35+ Best Ozuna Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Jan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, known simply by his surname Ozuna, is a Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap singer. All of his studio albums have reached the top of the Billboard Top Latin Albums, with Aura charting at number seven on the Billboard 200. Profoundly inspirational Ozuna quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Ozuna Quotes

I have a daughter, I have a wife, and I would never sing something offensive to others – or, specifically, to offend any women. — Ozuna

I always knew that I’d be big. — Ozuna

That, to me, is the real crossover: a mainstream artist singing in Spanish. — Ozuna

Cardi B really is like having a sister in the industry. She’s a real person, extremely humble. She’s amazing. — Ozuna

I think my music has connected with the audience because I always have a clear vision about my songs. — Ozuna

It’s easy to work with someone who shares your same work ethic, who likes to create like you do. — Ozuna

‘Aura’ is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you. — Ozuna

I don’t drink. — Ozuna

You can’t sign just any contract. — Ozuna

Whether my lyrics are about love or something else, I always make sure I’m connecting with my fans, and to see their support is definitely a motivation. — Ozuna

You either make history or you don’t. — Ozuna

It’s in my blood to work in music. — Ozuna

New York, for me, is university. — Ozuna

I listen to Migos. I listen to Drake a lot. Also 21 Savage, Kodak Black, XXXTentacion. — Ozuna

I never imagined my career would take off this fast. — Ozuna

If God has given me this many large blessings in such little time, why not help the people that need it? — Ozuna

I sing what society lives in general. — Ozuna

Maria did teach us a lot. It taught us to value what we have: our friends, our neighbors, and those who helped us. I know my people in PR are active. It took us by surprise, but we are warriors, and we are ready for any adversity. — Ozuna

I feel bad singing music that my children won’t like. But I like listening to that music myself! It’s a problem. — Ozuna

I started rapping at the age of 12. That’s when I wrote my first song, but I was more intrigued on learning how the recording process works: how do you create music and what materials I needed. So I educated myself musically so that I could focus on creating my own. — Ozuna

Things aren’t gifted to you. Things don’t just come from an idea, from nothing. You have to work for them. You have to pursue them. You have to take time. You have to sacrifice. — Ozuna

I want everyone to identify with my tracks and for all of us to be part of it in some way or another. — Ozuna

I’m a guy that roots for the home team. Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, those are my guys. As far as I’m concerned, they won. They broke into every market with ‘Despacito.’ — Ozuna

I’ve done a lot of collabs, but most of the time, it’s me on someone else’s track. — Ozuna

My manager told me that Cardi B wanted to meet me, and I said, ‘You can’t be believing everyone who calls you.’ But at the end, I met her, and she actually told me that she wanted to collaborate with me eventually. — Ozuna

I take a part of my monthly earnings, and I donate it to my foundation. And this is to distribute hot meals, distribute gifts to children. We help by giving clothing and shoes to people that don’t have the resources. — Ozuna

Tory Lanez and I have a great relationship. — Ozuna

There’s a lot of people that are in need. We’re going little by little… I’m only one person, but we are contributing. — Ozuna

I’m a proud Cuban-Mexican immigrant. — Ozuna

Today, you have platforms that teach you everything from opening your own YouTube channel to using Shazam. — Ozuna

I don’t believe in politics. I only believe in my people. And my people – the ones that follow me – are Latinos. I would go with them till the end of the world. — Ozuna

Since my body isn’t big, I don’t need much sleep. I’m fine with four hours. — Ozuna

‘Aura’ is a song where you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, and I was personally impacted when I recorded it. I identified with it. — Ozuna

I put on YouTube one single and, in 20 hours, have five million, six million people. — Ozuna

You should never lose the formula that worked for you from the beginning, no matter how big you get. — Ozuna