A person doesn’t choose their gender, hair color, eye color, height, religion, etc. I’m going to relate this back to the jungle where aminals live. A place that remains beautiful and unharmed, yet we harm creatures for fun whether it is for self-pleasure or for food. These are gorgeous animals that share a lot of our common traits. Did you know that an elephant will cry over another dead elephant body? I remember seeing my first dead body, but I didn’t cry. I had a feeling that was new. Wasn’t warm to the heart in a good way. Instead, I almost felt nothing because the person looked relaxed as if the person was is the deepest rem state possible, with a smile on their face- without a sense of worry. No more late-night studying or worrying if rent would be on time. That person’s body was put to rest and I remembered that their soul returned backed home, to a place it rested before they entered this world. Some say “GO BACK HOME” or “GO KILL MORE PEOPLE IN PARIS” rather than fix a problem that we as people all face – which is hate. Better yet, instead of actually empathizing with the situation, people would rather see a person die cold-blooded on Facebook, send out sad emojis, and move on… rather than really stopping this man from killing. An elephant would mourn another elephant and have a ritual for it. We, as humans, tend to not even empathize with another soul at times and forget that death is unavoidable. As for death, elephants may not see it coming but handle it properly when faced with it. We are not entitled to anything, not even our own bodies, so why are we always skeptical when we see harm or something that is real coming our way? I don’t give two fucks about anyone’s opinion anymore; I’m here as a new person with flaws and all. Accept me for who I am & if you can’t, then leave me the fuck alone. I’m tired of people viewing me as a (POTHEAD, ARAB, ISIS, CANCER). Those are things that society has labeled me as. I am Mouhamad Beydoun – a 26 year old Lebanese American, that was raised Muslim, I go to school to study radiography and yes I am taking life as is


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    1. thoughtsofacancersurvivor Post author

      at birth your not able to pick a religion let me know, understand the whole story before just simply dis-sectioning one part my whole point was not to label, i guess that wasnt proven