22 Best Gol D Roger Quotes From “One Piece”

Gol D. Roger, also known as Gold Roger, is a legendary character from Eiichiro Oda’s epic manga and anime series “One Piece.”

Gol D. Roger was a legendary pirate who, as captain of the Roger Pirates, held the title of Pirate King and owned the legendary treasure known as One Piece.

Wealth, fame, power. Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, attained this and everything else the One Piece world had to offer.

While he is not frequently featured in the series, his actions and words have left an indelible mark on the world of “One Piece” and its characters.

Roger’s quotes and the legend surrounding him serve as a catalyst for the series’ overarching narrative, inspiring characters like Monkey D. Luffy to pursue their own dreams and adventures in the quest for One Piece.

These famous Gol D Roger quotes will make you think and inspire at the same time.

Sometimes the most profound truths are hidden in simple words. That’s why quotes from anime teach us in heart-warming and powerful snippets of wisdom.

There are many others such as famous One Piece quotes, and deep Monkey D. Luffy quotes continue to resonate with us not only because of the humor but also due to the life-long lessons and wisdom the characters give.

Inspirational Gol D Roger Quotes

I ain’t gonna die, partner. Gol D Roger

The world. What a glorious place! Seek freedom, and it will lie stretched out before your eyes… if the endless dream guides your restless spirit, seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall! Gol D Roger

You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place, now you just have to find it! Gol D Roger

I’m Roger! This meeting must be fate, Rayleigh! What do you say to turning the world upside down with me?!! Gol D Roger

Inherited Will, The Destiny of the Age, and The Dreams of the People. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom, these things will never cease to be! Gol D Roger

Destiny. Fate. Dreams. These unstoppable ideals are held deep in the heart of men. As long as their are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall not vanish from the earth. Gol D Roger

I have come here and will lead this passage to the farthest ends of the world. Gol D Roger

My treasure? Why it’s right where I left it… But you’ll have to search the whole world to find it. Gol D Roger

I am not going to die, partner. My body may perish, but my name will remain immortal. Gol D Roger

Do not ever think there is any perfect society made by humans. If you think that way, you’ll overlook the enemy. Do not be negligent no matter how small the matter! Gol D Roger

Quotes About Gol D Roger

He was our captain… and he was a magnificent man… Silvers Rayleigh

Narrator: Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger, the King of the Pirates, attained everything this world has to offer. And so, many men head for the Grand Line to find the great treasure he left behind, the One Piece. The world has truly entered a Great Pirate Era! Wearing the straw hat sworn upon him by the great pirate, Shanks Monkey D. Luffy heads out to the sea on a journey on the road to become King of the Pirates!

Even in front of a huge enemy army that he had no chance of winning against, Roger stood tall and would not run. Luffy

In the last moment of his life, he turned his fading “flame of life” into a huge fire that enveloped the world. I’ve never laughed more than on that day…!! I’ve never cried more than on that day… I’ve never drank more either..!! He was our captain… and he was a magnificent man…!!! Silvers Rayleigh

Narrator: All pirates searching for the treasure One Piece must brave the second half of the Grand Line. These wild and dangerous seas are know as the New World. Gold Roger and his crew were the only men to chart these waters and learn all the secrets they held. For the rest of the pirates in the world this has proven to be the end of the road. A graveyard of dreams.

Narrator: Wealth, fame, power. The world had it all won by one man: the Pirate King, Gold Roger. At his death, the words he spoke drove countless men out to sea.
Gold Roger: My treasure? It’s yours if you want it. Find it! I left all the world has there!
Narrator: And so men set sights on the Grand Line, in pursuit of their dreams. The world has truly entered a Great Pirate Era!

It seems my reindeer has followed a very dangerous man. Dr. Kureha

Narrator: Wealth, fame, power. A man who acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger. His final words at his execution sent people to the seas.
Gold Roger: My wealth and treasures? If you want it, you can have it! Search for it! I left it all at that place!
Narrator: In search of the great treasure left behind the by Gold Roger, One Piece, many pirates went to battle under their flags. During this time, there was one young man who also sets out in search of One Piece. During his search for crew members, he had many adventures and became stronger. His pirate crew, recognized as the face of a new era, is the Straw Hat Crew!

Narrator: This is the time know as the Great Pirate Era. A countless array of pirates go to battle across the seas in search of the One Piece. A legendary treasure left behind by Gold Roger, King of the Pirates.

You think you’re so strong! What are you going to do!!? You’ll just get yourself killed! You’ll get killed and be forgotten by tomorrow! That’s all you are right now!
It was this kingdom that killed Sabo! This world!!! What can you hope to do!!? Your father died and changed the world! When you become the man he was, then you can decide whether you live or die! Dadan