47+ POWERFUL J. Cole Quotes That Will Surprise You! Ready to Hear?

We’ve created the unique collection of the greatest J Cole quotes, punchlines & saying about relationship and life.

Who is J. Cole?  Jermaine Cole is an American hip hop artist, who started receiving recognition and fame for his work back in 2007.

Some of his lyrics have been highly regarded as creative yet truthful rhymes, which in a lot of cases means they’re very inspiring to many individuals.

His authenticity is undoubtedly the key to his success in building his audience. His lyrics are filled with truth and humility and he has become an inspiration to many. Because for him, life is all about freedom and truth and simplicity.

Jermaine’s lived a life full of ups and downs. He’s lived a life of poverty and a life of wealth and in that journey, those travels through highs and lows, he’s learned valuable lessons that have shaped him and his rhymes.

Below we’ve picked the finest J Cole quotes and put the following subcategories:

Top 10 J. Cole Quotes

“To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is.” – J Cole

“Anything’s possible, you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles.” – J Cole

“I’d rather be happy being myself than sad trying to please everyone else.” – J Cole

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“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours, no such thing–no such thing…” – J Cole

“Nothing lasts forever, but at least we’ve got these memories.” – J Cole

I put a lot of pressure on myself. I think something’s not good enough, and I won’t stop until I feel like I’ve made it. I’m never satisfied.

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Don’t let bridges you cross be bridges you burn.

We got dreams and we got the right to chase ’em.

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Sometimes our dreams come true, sometimes our fears do too.

Hard to move on when you always regret one.

J. Cole Quotes About Relationships

J. Cole Quotes About Relationships

A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy. It’s always nice to know someone is afraid to lose you.

J Cole Relationship Quotes

As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends & more important to have real ones

Quotes About Relationships J. Cole

Sat beside me, used to laugh, had mad jokes
The teacher always got mad so we passed notes
It started off so innocent
She had a vibe and a n*gga started diggin’ it
I was a youngin’ straight crushin’ tryna play this sh*t cool
But a n*gga couldn’t wait to get to school

I hope one day you hear me
Always gon’ be a bigger house somewhere, but n*gg* feel me
Long as the people in that motherf*ck*r love you dearly
Always gon’ be a whip that’s better than the one you got
Always gon’ be some clothes that’s fresher than the ones you rock
Always gon’ be a b*tch that’s badder out there on the tours
But you ain’t never gon’ be hapy till you love yours — J. Cole, “Love Yourz”

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Inspirational J.Cole Quotes and Sayings

“To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is.”

“You are perfect exactly as you are. With all your flaws and problems, there’s no need to change anything. All you need to change is the thought that you aren’t good enough.”

“I’m here to spread a message of hope. Follow your heart. Don’t follow what you’ve been told you’re supposed to do.”

“I always feel like it’s two key ingredients when it comes to following your dreams, making something happen that the average person deems difficult. If you truly believe it, that’s step one. Step two, is, you know, the hard work that goes along with it.”

“I feel like this: Whatever is in your path and in your heart, you need to do.”

“I’ve always been an underdog. I feel like I beat the odds.”

“I want people to follow their dreams, yes… but I’m not interested in telling young black kids how to be rappers… I want to show them that there’s so many other paths you can take, besides a rapper or basketball player.”

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“Life is a movie, pick your own role, climb your own ladder or you dig your own hole.”

“You have to hurt in order to know. Fall in order to grow. Lose in order to gain. Because most of life’s lessons are learned in pain.”

“One thing you should know about me is I never play to lose, always aim high and rarely obey the rules.”

“My life accelerated, but had to wait my turn. But then I redecorated, that means my tables turn.”

“Get to know somebody and you really learn a lot about ‘em. Won’t be long before you start to doubt ‘em. Tell yourself you better off without ‘em. Then in time you will find can’t walk without ‘em.”

“People congratulate me. I just tell them God is good.”

“It’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success.”

“Never give up until you’ve given out all your very best. It’s better to fail trying, than wondering what could have happened if you tried.”

“Nothing lasts forever, but at least we’ve got these memories.”

“Keep grindin’ boy, your life can change in one year, And even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere.”

“If you place your importance on appreciation and love, that’s enough.”

“For a few minutes you made me feel as if I actually meant something to someone.”

J.Cole Quotes and Sayings

“They say time is money but really it’s not. If we ever go broke, then time is all we got. And we can’t make that back, no you can’t make that back.”

“There’s a story behind every person, a reason why they are the way they are. So, think about that before you judge someone.”

“Either you play the game or you let the game play you.”

“I put a lot of God in my music, but not because I’m super religious. There are a lot of demons in my music too. I acknowledge both.”

“Take a chance, because you never know how perfect something can turn out.”

“I keep my head high, I got my wings to carry me. I don’t know freedom, I want my dreams to rescue me.”

“A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy. It’s always nice to know someone is afraid to lose you.”

Best J. Cole Punchlines

“I was sent from heaven with a set of horns, they’d better warn ya’ll/I’m here for more than just to kick some witty metaphors, dawg/This more of/The type of sh*t you spit to set a war off.”

“Remember when I did a show with Waka Flocka Flame/Felt naked ’cause the boy rocked about a thousand chains/Guess we rock a lot of ice cause we got a lot of pain.”

“I took a train down memory lane/And watching little Jermaine do his thang before he made a name/It’s like Sony signed Basquiat/He gave it all he got/Now the n*gga don’t paint the same thang.”

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“Blacks always broke cause we don’t know money/Spend it before we get it and could never hold money/No wallets, nah, n*gga we’d rather fold money/Money control n*ggas, white man control money.”

“I was too young to scrap you but damn if I ain’t want to/I’m blowing up fast and I hope these words haunt you.”

“They say: ‘What you fighting for? The game is on life support/And Gary Coleman just passed/Life is short.”

“No sir, the flow cold as a shoulder/Of gold digging hoes when a broke n*gga approaches/Told y’all I’m focused.”

“Throwing thousands in the strip club with Drizzy/Difference is I’m throwing four, he’s throwing fifty.”

“I grew up with nothing, it hurt me to see my mother poor/The only pops a n*gga ever seen around was Huxtable.”

best inspirational j cole quotes about relationships

“If I follow my heart to save myself/Could I run away from 50 mill like Dave Chappelle?”

“I ain’t know no better/Thought I was brighter than a Polo sweater/No pops was like Martin with no Coretta.”

“I couldn’t help but think that maybe I had made a mistake/I mean, you made ‘You Owe Me’ dog, I thought that you could relate.”

“And ain’t it shameful, how n*ggas blame hoes for giving birth/To a baby that took two to make—coward n*gga, you a fake.”

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The Facts About J. Cole

What is J Cole known for?

Grammy-nominated J. Cole is perhaps most well-known for his authenticity and his lyrics which are filled with truth and humility.

What is J Cole’s real name?

It is Jermaine Lamarr Cole.

Who is J Cole’s wife?

She is Melissa Heholt. They married in 2015

Does J Cole have tattoos?

Nope. He doesn’t have any tattos.

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