“You have to get out of your comfort zone” is an expression we’ve heard from motivational speakers, pastors, business leaders, celebrities, and probably the people in our lives. In order to live the life we’re supposed to live, conventional wisdom says, we must break free of the monotony and hum-drum of simply existing and push […]

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  1. marvel

    oh yes, that is certainly correct, you must not be buried in the everyday humdrum. The art is certainly to find the right measure. Because it is certainly not meant to break with his entire life. From a certain age, it would certainly not be very sensible to separate oneself from children, friends and hobbies. I think that is always a process. you walk a bit and see how you feel, then you go on … the course of life.

    1. lastdaydisciple Post author

      I agree with you. There is a balance to everything and we must not ignore our responsibility in pursuit of our goals.