30+ Best Jabba the Hutt Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Jabba the Hutt was one of the galaxy’s most powerful gangsters, with far-reaching influence in both politics and the criminal underworld. Profoundly inspirational Jabba the Hutt quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

Famous Jabba the Hutt Quotes

In Return of the Jedi, Jabba is portrayed by a one-ton puppet that took three months and half a million dollars to construct. While filming the movie, the puppet had its own makeup artist. – Jabba the Hutt

Solo! Come out of there, Solo! Solo!! – Jabba the Hutt

I am surprised. Usually academics are too dry to be funny, or even digestible. I know: I never forget a taste. – Jabba the Hutt

Han, my boy, you disappoint me. Why haven’t you paid me? And why did you fry poor Greedo? – Jabba the Hutt

This Bounty Hunter is my kind of scum, fearless and inventive. – Jabba the Hutt

Come on. – Jabba the Hutt

Luke: You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me. Jabba: Ho, ho, ho. Your mind powers will not work on me, boy. – Jabba the Hutt

That character was filmed as a fully costumed actor suggests that director George Lucas had changed his mind about Jabba being a slug – Jabba the Hutt

Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage! – Jabba the Hutt

Jabba: You’re deluded, Embra! Embra: Deluded, beloved, and rich! – Jabba the Hutt

The puppet required seven puppeteers to operate, making it one of the largest ever used in a motion picture. – Jabba the Hutt

I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Captain Solo where he is. – Jabba the Hutt

You weak minded fool! He’s using an old Jedi mind trick. – Jabba the Hutt

Han my boy, you disappoint me. Why haven’t you paid me and why did you fry poor Greedo? – Jabba the Hutt

Jabba was alluded to by Han Solo in the Solo film near the ending of the movie, a set up for a potential sequel which covers how Han got into debt with Jabba. – Jabba the Hutt

Jabba had a small cameo in The Phantom Menace where he fell asleep during the famous Pod Race. Bib Fortuna was seen lurking nearby as well. – Jabba the Hutt

Okay, fifteen percent. But if you fail me again, I’ll put a price on your head so big, you won’t be able to go near a civilized system. – Jabba the Hutt

Your mind powers will not work on me, boy. – Jabba the Hutt

Have you now. – Jabba the Hutt

This bounty hunter is my kind of scum. Fearless and inventive. – Jabba the Hutt

I told you not to admit him! – Jabba the Hutt

Han, I can’t make exceptions. What if everyone who smuggled for me dropped their cargo at the first sign of an Imperial starship? It’s not good for business. – Jabba the Hutt

There will be no bargain. – Jabba the Hutt

People often remark about that laughing little critter who he kept by his side in Jedi. He was Jabba’s court jester of a sort and is known by the delicious name of Salacious Crumb. – Jabba the Hutt

You have stolen something very valuable from me so I in turn have taken everything from you. – Jabba the Hutt

The original script to A New Hope describes Jabba as a fat, slug-like creature with eyes on extended feelers and a huge ugly mouth. – Jabba the Hutt

There will be no bargain, my young Jedi. I shall enjoy watching you die. – Jabba the Hutt

You will soon learn to appreciate me. – Jabba the Hutt

Han, my boy, you’re the best smuggler I ever hired. So, for an extra twenty percent… – Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt’s death in Return of the Jedi was suggested by scriptwriter Lawrence Kasdan. The film’s director, Richard Marquand suggested that Leia strangle him. – Jabba the Hutt

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