Am I alive? Is this real? You have got to be kidding me. Can I handle this pain much longer?

So Monday night I got a really bad stomach pain. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it (it could have been anything, not necessarily dangerous) so I took some pain meds and went off to bed with a hot beanbag. Tuesday morning I woke in pain but pushed through and went to work, and because I work in research and sit most of the day I didn’t really realize the pain was moving towards epic proportions until I got up to drive home and I just just about made it to my car in the parking garage without passing out. Wowzer OMF OMG the pain was worse than when I had my kids, via C section!! Not kidding. It was Kinda like that situation when you go drinking and dancing with your friends and you think wow I’m on a roll tonight. And it only hits you how truly drunk you are when you are alone in that toilet cubicle staring at your feet and the floor is spinning, then you know, wow I’m wasted.

So anyhoo I drove straight to my Drs office, no idea how I got there alive but ok. The Dr poked and prodded and did some tests and I cried like a baby, and then he admitted me straight to hospital. My appendix was about to burst!!!!!!

So.. About Half an hour after arrival at the hospital I was off to doo doo land while the Dr cut and poked and stretched and mangled my innards. Apparently it was key hole surgery but fuck man it doesn’t feel like she used a key. It feels like she used a spade to dig around and then opened a fucking umbrella in my abdomen!!

Side Note: she being the surgeon, he being my GP who by the way is way too hot to be allowed to practice medicine. How do they let young gorgeous men become Drs? Don’t they know it’s embarrasing enough to take your clothes off in front of strange men, never mind hot strange men. I mean one day I’m going to die from a small ailment because ill go to the Dr and be seen by a hot one and he will ask what the problem is and ill say..  Mmm nothing I’m fine thanks. Who wants to tell a hot guy they are shitting themselves in pain? Haha. It’s just hazardous!!

Am I a big wuss or what? I’ve had 2 c sections and I took them like a star, no problemmo. But this so called key hole surgery, tears lots of tears, it’s sore, I wanted my mommmmeeeeeee, and then of course my mom is just so awesome she drove down from Hermanus to see me even though I was all high from pain meds and still crying as if id had none. She believes me though, she knows I’m not crying wolf just to get more drugs. Haha.

I feel like 2 blobs of play dough on top of one another when I walk around. Like a toddler just plonked dough on top of another piece of dough and didn’t secure it. So when I walk around I feel like i could break in half at anytime. Cryyyyy.

How surreal is it staying in hospital though. I came home yesterday and I can still hear this ping ping sound in my head. You know, the sound the buzzer makes when you press it to call the nurse. That is cool by the way, need to get me one of those at home and train husband person to respond to it. Ha ha.

So not a good week for me. I’m home dying and ill be back at work on Monday yipeeeeeee..


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    1. strawberrycat Post author

      Hello, Im so sorry for the late reply. I dropped off the earth for 2 weeks there, in pain after surgery. But Im alive. Thank you so much for reading, haha yes those yipa dee doo dah meds are awesome! haha, Have a great day.

  1. thelupiemomma

    Hopefully you are feeling better! But I totally agree with the young hot doctors bit. Our GP is definitely eye candy and I feel awkward every time we go visit him and I look anything less than decent haha. I too believe I will end up dying because I don’t want to be seen by the hot young doctor.

    1. strawberrycat Post author

      Hello, sorry for late reply, I’ve been in much pain. But Im alive 🙂 Its soooo awkward, I went to see him again in last week and I dont know where to look when he is talking to me. He is soooo pretty, haha. Like Freddy Prince Junior pretty, except he has sandy blond hair. Dr Hazzardous! haha.

    1. strawberrycat Post author

      Hello, I apologize for the late reply. Ive not been online in over a week. haha thank you, I try see the humor in everything. No point in letting things you cant control get you down. Have a great day 🙂