I believe in God not  just because others do, but because I have seen his goodness, mercy and loving-kindness.

He truly never fail for those who put their trust in him – He always listens without judging.

Yesterday night was very trying for my family, as my sister couldn’t sleep, move or even breathe properly. I couldn’t understand how she feels and how severe her pains were but seeing her crying broke my heart.

Holding her hands, we engaged God in a conversation silently about her conditions. In the moment, I believed making assumptions on what might be wrong in other to offer self medication wasn’t the best idea – I thought of the best Doctor , a healer that always answers when called.

He listened and answered our prayer!

Do you need a friend, someone who will always be there for you without any selfish interest – God is available, standing at the door and knocking.

He listens!


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  1. Tom

    So very true! God is always there for us, right by our side in our time of need. We just need to be wiling to reach out to Him. Thanks for sharing!