambling and then complain when you lose, you had better work on your game.” – Hatsu Kominato (Selector Infected Wixoss)

“Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?” – Vegeta

“The past is the past. We cannot indulge ourselves in memories and destroy the present.” – Murata Ken (Kyou Kara Maou!)

“In our society, letting others find out that you’re a nice person is a very risky move. It’s extremely likely that someone would take advantage of that.” – Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

“You can’t win a game by doing nothing. And if someone else wins it for you then you haven’t accomplished anything. Life is the same way.” – Junichirou Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi)

“It takes an Idiot do something cool, that’s why it is cool.” – Fooly Cooly

“If you can’t find a reason to fight, then you shouldn’t be fighting.” – Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

“We can’t waste time worrying about the what if’s.” – Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

“By all means. I just hope being dead this long hasn’t made your body fragile.” – Vegeta

“I don’t have any goals for the future. So long as I can get out of my home and far away, I don’t care.” – Gin no Saji Silver Spoon

“Protecting someone means giving them a place to belong. Giving them a place where they can be happy.” – Princess Lenessia (Log Horizon)

“Having happy and beautiful memories won’t always bring you salvation. The more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it can become.” – Plastic Memories

“In this world, wherever there is light – there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers. The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars and hatred is born to protect love.” – Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

“Love is the reason why there is a pain. When we lose someone precious to us, hate is born. Vengeance is the product of that hate and so death follows. But in death, there is only more death. This will give rise to more pains. In this cursed world we live in, it is a cycle of hatred that will not cease. You and I seek the same thing that Jiraiya–sensei wanted. Let me ask you this: How will you confront this hatred in order to create peace?” – Pain

“It doesn’t do any good to pretend you can’t see what’s going on.” – Yuuya Mochizuki (Another)

“I have always wanted to apologize to you. I endured and lived on just for that.” – Elfen Lied

“Hatred and Sorrow are power. They are yours to control. All you have to do is to turn them into strength and use that strength to move forward.“ – Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

“Sometimes, people are just mean. Don’t fight mean with mean. Hold your head high.” – Hinata Miyake (A Place Further than the Universe)

“Life and death are like light and shadow. They’re both always there. But people don’t like thinking about death, so subconsciously, they always look away from it.” – Yato (Noragami)

“If you keep on hiding your true feelings, who is going to be happy? If you are sad, you should say it out loud!” – Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

“Everything has a beginning and an end. Life is just a cycle of starts and stops. There are ends we don’t desire, but they’re inevitable, we have to face them. It’s what being human is all about.” – Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)

“It is at the moment of death that humanity has value.” – Archer (Fate Series)

“You need to accept the fact that you’re not the best and have all the will to strive to be better than anyone you face.” – Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

“The universe has a beginning, but no end. — Infinity. Stars, too, have their own beginnings, but their own power results in their destruction. — Finite.” – Rintarou Okabe

Short Anime Quotes

“Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what’s happened and continue living.” – Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

“Do you always want to live hiding behind the mask you put up for the sake of others? You’re you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” – Ymir (Attack on Titan)

“Like I always say, can’t find a door? Make your own.” – Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

“The ticket to the future is always open.” – Vash The Stampede (Trigun)

“If you only face forward, there is something you will miss seeing.” – Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

“I do not need a Heaven. However, if I must go to Heaven then please, God, do not divide Heaven in two. Please do not divide the robots from the humans.” – Chiisana Hoshi yo Yume

“Push through the pain, giving up hurts more.” – Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

“Simplicity is the easiest path to true beauty.” – Seishuu Handa (Barakamon)

“What you can’t accomplish alone, becomes doable when you’re with someone else.” – Taichi Yaegashi (Kokoro Connect)

“If you can’t do something, then don’t. Focus on what you can do.” – Shiroe (Log Horizon)

“When you lose sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart.” – Allen Walker (D.Gray Man)

“A skyscraper built within your mind will never fall down.” – Kill la Kill

“The only home that a man should ever need is within his heart.” – Lavi Bookman (D.Gray Man)

“Sometimes I do feel like I’m a failure. Like there’s no hope for me. But even so, I’m not gonna give up. Ever!” – Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

“Tears are how our heart speaks when your lips cannot describe how much we’ve been hurt.” – Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

“If nobody cares to accept you and wants you in this world, accept yourself and you will see that you don’t need them and their selfish ideas.” – Alibaba Saluja (Universal Warriors)

“Sometimes it’s necessary to do unnecessary things.” – Kanade Jinguuji (Best Student Council)

“It will do no good to fight with hate in your heart.” – Yugi Muto

“If you want to grant your own wish, then you should clear your own path to it.” – Rintarou Okabe

” If there is the will, then there is hope.” – Yugi Muto

Anime Quotes About Power

“Power is not will, it is the phenomenon of physically making things happen.” – Madara Uchiha

“Power comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create that need.” – Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

“Leave people to their own thoughts, and sooner or later they start questioning the powers that be. If you’re in a position of power, the last thing you want folks to ask is whether or not the way things are, is the way they have to be.” – Sunda Granitz (Fractale)

“Is that really… the limit to your power? Do you honestly think that you won’t get any stronger for the rest of your life? Instead of sitting around frustrated, it’s better to keep on moving forward.” – Saitama (One Punch Man)

“Those who are granted great power lose all self-restraint when among the weak. Oranges don’t start out rotten. It’s the container that makes them rot.” – Onodera (Brynhildr in the Darkness)

“Power is not the only connection you can have. This world is filled with much warmer things.” – Minerva Orland (Fairy Tail)

“This strength doesn’t make any sense. It’s not fair. It’s like he’s made up of the world’s unfairness. As if he is the personification of justice… of course. Didn’t I already know? This world is unfair. Justice and evil are decided by others. That’s how the world is. To oppose the unfair power known as justice, I have to obtain the unfair power known as evil. To defeat the unfair beings known as heroes I have to become an unfair being myself!” – Garou (One Punch Man)

“Now listen up, any power that surpasses reason, still comes from reason, right? Magic isn’t some kind of miraculous power. It is a talent that only works when the flow of energy inside of us and the flow of energy in the natural world are in perfect synchronization. To perform magic one must have a strong mind and the ability to focus. It should take over your being and come pouring out of your soul! If all we do is worry about following rules, then our magic will never progress.” – Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail)

“The purpose of practice is to improve your power. The purpose of the real race is to win.” – Shindo Iroha (Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria)

“Souls that are connected… Will never lose to power that only relies on control!” – Yuzu Hiiragi (Yugioh)

“Love is not necessary, power is the only true necessity.” – Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

“You may be able to get stronger with simply the right attitude. In other words, train your spirit before worrying about strength through power and technology.” – Saitama (One Punch Man)

“Everyone dies eventually, whether they have power or not. That’s why you need to think about what you’ll accomplish while you’re alive.” – Mary Macbeth (Kekkai Sensen)

“Quit acting like a spoiled child. What’s important, the memories? The keys? The feelings of guilt? No. It’s the power to save your friends. That’s the power of a celestial spirit wizard.” – Aquarius (Fairy Tail)

“Music speaks to people’s hearts, all throughout the world. I believe it’s a powerful language.” – Kawashima Sapphire (Hibike Euphonium)

“The vampires don’t really care about humanity in general. It’s only specific humans like you that concern them… The kind of humans who will stop at nothing to acquire more power.” – Mikaela Hyakuya (Owari No Seraph)

“The one who holds power has no self-awareness of his responsibilities and the one aware of the responsibilities has no power at all.” – Arslan (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan)

“Stand up! lift your faces! Take up your weapons! Look at that boy. He’s so weak and fragile a breath could blow him away and he’s unarmed! He is a powerless boy, whose defeat I have seen with my own eyes! He’s weaker than anyone else here! Yet he’s shouting louder than anyone that we can still do this so how can we sit down, with downcast gaze? If our weakest man has not given up how is kneeling in defeat acceptable for us? Did you come this far to wallow in shame?” – Crusch Karsten

“You have the power but not using that power is a sin.” – Nyx (Neo Angelique Abyss)

“No matter what your power is, no matter how strong your opponent, lose once and it’s over. That’s the kind of world that’s out there waiting for us. And once you lose, there’s no do-overs.” – Nagakura Imari (Absolute Duo)

Anime Quotes About Pain

“Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive.” – Yato

“I read in some book that sad and painful things are the spices of an enjoyable life… But I seem to get nothing but spices!” – Tomoko Kuroki

“Is it painful to be the person who waits? Or is it more painful to be the person who makes others wait? Either way, there’s no need to wait anymore. That’s what is most painful.” – Takada

“God would never put us through all this suffering if he didn’t think we could bear it.” – Yuuki Konno

“It’s painful when you get disappointed by the person you look up to.” – Misaki Ayuzawa

“Those painful memories are what help us make it to tomorrow and become stronger.” – Erza Scarlet

“It’s okay to live, even if there’s no greater point to living.” – Yuuki Konno

“Breaking a bond is every bit as painful as being physically torn apart. Can you endure that?” – Amamiya Yuuko

“When you are feeling sad… smile, even if you have to force yourself… If you cry when it gets painful… it will only get more painful.” – Chie

“If you want to protect humans and remain human, you shouldn’t throw away your feelings, no matter how painful it is.” – Tsuchimiya Garaku

“I want to believe that life isn’t full of darkness. Even if storms come to pass, the sun will shine again. No matter how painful and hard the rain my beat down on me.” – Akito Sohma

“There’s no lack of painful things in this world, but hunger and loneliness must surely be two of the worst. Thanks to you, I didn’t know a moment of either of them.” – Sakae Jinnouchi

“Accept that your life will be painful, bite back your grief and find the power to stand again.” – Nakiami

“I want to believe that memories, even sad and painful ones, should not be forgotten forever.” – Sohma Momiji

“Why did you run away, Chitoge-chan? No… I don’t want this… I won’t be happy with you just giving up… To end up liking the same person. It’s painful.” – Onodera Kosaki

“Sometimes, I wonder why people fall in love. Why do we abandon ourselves… to these painful and burdensome feelings?” – Nejima Yukari

“Tears are handy for washing away troubling and sad feelings. But when you grow up, you’ll learn that there are things so sad, they can never be washed away by tears. That there are painful memories that should never be washed away. So people who are truly strong laugh when they want to cry. They endure all of the pain and sorrow while laughing with everybody else.” – Obi Hajime

“On this earth, there are lots of difficult and painful things. I want to fly away and escape from it all. I want to flap my wings freely.” – Noe Isurugi

“Ever since I joined the survey corps, I’ve had people dying on me everyday. But… you understand, don’t you? One day or another, everyone you care about eventually dies. It’s something we simply can’t accept. It’s a realization that could drive you insane… It’s painful… so painful… I get it. And still… we must keep moving forward.” – Hange Zoe

“It’s because we don’t understand that we wonder what the other is thinking and try desperately to understand every word they say… You end up thinking too much about the other person, and being close to them becomes painful so you try to distance yourself… I believe you become friends with somebody by doing that over and over, and that’s how… As much as I hate to admit it, it’s how I became friends with these guys.” – Maki Honoka

“I love the word “fate”. Because, you know how they talk about “fated encounters”? A single encounter can completely change your life. Such special encounters are not just coincidences. They’re definitely… fate. Of course, life is not all happy encounters. There are many painful, sad moments. But this is what I think: sad and painful things definitely happen for a reason. Nothing in this world is pointless.” – Ringo Oginome

“You can forget your troubles if only for a moment. You’ll have to remember them tomorrow though, and they’ll be even more painful than they were the night before. You can’t run away from things like this. Especially from things you really want to forget.” – Gintoki Sakata

Sad Anime Quotes

“I’m fine, except… it’s a terrible day for rain.” – Roy Mustang

“I’ll never resent you, or hate you, or hurt you. Not ever. Not you or anyone. I’d rather die. So If I’m killed, I’ll face my killer with a smile. And I’ll tell them that it’s okay, because it won’t be their fault for doing it. It’ll just be that they don’t know any better. I’ll die hopeful, that my death might have helped them… to understand someday.” – Photo

“I haven’t done anything yet. Getting depressed and losing confidence is way too egotistical.” – Sorata Kanda

“Cry when you’re sad. Laugh when you’re happy. Get angry when you don’t like something. Depend on someone when you’re depressed. Care for yourself before you care for others. Don’t hate anyone. Be proud of yourself. Stay loyal when you fall in love.” – Otonashi Maria

“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don’t wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did.” – Jellal Fernandes

“Is it all right to not hold it in anymore? Sanae-san told me, places that I can cry are in a bathroom, or in daddy’s arms.” – Ushio

“I wish people who say: “I’d rather die” would actually die before they say it. So that they’ll know how I feel.” – Subaru Natsuki

“The thing I wished for destroyed my whole family. I brought all this suffering down on my family because I made a wish for my dad without knowing what he really wanted.” – Kyoko Sakura

“Death isn’t kind. It’s dark and black and as far as you… As far as you can see you’re all alone. There’s no one else.” – Mei Misaki

“Living is anxiety and pain. It’s continuing to think, continuing to choose.” – Alcor

“It’s okay to feel depressed. It takes time to overcome things. And then, by taking that time, you just start moving forward again. That’s just what humans do.” – Mondo Oowada

“The two of us aren’t so different. My whole life I’ve desired from others. I felt bitter to the people around me and I closed off my heart. And a heart that lets nothing in will become empty before you realize it.” – Mei Aihara

“It would be enough for the depressing things in life to only exist in reality.” – Shiori Misaka

“Was I able to live inside someone’s heart? Was I able to live inside your heart? Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little? You’d better not hit ‘reset!’ Don’t forget me, OK? That’s a promise, OK? I’m glad it’s you, after all. Will I reach you? I hope I can reach you.” – Kaori

“Do you think that someday, the real stars will ever come back?” – Hei

“Humans die. Animals die. Plants die. Even soul reapers die. It’s the arch of the universe. Everything that comes to life eventually ceases to exist.” – Baraggan Louisenbairn

“They call certain methods of fighting good and others evil, acting as if there were some nobility to the battlefield. Such illusions, perpetrated by heroes throughout history, have led countless young men to their bloody deaths, all for the sake of this valor and glory.” – Kiritsugu Emiya

“I really want to be with all of you! I want to play! That’s why I’m going to reincarnate! Then I’ll be with everyone again.” – Menma

“I bet dead people are easier to get along with.” – Crona

“All this time, I seriously thought that it’s better to die than to live your life alone.” – Kirito

“Aren’t I supposed to have taught you something important in life by now? What have I taught you?” – Hana

“Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway. In the end, there’s nothing you can do.” – Gintoki Sakata

“War is not heroic. War is not exhilarating. And, war is full of despair. It’s dark. It’s dreadful. It is a thing of sorrow and gloom.” – Izura Kira

“You were always there for me, and that’s all I needed. Just you. For some reason, I didn’t feel sad or broken up, it just didn’t seem real. But slowly I realized it was real — that you were gone. And little by little, I slowly felt something inside me go numb.” – Jet Black

“Forget about revenge. The fate of those who seek revenge is grim. It’s tragic, You will end up suffering and hurting yourself even more. Even if you do succeed in getting revenge, the only thing that remains is emptiness.” – Hatake Kakashi

“I think death is equally terrible for everyone. Young people, old people, the good, the bad; it’s always the same. It’s rather fair in its treatment. There’s no such thing as a particularly terrible death, that’s why it’s frightening.” – Sunako

“Did I make the Japanese people happy? Did I make it work?” – Euphemia Li Britannia

“Sadness, happiness, everything. Death gently strips them away.” – Banana Fish

“Remember what you said before? A normal person with a gun will wind up doing something he never thought himself capable of? No one in this world can truly hold himself separate from violence. Guns are literally within reach of anyone. Sadly that’s where we put our faith, in bullets rather than human kindness.”- Koko Hekmatyar

The Some Facts About Anime

What is the number #1 anime in the world?

Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)

What is the first anime?

Japan officially considers 1917 as the beginning of anime, and Dekobou Shingachou: Meian no Shippai (凸坊新画帳 名案の失敗) by Hekoten Shimokawa is currently regarded as the oldest confirmed Japanese animation film, having been released in 1917. But there it is disputed which title was the first to get that honour.

Who invented anime?

While Hekoten Shimokawa created the first anime, in 1951, Osamu Tezuka created the milestone manga, Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy. He became a pioneer in anime, and was the man responsible for the success of anime and manga worldwide.